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The CEO Is Her Body Guard – Episode 58

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I couldn’t remember when last I slept for so long. I opened my eyes to see Liam smiling staring at me.



mommy….mommy is awake…daddy look” he said. I returned his smile. My eyes met Leon who


was seating at the couch….

he look so elegant….

so handsome….

now I know why Rose came back and still love


him after two years. I guess am not different from that Rose….

infact am worse than her. Leon look at me, he

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frown and look away.





“Mommy do you know….

you look like a bunny when you slept….

yes like sleeping beauty….” He said


“Oh really…

then who is my true love prince?” I ask.



Leon look towards his wife and son….He don’t know why but he wants to.hear Liam answer.


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“Me of course….” He said and Leon’s face turn dark. It was supposed to sound funny but it annoys him.



who.reads you those useless fairytales….

they are not really”


“I didn’t ask for.your opinion dad” Liam said




“Baby you shouldn’t be rude to your father” I said to Liam and he pouted. He was glaring at his father.


“What?” Leon said glaring back at Liam. The mood was awkward……what do I do.


“Liam?” I called and he turned and look at me.




“Mommy, daddy is going to make you hate me!” He said




I’ll never hate you…..

I love you”




“So much?” He asked





‘this little boy is going too.far!!!’ Leon thought,





much more”






“More than dad?” He.asked. I look at Leon but I couldn’t read anything about him nor what he was thinking.


“Yes…..more than dad” i said and Liam jumb into my hands.






“Aww…. you’re so cute!” I said and he smiled.


“Mhomme…aving u here is so…..zo…..ghud” he said with his mouth full of food.


“Liam didn’t they taught you in school not to talk while eating?” Leon yelled.


“Leon don’t yell at him he’s just a kid!” I yelled back at him before I could hold myself.


“Oh…and what do you know about him….as his mother!” He asked mockingly “what’s his favorite food?, Oh….what’s his favorite color?!” He yelled.”you’re just here Gem….don’t you ever think you’ll become he’s mother!” Leon said.


“Leon…..can you just stop and no say this in front of him?” I asked looking at Liam but he kept on glaring at his




“Daddy stop bullying mom!” He yelled with his tiny voice…..Leon sigh before leaving the room.


The room became quiet.






“I like pizza

…with lots of cheese….

I like blue…



I like my mom!” He said



am… sorry







“I know it all mommy…..

you left me as a baby….

it’s okay….

I know you have your reasons….but all that doesn’t


matter to me…. now you are back…..

with me and daddy…

you won’t leave again….you won’t go again…right?”



I won’t let them keep me away from you…….

I won’t!!!!”



Noah drag Sasha to a corner and pointed a gun on her head.


“Better start talking!” He said.


“What do you want?” Sasha asked.


“Two years ago….there was no way Gem would have leave the hospital…..what did you do?”


“Noah….you know you’re wasting your time right?”


“I wish I was Sasha!” He said and hit the gun on her neck and she collapse.


“You’re working with someone Sasha and you must tell me!”………..



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