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Runaway Fiancee – Episode 4

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Chapter 4


Xander’s POV


I don’t know what I’m capable of doing if


I’ll catch them sleeping together. The


thought made me breathless with rage


already. I could murder that narcissistic


telenovela actor in a snap.


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It was six in the morning and I was


outside Mia’s suite room, knocking.


The room immediately opened and a


cleaner greeted me.


“If you’re looking for the beautiful model


who occupied this room, you just missed


her, sir. She checked out an hour ago.”


Damn it!


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I took my phone and called my pilot.


“Prepare the plane. We’re flying to




Five hours later


“What are you doing here!?” Mia’s eyes


glared at me angrily.



Damn. The feeling of seeing her again. The same electrical feeling I had when I saw her in the bar last night. Very heavy in the heart and mindblowing. I couldn’t think straight – my mind went blank. Last night, I was not able to sleep. I kept on thinking about her, nonstop.


“Obviously following you.” I congratulated myself for managing to say anything. My heart was really beating so fast and my stomach flipped flopped.


“Qué deseas? (What do you want?) I am


not your fiancée! Just leave me alone.”


She struggled to close the front door but I


stopped her without using much strength.


“Let’s talk.”


“There’s nothing to talk about. Can’t you


understand? Yo no soy tu novia (I am not


your girlfriend).” Her eyes lit with anger.


I managed to get inside her apartment. I


had to. I didn’t care anymore if I was


tresspassing or invading her privacy. I


have to talk to her.


I was surprised. The apartment was very


small, but clean and cozy. Actually… it


was not what I expected because I knew


that her extremely rich brother, Tristan


Latsis would provide her the best of


everything. But this house… it made me


think that his brother was not supporting


her at all.




“Lily. My name is Lily Rojas.” She looked agitated. “I know you don’t believe me, but I am not your girlfriend. We may have similar faces, but I am not her. I am a Colombian. I live in this country all my




“Stop lying.”


“I’m not lying!” Her lips thinned with




“You know you are. It’s pointless. I have all the facts that you are Mia. Why do you have to deny? Why are you shutting everything. Why are you shutting me out of your life?”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She avoided looking at me then wandered around the room restlessly.


She looked so pretty. Her face was totally made up. Thick eyelashes, flawless skin and pink lipstick. She was wearing a red tube top, showing her bikini tan lines. Her very short booty shorts showed her underbutt cleavage and spotless sunkissed legs. Damn. How could I concentrate talking to her now. My body immediately heated and my shank hardened like rock. I moved forward, stopping in front of her, so she wouldn’t see how much she affected me.


“You always look for an escape. You run when you encounter a situation or a problem you can’t handle instead of facing it. Just like this morning. You checked out of the hotel so early. You were avoiding me.”


She drew back and leaned against the wall. “Absolutely not! I had an early flight back here for a pictorial.”


“Really? Not very convincing Mia.”


She gave an impatient shrug. “I don’t have to convince you about anything. It’s your problem if you won’t believe me.”


I looked at the small couch, small Tv and


small dining table. Everything was small,


feminine and not luxurious. A telenovela


actor wouldn’t be living in this kind of


place. Good. I don’t know what I’m


capable of doing if I caught them sharing


the same apartment.


“So, he doesn’t live here.”


“Dylan? Of course not.”


I felt relieved. I went near the couch to


sit down. “May I?”


She closed her eyes for a second then


exhaled heavily. “Okay. But I don’t have


much time to entertain you. I’m busy.”


I sat down on the couch and leaned my


back, keeping my body and mind relax.


Then my eyes caught the opened boxes


stuffed with things at the corner of the




“What’s that boxes for?”


“My stuffs. I’m moving to Dylan’s place






“I’m giving up this apartment. It’s useless keeping this place since we’re going to get married pretty soon.”


Is she serious? She can’t marry him. No


way. She’s engaged to me. Dammit. I


can’t… I won’t let her be with him.


“No… NO. You’re not moving to his place. I won’t allow that.” I abruptly stood up. I was overwhelmed with jealousy, rage and panic.


“Why? Who are you to stop me?”


“Why can’t you remember me, Mia? I’m


Xander, your fiancée. What happened to


your brain?”



“What do you mean? My brain is functioning well mister. It’s you who have a brain problem. You’re getting insane!” She heaved a long sigh. “Again… I’m not your missing fiancée. Please believe me. I’m getting married very soon to a wonderful man. I love Dylan and he loves me. We’re happy together. Please have some respect and don’t ruin our relationship.”


“No matter how many times you deny you are not Mia, but I’m one hundred one percent sure that you are her. I can’t let you marry another man. I’ll fight for you.”


She made a frustrated groan. “I’m Lily not Mia. Stop this craziness of yours. You are suffocating me already. Go home to your country and leave me alone.”


“No. I don’t know what happened to you. Maybe you have some sort of an amnesia. You forgot who you were.”


“You crazy man! How can I forget myself when I’m living here in Colombia all my life. I was born here.”


“Seriously? You mean you have a family




“Of course. My family is in the north. You can go and see them for yourself if you want.”


I looked at the picture frame on top of the corner table. A recent picture of her


standing between a middle-aged man and


woman. The three of them were in a


beach. They were smiling and embracing


each other. Like a happy family.


One thing I noticed… they were all blond.


If she is blond, born and raised in


Colombia and with a family here…


therefore… she is not Mia? That’s




But she looked like Mia. And every time I looked at her, I have the same feeling when I looked at Mia. Love. Care. Admiration. Respect and Loyalty. Mia… Lily…


“How old are you now Mia? I mean…




“Twenty five.”


Twenty-five. Mia is twenty-four. They were


almost the same age.


“Your birthday?”


“9th of July.”


Mia’s birthday was every 10th of August.


I asked her about where she studied.


When she started her modelling career


and other things. She anwered all my


questions immediately without any


hesitation. I could sense that she was


sincere with her answers.


I got so confused now. Slowly by slowly


the thought that she was Mia started to


fade. The more I discovered about her,


the more I was convinced that she was


not Mia.


I also realized that Lily was very different from Mia. She smiled a lot and talked confidently – while Mia barely smile, very serious and shy. Absolutely opposite with Lily’s personality. Other things I noticed were…


Lily was a modern woman. Mia was





Lily dressed colorful, sexy and fashionable clothes. Mia was very old-fashion and wore black and white only.


Lily had a sexy Colombian accent. Mia had a New Zealand accent.


Lily wore makeup while Mia used only


baby powder on her face.


Lily was sophisticated and Mia was a very simple girl.


Nah. Lily is not Mia. I was certain now


that Lily is not Mia.


But… why is it that deep inside, I feel so


bad… and very disappointed. The heavy


feeling won’t stop. Like an ache… a fever


that won’t go away. Part of me won’t ever


let her go.


I looked at Lily. I wondered why the electricity was still there and the same warm glow I felt inside seeing her last night – when I thought she was Mia. The feeling of happiness spreading my whole body being near her wouldn’t go away. For heaven’s sake. She’s not Mia! My mind accepted it already… but why is it that my stubborn heart won’t?








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