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Taking Chances – Episode 37

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*****EPISODE 37****


Daisy was now seated comfortably in the living room of the Omenuche’s. She glanced around for the second time since she arrived, it wasn’t as if she hadn’t been here before, it was just that she couldn’t get enough


of the exquisite decorated room.


Everywhere reeked of wealth and class, from the Italian cushion to the marble tiles, to the glassy tables and the master piece pottery, even the clock encrested in a golden frame, she was sure worth millions. But the amazing thing about it all, is that this was just one out of the four parlours in the house, as Brenda had told her this particular one was used to entertain general visitors, another one she had sighted before going up to Brenda’s room the last time she came was used for ‘special’ visitors, Brenda had also added that her father had his private parlor for entertaining ‘VVVIP’ as


she had succinctly put it, and hardly visited the other parlours except ‘some’ persons came calling. Where the fourth was, she couldn’t say, it was probably a special family bonding parlour.


Daisy had widen her eyes in shock and amazement then, she didn’t know peeps lived this big in Nigeria, although she had known Brenda to be from an affluent background, but was still shocked at the rare display of wealth.


It was totally in opposition to her rough and disorganized background, for her parents hadn’t being exceptionally rich, just your normal middle class separated family and she had gone through school basically by her efforts, giving up a lot to be where she was today – a marriage that was still grappling with stability, life could be so unfair sometimes. Daisy concluded with a sigh.


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‘She will be with you shortly’ a voice spoke now startling her out of her reverie and self pity.


‘Oh, okay…thanks’ she replied smiling. It was the house attendant which Brenda had previously introduced to her as Mercy.


‘Can I get you anything as you wait?’


‘As I wait? wouldn’t she be out soon enough?’ ‘I can’t say about that, but…’


‘That’s okay, juice will be just perfect’


‘Okay. Please excuse me’ Mercy said, curtsied and left.


‘Phew!’ Daisy said, her mind wandering again.


Brenda was the only real friend she’d had back then in Boston, that is, apart from mama and Peter. Their meeting had been under well, ‘abnormal’ circumstances. They had met at the African restaurant where she worked. Brenda had been in signature elements, complaining and shouting about the meal she had been served, threatening Fire and brimstone on the restaurant, the manager and security guards had been trying to calm her down in futility. Then the sous-chef had put her on the task, saying that since Brenda was Nigerian, then maybe she could be able to talk some sense into the raging lady out there.

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True to his word, Brenda had calmed immediately when Daisy came into the picture, she had been irked by the fact that she wasn’t served what she had ordered, Daisy had personally seen to it.


That had somehow struck a bond between them, because consequently when Brenda came calling, she would refuse to be served by anyother but her, and if she wasn’t on duty then, she would simply leave. Her colleagues would tease her about her ‘iron lady’ friend then. Daisy smiled, Brenda was a natural at being aggressive and sassy.Stories from Topster–stories


Subsequently, they found out that they were studying in the same college though Brenda was a year ahead. While she had been a fresher studying nursing, Brenda had been a sophomore studying Business management & they had just stuck like beans in a pod, Bffs in every abbreviated word of it.


Brenda had also been another major push towards the continuation of her education then, she had helped her overcome the grief threatening to


engulf her after her misfortunes. Now she counted her a worthy part of her life, like mama was, so she couldn’t even bear to hold a grudge against her, much less break up their friendship over some silly affair.



‘Your juice ma’ Mercy said as she came in bearing a tray with a pack of juice and a glass cup.




‘You’re welcome’ she replied and set the tray on a side stool, then shifted it closer to Daisy and walked out.


Daisy glanced towards the clock now, if she was right, more then 30 minutes had slipped by. The time was twenty minutes to one and Brenda was yet to surface! What was wrong with the chick? Standing her up for no d–n reason! She was definitely gonna hear from her when she surfaced, fight or no fight! She concluded and got busy with the Juice when Brenda walked in.


‘You wanted to see me?’ she asked casually and stared at Daisy, her gaze unsmiling.


‘Don’t be tripping girl, you’re not the queen you know’ Daisy replied angrily, abandoning her earlier act.


‘Hmm, so I hear’ Brenda replied ever so casually and unremorseful, then walked to a seat directly opposite Daisy, ‘so, what brings you here’ she added and sat down. Daisy sighed and stared askance at her.


‘Spare me that attitude, you know why am here’ Daisy said angrily.


‘Really, and what might that be?’ Brenda asked drily, her gaze on her back turned hand as she admired her manicured nails.


‘Would you stop with the fronting! You pissing me off already’ ‘Oh yeah, more than you’ve not done already!’ Brenda shouted. ‘Lets talk about it then, that’s why am here!’ ‘Don’t you think its a bit late for that’


‘It wouldn’t be, if you had picked my calls!’


‘And you wouldn’t be making those calls nor would I be picking them, if you hadn’t bounded off with that dumb ass dude, leaving me alone with that b.itch!’ ‘Don’t tell me she beat you black and blue?’ Daisy teased. ‘You’ve got a problem, you know that?’


‘Does that mean she did?’ Daisy teased yet again.


‘That’s it! When you’re ready to apologise, you can call me’ Brenda said standing up, Daisy stood up also and hurried towards her.


‘Don’t be such a spoilt brat, I was only kidding’, she pleaded while


Brenda eyed her. ‘okay, okay, her royal majesty wants an apology, and her loyal subject is here to tender one’ Daisy said, then softly she added: ‘Bree, am deeply sorry okay? I know I acted in the dumbest of ways back then, but I couldn’t help it,



and you staying angry at me, is tearing me to pieces, just smile for once at a poor annoying Daisy, will you?’


‘No I won’t!’ she said crossing her arms on her chest like a sulky child. ‘Just smile already’


Reluctantly, Brenda broke into a smile.


‘Just because its you, now come here you pest’ she said and drew Daisy close for a hug. ‘I missed you bunch’ she added


‘Missed you too, don’t ever try this again, atleast not in Nigeria’


Daisy said breaking off the embrace, Brenda smiled. ‘but you gotta apologise for keeping me waiting too, else it would be my turn to go angry’


‘Oh, puleaseee don’t be such a ninny, you don’t expect me to come running to you, do you?’ she said sitting down, ‘besides I was fixing my nails’ she added brandishing her nails. ‘See’


‘oh gosh you didn’t! Kept me waiting just to polish that?’ Daisy asked feigning anger, then moved to her sit.


‘It was worth the wait, wasn’t it?’ Brenda chuckled


‘Whatever’ Daisy replied and sat down. ‘Wait a minute! I love that colour! And I need that as a peace offering’ she added excitedly. ‘Why should I be the one flying the palms?’


‘Because you’re the one with all the stuffs’ Daisy said.


‘Okay, okay Mercy will get you one. But know they are designer polish’ ‘You wouldn’t opt for something less, would you? So no P. I will treat ’em accordingly’ Daisy winked. ‘then again, I’ve been dying with this curiosity, you know?’ she added.


‘Ever heard? Curiosity kills the cat?’


‘Yeah, but am no cat’ Daisy said while she busied with her juice.


‘Don’t tell me you’re still sprung on that’ Brenda was pointing at the juice. ‘Sure! Take my juice, take my life’ Daisy smiled and downed a mouthful. ‘so about my curiosity, how did that fight at the club end?’ she asked dropping her glass.


‘Don’t kill the fun puleaseee, that chick is so d–n crazy’ ‘She beat you up?’


‘Like that’s ever gonna happen, dem peeps at the club, were by our side and prevented a major surgery happening on her pretty face’ ‘What a waste’



‘So I thought. Would have given her a piece of my action regardless. Then I searched for her who I was fighting for, and voila she had slipped through the crowd!’


‘Sorry about that, I was feeling so weak and…’


‘And you had to leave with that irritable dude for jeez sake!’ ‘He was the available then’


Brenda scoffed, ‘spare me that poo, all of ’em are just nothing but trouble wondering why you had to get entangled with them lots’


Daisy didn’t like where the discussion was now headed, she frowned and picked up her juice.


‘So?’ what exactly is that chick to him?’




‘Who else’ Brenda said drily


‘He told me she is an ex’


‘Pretty clinging ex, don’t you think’


‘Well, that’s normal’


‘Unless, they aren’t really ex’


‘That’s what he told me’


‘Still the naive little Daisy I see’


‘I don’t like what you’re insinuating’


‘Truth is a bitter pill. Me thinks that dude’s been tripping all along, while you hide at home, sipping Juice and doing whatever’.


Daisy grimaced, you had to give it to Brenda to turn a happy moment into gloom with her blunt truth and unsolicited insinuations.


‘Bree, I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t go any further with all these you’re saying’


‘Whatever. Am sorry for hitting those sensitive cords hunh’ Brenda winked and Daisy stuck out her tongue and eyed her, this made Brenda laugh. This were the heights of their friendship – the teasing and the taunting, Daisy was a queen at it, she should just as well reciprocate.


‘honestly Daisy, six months and still counting, yet that ex of a girl is still strung on your man?’ a scoff ‘your naivety is indeed charming’ Brenda teased further.


To be continued………


By Oden Green




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