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The CEO Is Her Body Guard – Episode 21

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Leon was shocked….why was Rose grandmother doing here.


He looked at Gem.


“Am coming…. we’ll talk later” he said and hurried away saying to the guard “Let her in”.


I waited for hours but he was still not here, I saw Susan, holding three cup of tea…. towards the living room.


“Who are you taking those to?” I asked and she bow at me before saying.


“The Masters guest” she said about to walk away.


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“Wait…let me do that” I said and collected the tray from her before she could object.


“Madam….no…let me do it…you…you can’t go in there….you can’t see the guest…..” she said and drag me. I fell down pouring the tea on my body….thank God it wasn’t hot.




“Why can’t I see the guest???…., don’t you dare stop me again” I said and stood up from the ground matching


towards the living room.


Leon and Rose sat in on sofa….Rose hock her hands round Leon’s folded hands.


After the old Mrs came to visit Leon, Rose begged him to play like they were still engaged because the old woman have heart problem….if she knew about their breakup….she might be shock.


“So… two have been engaged for 5years now… do you plan on your wedding?” she asked.


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“We plan on getting married few months from now” Rose cut in


“Good good……see how you too look good together….be quick and get married so you can give me great grandchildren, right Leonel?” she asked and Leon nodded forcing a smile.


“Honey…..we are spending a night here” Rose said


“What…..!!!!” Leon yelled.


“Yes Leonel but don’t worry about me…I’ll just be in the guest room you two can have fun” she said and stood up.


“Please lead her to her room” Leon said to his guard. After the woman left Leon remove his hands from Rose.


“What’s all these???, why are you here.. !!!” he yelled.


“Keep your voice down Leonel, do you want Granny to know?” she said, Leon rolled his eyes and his eyes


landed on Gem…….her face was wet….she was crying.


“Gem…..!!!” he said and walk towards her. “Gem….why are you here???, what happened….why are your clothes messy…. Kitten???” he said.


“You’re so fake” I said.


“Look it’s not what you think…..”


“It’s not always what I think because you kept on fooling me….am tired….it’s not too late….. goodbye Mr Mavis” I said but his hands grab me and he carried me on his bold shoulders…..


“Let me go….put me down…..Leon…..let go….ahhhhhh……”.


“Be still kitten stop been wild……” he yelled and drop me on his bed. He used his knee to pin my legs and use one of his hands to pin both my hands above my head.


“Let me go….!!!” I yelled.


“Why are you being like this….. don’t you trust me???” he yelled back.


“NO!!!!!” I yelled. Leon was hurt by her words but he won’t give up…..he knows he was hurting her more with


his actions.


“Gem I LOVE YOU!!!!!” he yelled


“How can I believe that???” I asked still crying. Leon pinned my hands harder and I whine in pains.


“Fine….let me prove it to you” he said and kiss like brush mine with a fierce kiss. The kiss mas rough as his


tongue entered my mouth, tasting every inch of my mouth. I kissed him back….his tongue met mine and the


kiss grow hotter. His grip became tighter and I moan in pains and pleasure. My hands hurt…..I whine.


“Leon…uhmmm” I said in between the kiss…..but he wasn’t going to stop…….





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