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Endless Obsession – Episode 3

Episode 03   .   .   ⚘Poppy⚘   He doesn’t look like the typical businessman. He’s tall, well-built, extremely smart, and he has multiple tattoos covering his arms. I noticed this my first day here when he walked out of his office with the sleeves of his black shirt rolled up to just below …

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Endless Obsession – Episode 7

Episode 07   .   .   ⚘Poppy⚘   Until six months ago, I’ve lived a, well, I wouldn’t say sheltered life, but I definitely haven’t adventured into the unknown. I haven’t been able to, or rather, I haven’t wanted to. I’ve been fine with my unexciting life, which consisted of high school, then college …

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Endless Obsession – Episode 9

Episode 09   .   .   ⚘Poppy⚘   He chuckles at my doubtful look. β€œReally, they aren’t. This’ll sound strange, but they’re for my sister.”       Now I’m getting pissed, and I show it by scowling. There’s no way this man is buying condoms for his sister. What older brother does that? …

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Endless Obsession – Episode 14

Episode 14   .   .   ⚘Poppy⚘   Lunchtime on Wednesday, I’m sitting in mine and Liv’s usual spot by the window at Melly’s Sandwich Shop, while Liv waits at the counter for her order. This will be the first time we’ve really been able to hang out together since she’s been back from …

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