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Runaway Fiancee – Episode 3

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Chapter 3


Lily’s POV


I waited for Dylan at the bar for our


dinner date. He called awhile ago that he


would be late, just a few minutes. He had


a sudden video interview in a local TV


Network. He couldn’t say no, especially


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now that the next season of his


Telenovela, La Paśion de Santiago was


about to start.


I heard the man sitting beside me ordered


a drink. Something about his voice made


me look at him.


Jet black hair. Silvery gray eyes. Aquiline nose. His mouth was thin with cynical twist to it. He had a very striking attractive features. Bronzed skin, tall, lean, strong and rigid.


The man was already staring at me. His


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eyes like bullets aiming at me – ready to


pull the trigger if I make a move. I felt


like I was in a trap… and there was no


means of escape.


“Hello Mia. Nice seeing you again.”


The tone of his voice signalled danger, like a warning – for me to face him and not to mess up with him.


I gasped. He looked really dangerous and


frightening like a devil, despite his clean


pure white button up shirt and pants. A tumble of confused thoughts and feelings assailed within me. I froze on my seat and got tongue-tied.


“I couldn’t believe you’re hiding here in


Colombia. Of all places, you chose to be



here. Why Mia? You think that this is the last place that I’d come looking for you?” His lips twisted with distaste. “But I guess this is your brother’s idea. Tell him that I send my congratulations. He’d done a good job fooling me.”


I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I felt like


I was in a dream – a horrible nightmare.


My body was shivering with fear and my


palms got sweaty.


“Aren’t you going to say anything?”


“I… I…” I stammered.


“Stop staring at me and say something.”


“I… I don’t know you, mister.”


A muscle clenched along his jaw. He shifted on his seat and turned his whole body towards me. “We’re done with hide and seek Mia. Tell me, what game are we playing now? Pretending not knowing each other?”


I felt the heat rose on my cheeks. He was


mocking me and made me so upset. I


straightened on my seat and looked


around. Where is Dylan when I needed




“Why did you run away Mia. What’s


wrong? You didn’t even leave me a note.


What happened to us? I need a damn




“Lo siento (I’m sorry)… but you got the


wrong person. Mi nombre es Lily Rojas


and I really don’t know you, mister. Excuse me.” I stood up to get away from him – to run as fast as I could, but his hand was very quick, he clasped my wrist tightly and pulled me closer on his side. I yelped at the pain. The pain of his


burning touch… like fire… turning my


body into flame.


“I know, it’s you, Mia. You can’t deceive me with your fake Colombian accent. You may have dyed your hair into gold, got a sun tan skin and dress stylishly but I know you so well, every inch of your body.” “Let me go. Please señor… I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I struggled for him to let go of my wrist, but his hand was like an iron clasp.


“What’s going on here?” Dylan. Thanks


God he arrived. “Take your hand off my




The man did not let go of my wrist, but even pulled me closer to him. “Correction. My fiancée.”


“What?” Dylan’s eyebrows furrowed. “What’s the meaning of this, Lily? We just got engaged last week and now you have another fiancée?”


“No! He mistook me for his fiancée. I told him he got the wrong person.” I pulled my arm and finally he let go of my wrist. Dylan held his hands up and faced the man squarely. “I don’t want to create any trouble, okay. We’ll talk and settle this in a very calm manner. I don’t need this kind of publicity. It’s bad for my image especially that I have an upcoming Telenovela season 2 series.”


What? All Dylan could think of at the


moment was his image and Telenovela




“I’m sure you know me, I’m Dylan Cooper, the Telenovela actor.” Dylan gave his usual camera smile and extended his hand to


the man for a handshake, but the man


ignored it.


“I’m Xander Valiente. Mia’s fiancée… or


Lily, whatever your name is right now.”


He gave me a sideway glance then shook


his head, disapprovingly.


Dylan heaved a sigh. “You got the wrong


girl, Mr. Valiente. Lily is my fiancée.” “I assure you Mr. Cooper that she is not Lily. Her real name is Mia Stewart. She was born and raised in New Zealand. Her brother, Tristan Latsis, brought her in Los Angeles to study when her mother died. She was fifteen at that time and that same year, I first met her. She was my sister’s best friend.” He held my eyes with no shame while talking, like we were the only person in the room. “Our relationship started two years ago. We got engaged and lived together for a couple of months.” “No tengo un hermano (I don’t have a


brother). I… I haven’t been to New


Zealand or Los Angeles. I’m a… a




“Of course you are, Lily.” Dylan backed


me up. “I understand your situation, Mr.


Valiente. You know, it happens all the


time, having similar faces. Some people


even mistook me for a Mexican actor


Aaron Diaz. It’s very upsetting… and


insulting on my part. But, that’s life. We


have to learn to accept it.”


Mr. Valiente took something on his pants rear pocket. It was a small envelope. Then he handed it to Dylan. “These are proofs that Lily and Mia are the same. See for yourself.”



Dylan shrugged his shoulders and took the envelope.


“I’ll leave you for now, Mia. But I’ll see


you tomorrow.” Mr. Valiente said before


he spun around and left.


Dylan opened the envelope. It contained pictures, about ten of them. He scanned the pictures thoroughly, one by one. Then he stopped.


“She is you, Lily.”







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