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The CEO Is Her Body Guard – Episode 43

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Leon chuckled.


“Seriously Leon don’t smile at her….am going to be angry….” I said and Leon smiled even more.


“Kitten you’re so cute….I could kiss you right here and now….gosh….don’t ever were lipstick again” he said and


I frown.


“Leon….what if…..I don’t know what to say in the interview?” I asked and he smiled again.


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“Don’t worry I have a plan….” he said still smiling.


He was so relaxed.


I sat on a sofa while Leon stood beside me playing like my personal bodyguard.


“We are broadcasting life in 5……4…….




“Welcome everyone to MMTV, we will be broadcasting live with the beautiful miss Gem…..”


I smile brightly and waved.


“Oh she look bright and lovely as always” she said.


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“Hi….. viewers I am Miss Mimi…..there are lots and lots of questions we will be asking Miss Gem….today hope


you’re ready and co operate?” she asked and her eyes went to Leon again. I watch her trying to be seducive.


“Yes sure” I said forcing a smile on my face.


“The first question- Miss Gem made it clear to us that she’s not dating anyone….I want you to answer this


question now…. are you dating someone?” she asked


“Well my answer still stands am….I do not have a boyfriend” I said still smiling.


“Oh….maybe not a girlfriend but a man friend” she said.


“None either……”


“You mean you’re single?” she asked and Leon tap my shoulders….I look at him and he shock his head.


“Well….I can’t answer that question” I said.


“Ok….seems Mr handsome here got your back” she said and winks at Leon.


“So about the question that is blowing everyone’s mind……Miss Gem….is it true that you had an abortion because you knew you were pregnant and never wanted the baby?” she asked and I clutch my fist.


“I never had an abortion and I never knew I was pregnant…..” I said as my smile disappeared.


“So you mean……”


“Let me finish Miss Mimi….I had a miscarriage before I could know I was pregnant. It happened too fast……but


I promise those who made the accident happen….I’ll come for you….To all my fans…am really sorry but just


know I never disappointed you… in a relationship but I can’t reveal…..the father of my lost baby with


surely hunt you down” I said.


“So you’re saying….you’re a slut?” she said…tears finally drop.


“AM NOT!” I yelled


“She’s not” Leon finally spoke as he kneel in front of me.


“I told you to be strong

….not to cry

….” he said and I looked at him in surprise. “Well they always say don’t


leave the man’s work to a woman…..

” he smiled and raise me up.


“My name is Leonel Mavis….


….am finally revealing myself….



stop…what are you doing?” I said and he smiled “Relax…

I got this”



it’s it’s true….

it’s him….

look it’s him…..”



“Take more pictures of him….





“It’s the almighty CEO…..







he’s so handsome…..






he look like his brothers”





Everyone praised him, no one noticed me again, I was so inferior but Leon suddenly grab my hands.


“Is he now with Gem?’


“No way….he has a fiancee he is devoted to”.


“Quite pleased!!!” he yelled and the hall was calm again.


” As you all know I do have a devoted fiancee but not anymore….she and I already broke up and have nothing


to do with each other…..Now am with this beautiful lady beside and and she’s my girlfriend…..”


“Mr Leonel did you knew she had an abortion?” a reporter asked but quickly shut his mouth because of the gaze Leon gave to him


“She never had an abortion…she had a miscarriage and that baby was mine!!!!” he roar and the entire room was as quite as a grave yard.


“And you dare accuse my woman for abortion my own child?, How dare you miserable media…..what gave you the right!!!!!, Henceforth….she is my woman….who ever messes with her mess with me…..who ever hate her hate me….who ever hurt her hurt me…..and you know what happens if you touch one of my own?”, surprisingly he pulled out a gun and shot the air…… “I love her with my whole life And for you murders….am coming for you” he said and pulled me in for a kiss before he drag me out of the stage.


I was still in daze. Leon was getting worried ever since they left the broadcasting center Gem has not spoken a word nor look at him.


“G…Gem!!!” he broke the silent “Take us to the island….she has to relax” he said to the driver.


Rose was so angry feeling miserable…. reporters filled her compound.


“He dare did this to me because of that slut?, well well well…..let’s play along”


Rose finally opened the door for the reporters to come him. Her home was turn upside down. She was crying.


They quickly on the camera.


“Miss rose did you watch the news…..your fiance is with another…..”


“She seduced him…..

she seduced my Fiancee and took him away from me….

Gem is a cheap slut.. she….seduce


him” she kept on crying. Everyone in the room fell for her little trick











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