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Runaway Fiancee – Episode 5

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Chapter 5


Lily’s POV


“Is he gone?” Carmen, my personal


assistant/nanny asked. She hid in my


bedroom the whole time Xander Valiente


was in the house.


“I guess so.”


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The front door opened and my personal


driver/bodyguard, Eduardo rushed in.


Carmen and I jerked up.


“You scare the hell out of us, Eduardo!”


Carmen yelled.


“I’m sorry. I came in to tell you that he


already left.” Eduardo replied.


Carmen heaved a sigh. “That’s good. Okay, help us pack all these things, Eduardo. We need to hurry up. He might come back.” “I don’t think he’ll come back.” I told


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“We can’t be sure. Men like that don’t easily give up.” Carmen opened the boxes and loaded some stuffs inside.


I shrugged my shoulders and sat at the


corner of the room, on the floor. I


couldn’t get his image out of my mind.


His presence was so unnerving that my


body was still shaking. I found him very




“Are you okay?” Carmen asked.


I was not okay. I wanted to cry… to pour


my heart out. But I didn’t want to break


down. Not now. Not again.


“Oh dear.” Carmen put down the books


and walked towards me.


“I’m really fine. No need to worry. I… I’m


okay. I’m just tired.” I stood up and


rubbed my temple.


“Are you sure?” Carmen sounded so


concern again.


“Yeah.” I said then headed to my


bedroom. I continued packing my clothes


and shoes in my luggage. I finished


immediately since there were just a few


stuff to pack.


I changed my clothes into thick black jeggings and V-neck white merino sweater. Then I grabbed my tan faux shearling jacket. It was July and the peak of winter to the place we were heading.


I yawned. I was so sleepy, but we had to


get going. I could sleep later.


I went back to the living room, all set and


ready to go. The boxes were already


sealed. It contained some of my pictures,


books, magazines, collections and other.


“Can I keep this as a souvenir?” Eduardo


held a picture frame. It was a picture of


me with him and Carmen in the beach. It


was taken about six months ago.


“Of course, you can keep it Eduardo.” I said. He wouldn’t be coming with us and it was really sad leaving him. I was used having him as my driver and bodyguard. “Thank you miss.”


“We have to go now. We have a long flight ahead of us.” Carmen said. Twenty minutes later ***


“Oh God. I forgot your passport.” Carmen said in a panic. We were already halfway to the airport when she remembered it. “Where did you put it?”


“I guess it’s on the dining table when I


grabbed some water.” She said then


checked the time in her wristwatch. “I’m


sorry. We need to go back to the




Xander’s POV


I can’t get her out of my mind.


I was inside my private plane, feeling so confused. I was holding a glass of whiskey


and staring at nothing.


“We’re leaving in fifteen minutes Mr. Valiente.” My pilot said then walked away after I acknowledged him with a nod. My phone suddenly rang. It was Mr.


Hayes. The private investigator.


I called him awhile ago that he got the


wrong girl. But he still insisted that Lily


was Mia.


“I can’t talk to you now. We’re leaving in a few minutes.”


“Mr. Valiente, just give me a minute. I


sent you a picture in your email. Please


check on it.”


“Enough about this already. Lily is not


Mia.” I drawled frustratedly.


“I can prove to you that she is Mia.


Please. Open your email.”


I took my phone and opened my email.


The picture took me by surprise. It was


Mia wearing her favorite black dress. Beside her was the woman I saw in the picture awhile ago, at Lily’s living room – Lily’s mother.


“You’ve seen the picture?”


“Yes.” I replied.


“That woman beside her… Is that the


same woman that Lily said her mother?”




“HA-HA! She lied to you Mr. Valiente.


That’s Carmen Vega. Her personal


assistant and nanny. That picture was


taken a year ago, when Mia started her


modelling career. I got the picture from


her fellow model.”


I stared at the picture with total disbelief.


I was numb with increasing rage and




Damn it. She fooled me!




She’s gone.


I didn’t have a choice but to break the


front door of the apartment. I was


banging it for half an hour and nobody




When I entered the house, the boxes in


the corner were gone. I checked her room


and her wardrobe, her clothes were all




I went to her bathroom and saw an empty


box of ash blond hair color cream.


I was restless. I tried to figure out where she went. She said she was moving to that telenovela actor’s house.


DAMMIT! I wouldn’t allow that now.


I went back to the living room and looked around. The picture frame was gone. I inhaled deeply, easing my nerves. How could you do this to me, Mia.


I took my phone and called Mr. Hayes. I wanted him to check where the hell that telenovela actor lived. I have to get Mia, by any means necessary. I would fight for her and wouldn’t stop until I have her back.


I was about to turn to go when something caught my eye – a board backed envelope on top of the dining table. I stopped.


I looked at it intently. Maybe it was just


an empty envelope. I strode towards the


front door, aiming to find Mia as soon as




When I opened the door, I stopped again.


I was really disturbed. My mind wouldn’t


rest until I’ll get hold of that envelope.


I closed the door and walked towards the


dining table. I took the envelope and


opened it in a hurry.


Inside was a black colored passport. I


opened it and stared at the picture.


Just in time, the front door opened. A


woman came in and said.


“Let me explain.”







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