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The CEO Is Her Body Guard – Episode 25

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Noah gave the men a dagger look.


“Do you know who you are dealing with?” he asked.


“Please….I just want to confirm this results just let me in” I pleaded.


“Guards please throw them out….they are not worth our time” she said and the guards grab my hand.


“Let her go…don’t you touch her” Noah yelled trying to move but the men bounce on him and beat him up.


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“No you can’t do that…..” I yelled but the lady walk up to me and slap me face.


“Get lost…..trash like you don’t belong here” she said.


Just then countless of expensive cars drove into the hospital. I walk out to Noah and pulled him up to his feet.


“Are you okay?” I asked. And his eyes seems to be fixed on something.


“S…s..sir Leonel….” he said and I could see fear in his eyes. I turn around and saw Leon. His face was as cold


and ice.


Leon was so angry when he saw Noah’s hand around Gem’s shoulders.


The lady from earlier saw Leon and walk up to him.


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“Mr. President…’re here…..hehehe….don’t mind the trash here…I’ll clean the mess up very soon……what


are you waiting for drag them out” she yelled.


Leon gaze were fixed on us. Noah’s remove his hands from my shoulders and walk up to Leon.


“Sir….I…..” a punch landed on his face…..Noah fell down, blood gnashing out of his mouth. This scare me a lot.


Leon gaze fell on me again. He started walking towards me. The closer he came the softer his face become. When he was close enough his face look worried. He caress my cheek and saw it was red, his face darkened again.


“Who did this?” he asked. There is no way am telling him and he knows I wasn’t going to tell him. He hugged me and suddenly carried me into the car. “Stay here….I’ll be back” his voice was calm but carry a hint of fire..


“D… don’t…..don’t hurt anyone please” I said.


“They hurt my kitten….they won’t go free” he said with a hash voice.


“Leon please….. hubby… please” I said.


Hearing her call him hubby made his heart flutter.


“okay….just wait here” he said and kissed my head. He whispered something to one of his men and turn to




“I’ll deal with you later” he said and entered the car.


Jolene was angry.


“Mommy….it’s not working….he won’t give me any face” she yelled


“That fake results you gave Gem…..ha…that was fun”


“Mom stop joking….”


“What are you lady’s up to”


“Dad you’re here……”


“Yes….uhmm…baby you look worried… everything okay?”


“Yes daddy am fine” she said


“Your fiance will be coming back from England today…you should go wait for him at the airport”


“ok dad”.


“Mommy what do we do now?” she asked.


“We both know that Gem have feelings for Ryan…..”


“Mom what do you mean. I love Ryan…I won’t break up with him”


“Shut up….don’t compare Ryan with Leonel….we have to push Ryan to Gem so you can have Leonel. Imagine if


Gem marries Leonel Mavis…we are doom…But if you marry him…the whole world would be yours” she said


Jolene smiled.


We got home and I took my shower first. When Leon was in the shower I was planning on how to apologise and explain to him.



am sorry for what I did…

I mean….I…

, no no no that’s too plain” “Hubby….am so so sorry can you


forgive your little wife…..

no that too sexy” “Leonel Mavis

…..forgive me ….

that’s too harsh…


“Actually I like the sexy one” I heard Leon said from the back….
















I said I like the sexy one” he said and walk closer to me. He was in his robe but his chest was a bit
















am sorry….







“Why did you do that?” he said and my eyes were fixed to that shinning..




“I…uhmm before I explain can you put a shirt on”






you can handle my sexy body?” he asked and took the robe off. He is body was expose, that’s not even


if he was completely na.ked.








Leon!!!” I yelled and covered my eyes.






you’re so cute when you’re shy” he said.





“Leon stop…

you want to make my nose bleed” I said.





“Am your husband…why can’t I go na.ked in front of my wife? so you were say?” he asked.




you think am shy?, let’s see” I said and uncover my eyes. I tried and hold myself













“Saying I should kiss you?”








I mean no….

Leon stop teasing me….

I was saying…..





“Jolene made Jesus?” he asked.









” I was not myself. He drew closer to me and I step backwards.



“Come on kitten don’t be shy” he said.






“Leon stop….

” I said but he kept come. “Am….

am a virgin” I said




“Am your husband” he said and push me to the wall.






“You know kitten I have to punish you a bit…. though I really want to spoil you but your being over spoilt… can’t just anger me like that….and you even went further to let another man touch your shoulders”


“Why?, are you jealous?” I asked.


“Yes…..maybe I should change all your bodyguard to female…that’s make me less worried”


A knock hit the door………


“Sir….your grandma is here”……………..



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