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The CEO Is Her Body Guard – Episode 62

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Grandma eyes got wide as she knew Gem was back.


“Mom…. please don’t hurt her” Leon mother said


“Why should I?, I just hope she’ll forgive me…..I ruined everything…I was the one who hurt her, I took her


family away from her…I almost killed her child, my own great grandchild……” She cried.


“It’s okay mom….Gem will forgive you….I know she will….”


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Sasha was awake. She glared at her uncle.





“You’re awake?” He asked









….who are you?” She asked and his eyes wide open.


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“Did you hit your head and lose your memory??” He said





i know what am saying….

” She rub her head “I remember now…..




“Am what?”








“You’re the real murderer….







“I never wanted you to know Sasha….





“I remembered…..that same night…

you…you came home with blood…

lots of blood in your shirt…..” She climb


off the bed “you are the one who killed Gems parent!!!!”




“Of course am the one……

Hardin had everything

…….I was the one who brought him into the Mavis family as a


work but he got they’re favour instead of me…….

, He not only take my position……

he took the woman I












“How could you!!!?” Sasha yelled. “You used Gem”


“I don’t care…..but Sasha you seem to know too much…..and too much of everything is bad….I can’t let you


live…..since I can’t get Gem’s mother….I’ll get the child!”


Leon watched Gem sleeping face. Liam was seating close to him.


“Daddy is mommy really really sick….?”


“Yes….but she’s fine now…. she’ll wake up soon” he said.


“You still hate mommy for leaving?”


“Liam stop asking so many questions…..”


“Daddy you have to forgive mommy!” He suddenly raise his voice.


“Liam are you sure your two years old?…. because right now am like your son and you’re my father” Leon said.


“Uhmm…..” Leon heard Gem groan.


Their noise woke me up.


“Mommy you’re awake!!!” Liam yelled, he was about to bounce on me but Leon grab him.


“Careful don’t hurt you mother she’s still unwell” he said.


Leon watch Liam and Gem chatting…..can’t the little kid just sleep or go outside and play. He’s becoming a




“Uhmm….Liam mommy is tasty…go get her some water” he said


“Why should I?, Send the maids” he said.


“Liam….don’t be disobedient…go get me a glass of water and make sure you’re the one to get it not the maids” i said and he frown pouting his lips.


He glared at Leon and said “don’t bully mommy……I’ll be right back!” He said and Leon rolled his eyes.


The room was quiet.


“Am sorry….” I said




“Everything….Leon I won’t expect you to forgive me because I can’t Forgive myself either..” as I spoke he was


walking closer to the bed. When he was close enough he bend down and bring his face closer to mine,


“I….I….don’t expect you to…to underst……..” His lips crushed mine. He kissed me. My body was still not used


to his touch. I felt shiver down my spine as his cold hands grab the back of my neck and pull me in for the kiss.



I couldn’t resist either….I missed this…I miss him…….


“I missed you ….uhmm….so much kitten” he said in between the kiss. The kiss grow hot and deepen.


Suddenly we heard the door open. I wanted to break the kiss but Leon pulled my neck back and his tongue entered my mouth. I can tell Liam was watching, but I pulled Leon away as I heard glass splash. The cup of water fell off Liam’s hand. I rushed to him.


“Baby are you okay….are you hurt?” But he glared at his father.


“Mommy… kissed daddy… haven’t even kissed me once!” He said. Wait was he jealous of his father?


“Come I’ll give you all the kisses you want” i said and peck his lips and he smiled at his father like ‘see?, She kissed me too….’


“You don’t have to kiss him!” Leon said frowning.


“Back off daddy” Liam said…….


I was speechless… the father and son fighting over me???….., Hilarious ………………








The air around us was awkward.


What do I do?.


“You little boy…maybe I should just send you to a boarding school” Leon yelled, he was really angry.


“Why should you….?, It’s against my will as a child…am staying home with mommy….I’ll protect mommy from


you!” He yelled back.


“Really?, I should be protecting her from you!” Liam fired back. I was kind of enjoying the show.


“Am her husband!”






“Am her son….

and i can equally marry her when am a bit older…..I know am handsome than you, right


mommy?” He asked and both eyes were on me.



Liam was like the little version of Leonel….

but why do Liam have to put me in the middle of all this.


“Mommy I said right?” Liam asked again frowning his face. I look at Leonel and he frown too.



” I muttered





“What!!” Leonel yelled





“I mean ….


” I switch





“Mommy!!” Liam yelled





“I mean I don’t know”






“Daddy you’re making things hard here. I found mommy….

I made mommy come home….I made her stay…


know this SHES MINE!!!!” he yelled.






I woo her

…..I fought for her….

I protected her…..

I engaged her…..I married her…..I loved



and I made her made you……

so….SHES ALL MINE!!!” Leonel fired.


“That’s not true……

that’s not true” Liam said. His voice was now cracking, he was about to cry. Leonel was


getting the upper hand.







” Liam burst into tears and Leonel was smiling. “I won’t let you have her for


long!!!!” He cried and want out of the room.




!” I called about to run after him but Leonel stopped me.


“Let him go….

he’s being a distraction!” He said



“Seriously Leon just stop it…..why are you acting like a child!?” I asked


“What did I do….

that little fella was about to claim what’s mine. I can’t let that happen!”


“Well that little fella is our son…..

move!!!” I push him out of the way.


I finally met him in his room crying on his bed.



“Baby!!” I called







“Leave me alone…go meet daddy!” He cried.




am so sorry…

please don’t cry…..




“How can you love daddy more than me!!” He asked as he raise his head up. His big round eye were red and swollen.


“Who said I love daddy more than you?” I said…..I hope Leonel is not hearing this.


“So?…..” He said paying his full attention as me.


I wipe his face and carried him on my laps. He was so small, so small but mighty.


“I love you more than daddy!” I said






“Tell me why you like me more than daddy?”


Leon who was listening by the door was so angry, he wanted to go into the room and drag gem away from


that little wizard. But he stayed cool. He must send him to a boarding school after the summer holidays…..






“Why do you live me more than daddy?” He asked. His tears stop flowing now.


“Well because you’re super cute and daddy is…uhmm handsome!” I said and he smiled.


“Really?” He asked


“Yes….I like cute men more than handsome men…’re cute, adorable and sweet…but daddy…..his


handsome, hot and cool”


“How is daddy hot?, Is he having a fever?” He asked. Oh how could I say hot to a two year old.


“…yes….yes….daddy always have bad fever….and it’s not good for mommy!” I said. I hope this make sense to


him because it doesn’t to me.


“I don’t get you mommy!” He said. Let the wind just blew me away.


Leon who was at the door knew gem was at a dead end. Hearing her say those things about him he couldn’t help but smile.


Leon opened the door. I sigh in relief.


“Daddy what do you want?” Liam asked as he hugged my neck. I choked.


“To make a deal” he said


“Huh!?” Liam and I said at the same time.


“Let’s share mommy” Leonel said.


“No….i want her to be all mine” Liam claimed.


“Okay let’s see if that will work for you” Leonel said about to go.


“Daddy wait……I…I Know I can’t beat you because am still young….I’ll let you share mommy with me for now


but when am older…she’s all mine!” He said. I could help it….I tried hard not to laugh.


I was worried about Sasha… I have to see her.


Leon seems to see through me….no matter how I tried to cover up but it was no use.


“Liam… remember that story book you said it was your favorite?” Leon asked


“Yes daddy, what about it?”


“Why don’t you go get it and show mommy!” He said and Liam spring up and run upstairs.


“What’s wrong?”


“Nothing” i lied.


“Gem….talk to me!” He said and hold my hands.


“I want to go…..

I mean….to.sasha…and my Uncle….”


“Your uncle….



“Madam….you cannot go…..” Noah interrupt.



“Why!!” I asked.


“There is something you don’t know, about your so call uncle!!!!”……………………










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