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The CEO Is Her Body Guard – Episode 10

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Leon was so angry. How could she insult me like that.


“Sir…….” an old woman came in.


“Grandma……why….why are you here?” Leon asked looking surprised but the woman kept on walking about


like she was searching for something.


“Where is she?” she asked


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“Who?” Leon asked


“Don’t play dumb with me boy….I know you are hiding a young lady in this house….so you got a new girlfriend and you couldn’t introduce her!!!!!” she yelled


“What?!!, Gem is not my girlfriend…..!!!” Leon yelled.


“Oh her name is Gem….hmm…. beautiful….then how do you explain kissing her?” she said and Leon was


shocked, he knew this old woman was a spy in his life but he didn’t know she’ll go as far as putting a CCTV camera all around his house.


“Where is she!!!??” she yelled


“She’s not my girlfriend and by the way she’s not here anymore….we had a fight and she left” he said looking angry.


“That’s because you messed up” she said. “I know everything….I was watching both of you on my laptop… could you divert the topic after kissing her……you’re too dumb” she said


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“I…..I don’t want to date anymore….what if she leaves like Rose……” Leon said


“This miss Gem is nothing like that gold digger Rosemary……t


he girl doesn’t even know you’re rich….and you’re the famous mighty CEO… her you’re just an ordinary


bodyguard……Look son I’ve never seen you like this before…..Go to her” she said


“Granny!!!” Leon yelled


“Shut up and let go of your pride for once……you love her and you’re the only one that can protect her….he


life is in grave danger” she said.


“I know but…but granny she’s our business enemy” Leon said


“There is a saying…the enemy of your enemy is your friend…..go find your love son….don’t be late” she said


and smiled.


“Thanks ma….” he said


“By Xmas I want to see you introducing her as your girlfriend. Bring her to the family Xmas party…..” she said


and left….




Ruth came to see me in my room.



talk to me please” she said.




“, I told her everything.




“It’s just a kiss

…..why are you so angry” she said



“Just a kiss??, it was my first kiss….

and he still it… after making me feel like this he turned the topic….” I yelled



making you feel like what?, don’t tell me you’re falling in love with your bodyguard!” she said.


“No am not” I denied.





“Yes you are….

” she said






but he doesn’t like me too….

” I said



“Then why did he kiss you….

I think he cares about you alot” she said



and I messed up….

do you think I should apologise?” I asked.



do that tomorrow….

speaking of tomorrow….

you have a scene to act….and there would be reporters



so we will leave early to avoid them….

since you don’t have a guard anymore… now…..


we’re leaving by 6” she said.







We got to the set and behold there were many reporters everywhere.


“Oh no….what do we do now?” I said because I knew reporters are wide.


“I don’t know…but of we are late they can cut you off the movie….” Ruth said.


“I can do this let’s go” I said Ruth step down first and I followed suit…..When the reporters saw us they started


running towards us.


“Oh no!” I said in fear. Suddenly, the sweet scent of perfume hit my nose. It was him, why was him here…..I


look up and saw Leon’s handsome face. But he wasn’t alone…..many man in Black showed up. They hold the




“Kitten am I late again?, Sorry….hope you’re okay?” he said and cup my cheeks. And smiled………………




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