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The School Girl – Episode 18

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Chapter 18













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Jeffery smiled all along while his hands were still in his trouser pocket.


“Rachel, I know it’s you two that will represent our school out there, so be ready for the day ” Jeff said smiling as he left.


Josephine and Rachel’s hear5 returned back to normal, they almost fainted due to the fear that jeff had a glue of what happened the previous day.


:He almost kill me with heart attack :Rachel said in what sounds like a whisper to Josephine who was now laughing too.


Eric was feeling down and weak, he was all alone, no Ella to talk to him and play with him as usual. He failed to protect her when she needed his help most.



“Guy cheer up, she’s going to be fine “Jeff said to him giving him a thumb up as he smiled

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“Thanks man, it’s all you. You did well back then, you really did a lot in saving her”Eric said


“Don’t thank me, what are friends for “? He said and walked away heading to the cafeteria as Eric sat there all alone.


“Go girl, he needs someone to talk to, so better start going and take your man “Rachel said smiling as Josephine stood up wlal to where Eric sat looking so worried.


“Hello Eric, please can I sit down “?she asked as Eric looked at her and then shook his head in a yes gesture and she sat down near him


Ella’s ward was located in ward 213 just after the reception hall. All could see tight security around her as if she’s the queen in Africa.


She opend her eyes slowly only to see herself all alone in the moment, seeing that she’s in the hospital reminded her of what happened the previous day and the first person that came to her mind was Eric.


“You don’t look bright today, what’s the matter Eric “? Josephine asked looking at him as Eric looked down, she tried to touch him but Eric warned her never to try such rubbish.


“I’m just trying to be nice na,i mean no harm ” she added while Rachel smiled from her place seeing that everything is settled.


“Just let me be now please ” Eric pleaded


“You know I have loved you Eric, why are doing this to me, it hurts to see you smile with someone else and you don’t smile at me” Josephine said almost shedding tears but Eric ignored her at first but later felt bad for her.



“I’ve told you already it’s her I love, your own man is coming one day ” Eric added as Josephine stood up feeling dissapointed but zhe was not going to give up until she sees that Ella is out of the track for her, either dead or alive.


“Can you come to my place this evening “? She stopped on her tracks and asked but Eric shook his head in a no gesture thus disappointing her the more.


She walked to her seat feeling dissapointed and Rachel noticed it and of course she had a glue that maybe Eric has dissapointed her as usual but she had to keep it to herself.


“Get up man, let’s go to the field “Mirabel arrived dragging him to the field not minding if he’s okay or not, seeing that Josephine almost die of jealousy.


“Take it easy girl, I’ll help you, remember we are in this together ” Rachel said as they stood up too walking to the field because the bell came on for everyone to be there.


“Man, I’ve never knew that you are such a super friend more than a normal friend” Richard the head boy said to Gentle with their hands in their pockets as gentle smiled while Richard kept responding to students greetings..


“What do you mean by that “? Gentle asked


“You really helped me to get back to this my position, your advice and everything returned me here ” Richard said looking around as the field was filed Witt students and all angles were different sports activities going on.


Mr Oba, Mr Pius and Mrs Roseline were there watching their students performing well and Mr Anderson smiled walking to the field.


“Attention everyone! ‘ he shouted on the mega phone as the students paused looking at him


“Let’s just assume today is the inter house sport, so I’m calling on this boy’s from different houses to compete in 100 metres race senior boys to see the outcome of.



Eric, Nelson, Jeffery, Brown, Alex and Marvelous ” he called them out as they all stood in their tracks.


Jeffery knew that he’s not even a match to these guys cause he’s so dull and slow.


Everyone knew that Eric will take the lead while Nelson will follow and the rest will be announced.


Mr Anderson stood at their back after they took their different tracks, everyone left the filed for them making the field to be plain.


Mirabel and other girls watched them knowing that after the boys will be the girls.


“On your tracks, get set, ready ” Mr Anderson paused as all of them listened to hear the final command


“Go!”he shouted and like a flash of water they all moved like flashes all of them with different speeds, Eric was there one running at the back while everyone were ahead of him, if that was not okay he even fell down on his track.


Nelson happens to take the first position followed by others and Jeffery tried to take third position .


Everyone clapped for them but they were disappointed in their hero called Eric whose result was very poor that morning.


Soon Mirabel, Josephine, Rachel, Ann, Miranda and Lizzy took their tracks too and Mr Anderson took the same format, in a twinkle of an eye immediately he said go, Josephine and Rachel were already in the middle as Nelson smiled at her girl thus giving others tough times to meet up with them.


Eric cooked some lies to the security men telling them he needs to see the doctor for his treatment because he’s not feeling okay, Jeffery knew not about it even Mirabel. Eric was really missing Ella and might have died if they didn’t do


anything to that, he took a cab directly to St Andrews hospital , on getting to Ella’s ward it was guided Witt tight security, they asked him to go back, Ella who heard his voice from outside gave them order to allow him in.



“Good afternoon my princess, how are you “? He asked smiling as Ella also smiled


“I’m getting better ” she replied smiling and Eric mode changed instantly as he looked down in sadness, of course Ella noticed it.


“I’m so so…… Ella placed her middle finger on his lips preventing him not to speak further.


“Not now just relax and nothing to be sorry about ” she added smiling


They took time to talk to each other gisting and doing other random stuffs. Eric even told her how he carried last in the 100 metres race back then all because he was thinking of her. Ella almost fainted with laughter.


Ella went ahead to tel him that she will be discharged that same day thus making Eric to smile.


“Will you make it to my place this evening “? He requested


“Yeah, sure I will try ” she said smiling


“Thank you dear, I love you ”


“I love you more ” she added




Ella was seen on lemon top and a tight leggings showing her real beauty as her long hair kept flying due to the air, she took a cab to the address Eric gave her, in due time she was there as Eric came out and picked her. She was extremely beautiful.


Eric sat down on the bed giving her where to sit, she took time viewing the room.


“Looking good “She said


“Thanks dear, “he replied smiling


Silence creep all over as they both stared into each others eyes, of course they had missed each other so badly, without saying anything Eric leaned forward slowly as Ella didn’t hesitate to join him and their lips finally locked up in a hot and romantic kiss which has never happened before,, Eric took time to handle her as if she will disappear.


The kiss was becoming so hot thus exploding them to the planet of love. Eric’s hands performed magic on Ella’s nipples and she let our soft moans that filled the house encouraging him of the good work, just as they moment was about to transport them to the planet of love, a heavy and mighty knock sounded n the door thus making them jerk in fear. The knock came again for the second time this time more heavily, as they both looked at each other in fesr.










To be continued






Who’s at the door??


What is his mission??


What next will happen?





(The unexpected)



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