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The CEO Is Her Body Guard – Episode 50

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Leon hold Gem hands as tears fall.from his eyes. Looking at him he was like a 5years old child.


“She need rest….she was just having a shock or something like that…..he temperature is really not use to cold….so always make sure she’s warm…I’ll still go run a test on her….I don’t want to stay into conclusion


again but I think she’s pregnant…..she’s not suppose to be pregnant because she just had a miscarriage…y


ou have to watch her closely…” He said


“Leon… disappointed in you!” Grandma said and walk out of the room.

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“She might feel pains in her stomach sometimes….a sever one but don’t be too worried it’s because of her


previous miscarriage and she’ll be fine” he said and Leon nodded.


Leonel mother hold Grandma’s hand


“Mother how is she?” She asked looking worried


“Looks like you’re going to have another grandchild from……she’s pregnant!” She said and smiled


“So….Leonel….. Leonel is having a child….oh God….I have to go tell my husband…..” She ran inside.


Anthony and Nathaniel Leon’s two brothers and their wives and children were in the sitting room.Grandma break the news to them so that they can be careful around Gem orelse Leon will break someone’s jaw.


Leon felt Gem whining in bed….he stood up and saw her sweating. He took a clean rag and wipe her sweat.

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emm…..Leon….” She cried in her sleep


“Am here….

kitten….am right here” he said


“Don’t go……………

d.ddont .l.l. Leave me….. Eon” she cried and Leon felt his heart sour….


“Am never living you gem….never…..

i don’t care about the past…..I don’t care who your parents is….I love



so I won’t run away anymore…..

am sorry….I almost put our baby in danger again…..Gem I promise



we are going to have this baby…..

trust me” he said.


Am awake…..

am staring at Leon who was sleeping at the edge of the bed, holding my hands and resting his







He seems to know am awake. He opened his eyes.


“Thank God you’re awake” he said and hugged me. His morning voice was so tempting. I just kept staring at


him like….what are you doing here……you left me and just show up…..


“Kitten…….I’ll tell the maid to prepare something for you to eat….” He stood up and went towards the door.


Few minutes later he was back. He went into.the bathroom and prepare a bath himself. He carried me from the bed into the bathroom.


“I can bath myself…..” I said, I tried to shout but my voice failed me.


“Kitten let me do this…. please” he said and unbotton my shirt. I tried to stop him but my hands were sour and


weak. “Just be still” he said


“I said I don’t want to!”


“Kitten!!, I know you’re mad at me…fine you can unleash your anger on me later but now….now….


please….just bare with me” he said. He carefully took my clothes off and place me in the rose petals bathtub.


He started by washing my body. I close my eyes as tears run down my cheeks. Leon saw this and his heartache even more.


After the bath he carried me back to the room and dress me up.


“You said you were going to make a call….why did you come back!” I asked


“Because am a big coward… sorry….” He said


“You’re unbelievable!” I said


“I know….and i can’t tell you why I left”


“Why?, We promise no more secrets….why?, Are you keeping things from me now?” I asked


“No….am not….it’s just am not just ready yet to tell you….but I’ll tell you after our child is born” he said and


my eyes were opened.


“What mean by our child!?” I asked, he knelt in front of me and put his hands on my stomach. He kissed it and said.


“You’re pregnant kitten” he said


“What……,am carrying our child…..oh my God……oh my…” I sheared tears of joy…..I hugged Leon without even knowing I was still angry with him.


“Am so sorry Gem…..can you forgive me?, I’ll do anything to.forgive me” he said


I remember his mother…..his family….I wanted Leon in good terms with them….I know he miss them but he refused to admit it.


“Forgive your family and come live with them again then I’ll forgive you….”


“Done!” He said and I frown “I said I’d do anything…if that is what you want then…I….I do it…but as for my father I can promise ypu anything yet” he said and I hugged him again.


“Grandma wants us to come eat….do you want your food served her or we should join them?” He asked


“Are you kidding…..let’s join them” i said


I felt nervous. I mean am in the same table with the President and the first lady, The President of j corp, the Chairman of j corp, the great Leonel Mavis family are all here…


We eat in silence, every one eat so elegantly so mannered but with them I fell so inferior….like I don’t belong


her….my eyes met grandma and she smiled at me, I too return her smile to her. I felt Leon hands hold mine.


“You okay” he asked and I nodded.


Suddenly my abdomen had a sudden pain. I adjusted in my seat…. feeling uncomfortable. I groan a bit as the


spoon fell off my hands


“Gem” Leon called


“Am fine….am fine….my stomach it just hurts a bit and stop…’s not painful anymore” I said and he nodded


looking worried.


Leon was discussing with his brothers and I choose assistant mom in the kitchen with the maids.


“Mom….can I help you with anything?” I asked


“Oh dear… no it’s fine…..” She Said


“I’ll help you cut the vegetables” i said and grab the knife, I began to cut it before she disagree


If was fun being in the kitchen with Mom until


“Why are you in here?”………it was Leon again………….




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