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Frozen love – Prologue

  Story Written By Author Alok ___________________Synopsis______________________ What happens when two sworn enemies are forced to love each other?A world beyond the mortal realm, the little planet on the celestial coordinate of the comet galaxy bounded with other planet held together by gravity. This planet was called Kepler.In this planet was two Kingdom, The Kingdom …

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Frozen love – Episode 8

Episode Eight   ______________________   “Those are Korean dishes sir”. someone replied from the end of the line.   “Keep shut!”. Nicklaus shouted.   “I told you boss she’s a ghost and that might be an initiation rite”. Abruzzi said.   “How long before will you seize from reading myths?”. Nicklaus said.   “Ghost are….”. …

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Frozen love – Episode 12

Episode Twelve   ______________________     “Punch me Evelyn!”. Morgana shouted.   “Ma’am you’re bleeding”. Evelyn said   “And so is the son of the the Bastard, punch me!”. She said angrily.   Evelyn punched Morgana really hard and she crashed to the ground.   “Ma’am”. Evelyn said and quickly rushed to her raising her …

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Frozen Love – Episode 17

________________________   Episode Seventeen   ________________________   Jai Mi trailed Diana slowly and brought the car to halt as her car stopped.   “Why don’t she want your help boss?”. Abruzzi said.   “Don’t ask me questions Abruzzi, focus on the mission”. Nicklaus said.   “She’s moving”. Abruzzi said.   Jai Mi starts the ignition …

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Frozen Love – Episode 18

Episode Eighteen   _______________________   “Abruzzi!”. Evelyn shouted.   “Hey, lower your voice, yeah I know it’s suicidal, it’s not an option either way”.   Abruzzi said.   “Yes Abruzzi, Killing them is not an option, even if they are bonded, going after one is dangerous, they’re gonna kill us first”. Evelyn said. “Yeah, i …

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