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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 7

Episode 7   .   His steps were gracious, very gracious. He walked to our table with a permanent smile. His tooth were gaped and he knew how to flaunt them with his smiles.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen Hillary: Hi ladies. …

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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 12

Episode 12   .   Ken: Wow! So you’re a citizen there?   Hillary nodded, sipping from his glass again.       Ken: I swear you’re good man. You don’t even act like one. Your personality is beautiful.       Hillary: What’s the need? I love this place more that’s why I tried …

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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 16

Episode 16   .   Ken: You’re a beautiful girl and it takes a great man to resist you. You have to stop thinking whatever you’re thinking. And don’t go throwing yourself on him like you’re a flirt. If he wants it, he should initiate it. I’m sure whatever happened in your past is now …

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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 17

Episode 17   .   Worst case scenario, Kamsi and Ted were preparing for their engagement night so they had travelled to the city for goodness knows whatever,leaving me all alone. Mum herself was now always busy as her clothing line had been registered and opened. I prayed unendingly for the vacation to be over. …

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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 19

Episode 19   .   I went home a different person. Enough is enough. Maybe I’ve being too naive and vulnerable but from today henceforth, I’ll change. In fact, I’ve changed. No more men.   I refused to mention what had happened to anybody even Kamsi. I’m not going to spoil her fun. I started …

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