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The CEO Is Her Body Guard – Episode 56

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The little boy glare at the men in front of him.


“Ohho….who are you glaring at… little boy?” The man asked


“Why do you kidnap me?” He asked out of the blue. Early Liam went into the bathroom, after easing himself a man drag his hands and blind folded him. When the blindfold was removed he met himself in an undefined area.


“Well….well…well…..isn’t your daddy a rich guy?, We needed the money…..” They burst into laughter and


Liam face darked.

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“You don’t know whose son you’re messing with!” He said


“This little thing…..if you don’t shut your mouth I’ll shut it for you….now give us your dad’s number!” He yelled


“I don’t know it” Liam said


“What……?, What child doesn’t know his parents number?”


“Me!” Liam answered. “Am just 2years old….how do you expect me to know my parents number…?” He asked


folding his hands in his chest.


“You better start talking before I lose my temper!!!!”


“I don’t have to talk to you… can talk to my dad’s men when they show up…or my uncle Noah…..they are

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really cooperative….they should be here by now” he said and the men shivered.


“Hahahahah…..this little thing…..if you don’t give us your dad’s number…I’ll beat you up” he said but the little boy smiled.




“Miss Jolene….gather your ground…”


“What’s going on sir….?” I asked.


“We have a kidnapping case, we have found the location of the kid….just come with your people incase the


child is hurt” the commander said.


I have been working on my parents case for the past too years with my uncle and my niece Sasha. I’ve discovered so many things….one of them is that my parents were worse to harm the Mavis and they killed my parents.


I haven’t heard seen or heard from my foster parents and the fake Jolene. Though Sasha once told me that Leon has ruin them and that they have moved to a different country as beggars. Well I didn’t care about them…all I care about is finding a way to clear my parents name so I can face Leon and my son again. I have to be strong…..I don’t care how long it takes but I’ll stay strong and make things right.


Noah and Leon yelled at Ruth for her carelessness.


“If anything happens to him….I don’t care if you’re his so called godmother…..I’ll end you!” Leon was so angry.


Gem already left him….

he couldn’t afford to lose Liam…….

his angry was getting out of control. He walk into


the restroom and punch the mirror. Noah ran into the restroom.



please calm down…the military already found him………

” He said handing him the phone.




” Leon tried to calm down.




we found him….

he’s in a health care….”



“What?, Is he hurt?!!!” He yelled




no sir…..

not even a hair was touched in his body…..

we are just making sure he’s fine….so….”



“Am on my way!!!” He yelled and rush downstairs. He took a car personal and drive while Noah and Ruth took another car and followed him behind.


Liam said on the bed. The nurse was about to touch him but he frown and move his body away.


“Tell me where it hurts….do you hurt anywhere?”


“Can you just leave me alone….I said am fine!” He said rudely. The commander told Jolene to go look at the


bus situation. “He doesn’t allow strangers to touch him….so just don’t force him to do anything he doesn’t




Jolene walked into the ward. He saw the little angel sitting with his legs crossed and his hands folded on his chest.


I walked up to him and smiled.


“Hi little boy!” I said and he seems surprised…..I don’t know why but his eyes widen and his mouth slightly


open. “You said you’re not hurt anywhere right?, Well that’s good….i came to check on you but since you’re


fine…I’ll just leave”..


“No….no am hurt….am really hurt….” He said and grab my hands. His little hands hold my wrist. His hands were so soft and smooth.


“But you said you were fine?” I said


“No….it hurts here…..” He pointed at his eyes. I frown….he was cute. I put my hands on his head and touch his


eyes. I don’t know what I was feeling though…. every touch I made makes me seems I’ve felt him before. I


smiled and he returned the smile. I thought he doesn’t allow strangers to you him?.


“You eyes seems fine!” I said


“No it’s not….it’s my eyes….so I said it’s not fine!” He yelled


“You don’t yell at people older than you!” I yelled at him and his face fall.


“Am sorry don’t hate me…..can…..can I hug you?” He asked. I nodded. His little hands wrap my neck and hold me tight I cough slightly at he squeeze my neck….


He didn’t want to let go….he rested his head on my shoulders.


“I missed you” i thought I heard him say….but I guess I heard wrong.


Leon car drove with speed into our camp and halt causing dust in the compound.


“Leonel Mavis is here!” The nurse yelled as she started arranging her clothes…..


“Daddy?” The boy said


“Is….is Leonel Mavis your….your father???” I asked and he nodded and hugged my tight again…….so that


means….this….this is my son!!!!!!, No….I can’t let him see me….not like this…… I tried to pull him away but he


hold me tight. I had no choice…I wore a cap and a nose mask covering have of my face…. leaving only my eyes


exposed. I carried the boy outside….my son…. outside to Leon… husband……..



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