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The CEO Is Her Body Guard – Episode 6

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Kelvin ran over to Leon’s house.



“Bro…what’s up?” he asked.



“She’s upstairs” he answered



“you brought her home….dude are you insane

….what if she finds out your identity?” Kelv said

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“She won’t….she’s too naive and easy to fool….

she will surely believe whatever I say” Leon said



“So what do you plan to do with her?” Kelv asked.


“She seems special…I don’t know but there is something unique about her….her aura is strong” he said


“I don’t get you?” Kelvin cut in.


“The IV kept an orphan in their care…don’t you think it’s suspicious?” Leon said


“So what is your plan?” Kelv asked again


“Am going to find her identity and use her” Leon said with a smirk

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“Ooh….so you still want to flirt with her…..what about Treasure?(Leon’s fiancee)” Kelv asked


But Leon’s face darkened with hearing her name.


“what about her?”




“I don’t want to hear….I’ll go catch on kitten” Leon said about to go.


“Kitten?….you gave her a pet name already?, bro do you like this girl?” Kelv asked in surprise


“Not like….I just find her cute….don’t mislead me….now get going” Leon said.















Jolene was kneeling in front of her grandfather and her parents sitting on a sofa with their head low.


“You little brat….I’ve always told you your mouth will put us in trouble!!!” the old man yelled


“But grandpa……!!!”


“shut up……how could you let Jolene….talk to Gem about been adopted….in first of her!!!!!!, you know that


girl is very important to our business….if she knows who she is we are doom!!!” the old man yelled


“Father…..Gem will never find out who she is….she was still a baby when her parents died….she can’t possibly


remember and besides it’s high time we dump her” Marie said


“Shut up your miserable mouth!!, if only you have controlled this daughter of yours then nothing would have happened!!”.


“Dad what’s done is done….that child is out of our lives….her fortunes and that of her late family is now


ours……” he said.


“Dad don’t worry….I’ll make sure I take care of her….” Marie said.







I woke up and viewed my surrounding. I Rob my eyes.


“Were am I?” I tried to remember how I got here but I don’t seem to remember.


“Aww…see whose awake….my little kitten!!” I heard a voice.


“Leon!!!??” I said and jump from the bed. “Were am I?, how did we get here?, did Jolene guys hurt you?, did


they kidnap us?, how did we get here?, are you…….




“Kitten relax….

everything is fine….

we are safe…..

stop all your questions” he said and caress my cheeks.



am scared” I said as tears gather in my eyes




“Am I not your bodyguard….

don’t worry I won’t let harms come your way” he said with a smile. Seeing his


smiling face I felt relaxed








“But we’re are we?” I asked








this is my friends house….

he’s very rich….

he let me stay here all I want so don’t worry” he said “Take a











“No I can’t stay here…. I’ll….

I’ll go live with Ruth” I said




Leon can’t just let her out of his sight…..

“You’ll put Ruth in danger if you go live with her….I won’t be able to


protect you….

your stepmom must be planning how to hurt you….

” he paused and walk closer to me with a


worried look on his face and touch my cheeks again…..”Stay here…

kitten….” he said seductively……

I was


falling for him I know but…..

I had to hold back.





“Okay” I answered and walk away from him. “Am hungry…..I want to eat” I said.



Leon was surprised wasn’t she supposed to be cry right now because of what her family did to her…..

she look


happy and act like nothing happened.






I ate to my satisfaction.








“I have a scene tomorrow with Jolene….

I’ll be going to the set” I said.



“I’ll arrange for that kitten” he said.







bye you can go now” I said trying to lye down.




“You’re not to tell me what to do….

” he said.





“What!??, Ha….

Mr b..o..d..y..g..u..a..r..d…am the boss here, so you don’t tell me what to do!!” I said but


surprisingly he smiled.








“But the file you signed say so…..

” he said and handed ma a file.




“What’s that…

what again what??!!!” I yelled






“See for yourself boss” he pointed at the file


7. “I will always do as my bodyguard pleases” I read aloud.


“W…w..what’s this!!!!???” I yelled feeling hot. What he pleases….like if he pleases to…….no…no I can’t think


of that…..


“So kitten… a good little kitten and listen to daddy” he said teasingly……


“Get away from me…..I don’t want a bodyguard anymore…… you’re…you’re fired” I yelled walking back as he


was walking towards me…..”Stay back”


“Tsk tsk tsk unfortunately kitten you can’t fire me. Am going to leave you whenever I want to….but not


tonight” he said and press me to the wall. He brought his height low as his lips landed on my neck. A sweet peck hit my neck and I felt my breath go heavy.


Leon smiled seeing this little cutey was really falling to his palm. He drew back and said to me.


“Rest now kitten….you have a long day tomorrow”………………..



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