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Shades Of Lust – Season 1 Episode 47

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Episode 47&48


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


**Kelvin’s side of the story continues**


I was in great panic after listening to the rude police officer. I just didn’t know the next step to take. I nervously called all my contacts I was I currently doing business with, thinking it was a fraud related issue but none of them were having issues with the police which left me confused.


‘’I hope Jessica isn’t trying to play a fast one on you because none of our friends has been harassed by the police recently. You have to check your end very well’’ Joe had advised when I contacted him that same evening.


I couldn’t help but buy his idea. I had no choice than to suspect Jessica even though I knew she had no reason to put the police on my way. I tried relaxing that evening but couldn’t.


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By 10pm I found myself driving back to her house like a terrified child.




Jessica was extremely surprised to see me by that hour. She couldn’t hide her surprise as she let me into her sitting room, with a mockery smile on her face.


‘’so what pursued you from your house by this hour?. Don’t tell me you are here to apologize’’ she asked coldly.


‘’is it because of our simple misunderstanding that you sent your police friends to harass me?’’ I asked seriously. This time around, my question left her jaw dropping. There wasn’t any doubt she was very much surprised.


‘’what do you mean?. I don’t understand’’ she stammered.


‘’I returned home this evening to hear that the police paid me a visit. They dropped a phone number which I called and a very rude officer asked me to show up at the station early tomorrow’’ I explained quickly.


‘’and you think I’m behind it?’’ she asked with disbelief.


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‘’you are good at playing stunts’’ I fired back.


‘’ I can never send the police to disturb you. What will I gain out of it?’’ she asked with a raised tone while I looked down, saying nothing.


‘’haven’t you reasoned towards the direction that maybe Cynthia’s body has been found?’’ she suddenly asked, lightening up my face with the question. It never for a moment crossed my troubled mind.


‘’yes you could be right. I’m finished’’ I breathed with great fear. She drew close, hugged me and rested her head on my chest.


‘’don’t be scared my love. We are in this together. Tomorrow, I will ask one of my lawyers to accompany you to the police station. He is one of the best criminal lawyers in the state. You have nothing to fear’’ she muttered sweetly, settling my fears with her offer.


‘’let’s go to the room and sleep. I’m so tired’’ she breathed, dragging me to her bedroom.




I never slept that night, I simply laid awake thinking of my life and future. What if there’s a concrete evidence against me?, can Jessica’s lawyer save me?. Can I be able to spend a day in prison?. How will my parents feel when such news gets to them?’’ I wondered miserably.



Early the next morning, I headed to my house to prepare for the trip ahead. By 7:45am I was back at Jessica’s house where a middle aged man was patiently waiting for me.


‘’My love, meet barrister Solomon Maxwell. He is one of the best in town’’ Jessica introduced him as we shook hands.


‘’he will go with you to the police station. Simply do all he says’’ she added while I nodded like a little child.


‘’I will be here waiting for you guys. I’m really nervous’’ she breathed.




Minutes later, the lawyer and I arrived at the state police headquarters. I called the annoying officer again and was directed to an office where an ugly looking policeman with three stars on his shoulder was waiting for me.


‘’good morning sir, I’m Mr. Kelvin. I’m the person that just called on phone’’ I introduced myself nervously. He nodded and threw a quick look at my lawyer.


‘’so who is he?’’ he asked.


‘’my lawyer’’ I replied, leaving the officer totally surprised.


‘’did I ask you to bring any lawyer’’ he asked quickly.


‘’you invited my client to your office for questioning and yes I have every right to be with him so that you don’t trample on his rights. If you have any question for him, simply direct them to me. We have the right to answer or kept mute.’’ My lawyer quickly cut in while I nodded at his clever response.


The officer couldn’t say a word for some seconds. I bet he never expected to have any confrontation with a lawyer.



Being a criminal is one thing, and knowing how to defend and play with the law is a necessary bonus. For the first time I realized the importance of lawyers. I realized why our corrupt politicians and people like Jessica never got caught.


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