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Runaway Fiancee – Episode 2

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Chapter 2


Xander’s POV


**Cartagena, Colombia**


I pulled up my rented Maserati outside the lobby of Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena Hotel. The valet greeted me and took the car keys.


I almost bumped at a group of women


when I entered the hotel. They were all


wearing pastel floral dresses with flower


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crowns on their heads. They looked like


bridesmaids in a garden wedding.


The girls eyed me up and down, then




I continued on my way inside the hotel.


The ambiance was very nice, striking a


balance of French art and beauty. The


architectural designs were a blending of


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vintage and contemporary.


I went directly to the reception area and


checked-in in their presidential suite.


“Is Lily Rojas already checked in


yesterday?” I asked the receptionist.


“You know her sir?”


Damn it. She just wouldn’t say Yes or No. “Of course. I know her very well. Actually… I’m meeting her here.” I gave her my best smile.


“Ahhhh… I see.” Her mouth opened in


surprise. “Yeah, she’s here since




Good. Mr. Hayes did his job well in


knowing Mia’s itinerary.


I heard a commotion. The rising shrills of


women’s voices and giggles. I turned to


where the voices were.


“Sorry about the noise sir. A famous


celebrity just checked in today causing


excitement to some of our female guests.


But normally, it’s very quiet here.”


“Is that the telenovela actor?” I asked her. “Yeah. Dylan Cooper. You know him sir?” The receptionist’s face lifted up with excitement.


“Not personally.” My mouth thinning with displeasure. So, he is here with Mia. ***


I took a shower and planned on how to


confront Mia.


Mia. The only woman who captured my heart. It had been a year, but still I couldn’t get her out of my system. She left her mark on me – so deeply… in every cell of my body… in every drop of my blood.


I missed her… I missed her so badly.


I closed my eyes and looked down. My


body turned hard just thinking of her. I


turned the shower lever to the full blue


direction and shivered.


I have known Mia since she was still in Senior High. She was my sister’s best friend. During dinner, Stella told us about her activities in the day. Her new friend Mia, who was a fifteen year old transferee from New Zealand. Very smart with an attractive English accent. The girly things they did, their sleepovers, their celebrity and school crushes, the parties they went and other things. Well, I was not interested to hear anything about Mia at that time. For me, she was just Stella’s classmate and a friend.



Several times, I met Mia in the house. She was so thin and pale. She even looked like a kid in her school uniform. We never talked or see eye to eye. She always avoided looking at me. I was never bothered. I didn’t have time talking to young girls… she was fifteen and I was twenty at that time.


I remembered talking to Mia for the first


time. It was during Stella’s eighteenth


birthday . I came across her in the hotel


hall. We were alone. She looked so


surprise seeing me and she didn’t have a


choice but to look at me in the eye.


“Who died?” I asked her. She was wearing


an all black long sleeves dress like a






“You look like you’ve been in a funeral.” I extended a hand… a little, to her dress. The smile on her face slowly faded. A dim flush raced her pale and beautiful face like a fever.


“No one died, Mr. Valiente… I mean, not




Instantly, I was bothered. It made me


regret what I just said. Damn. Why


couldn’t I just keep my mouth shut.


I clenched my hand and abruptly put it




“I’m sorry. It’s just like… your dress…” So black and conservative like a nun. I really wanted to add, but I didn’t want to embarrass her further.


“I love black and this is my manner of


dressing.” She lifted her small chin


proudly and looked at me with contempt.


“I know men like you prefer their women


to dress in skimpy tight dresses with


plunging necklines and open back….


Showing more cleavage and skin…”


“Men like me?”


“Yeah. MEN. LIKE. YOU.” She emphasized each word with gritted teeth.


I chuckled. I didn’t know what happened.


But she got my attention. I was really


amused of her. “What do you mean by


that statement? I’m curious.”


“I don’t have to say it. You know what I




“Ah… that’s not fair.” I moved towards


her slowly and she was stepping


backwards, trying to avoid any body


contact from me.


“Stay away from me.” Mia said sharply.


“I won’t until you tell me what you




Mia shook her head. Then she stopped stepping backward when her back touched the wall. She resembled like a prey trapped and scared of being eaten.


I studied her face, her eyes and her lips.


God. She looked so beautiful. Why haven’t


I noticed that before?


“I wonder what men like me do to young


girls like you?” I lifted a finger to touch


her face.


“Don’t touch me.” Her voice was fragile


and shaking.


That made me stop and flattened my hand on the wall above her head. My brain said that I should go and leave her alone, but my body wouldn’t allow me to go.

I held her eyes with mine, wouldn’t let


her look away. Her glassy blue eyes were


so compelling, magnetic… yet full of


remoteness and unquenchable warmth. I moved my face nearer to hers and instantly our breath mingled. I inhaled her scent and the warm of her breath deeply. So fresh and sweet. I leaned forward. A kiss. Just one kiss.


Mia put her fingertips on my chest. I gasped. The mere touch of her hand made my heart jumped and body tensed.


“Let me go.” She almost whispered then


pushed my chest a little.


I felt like I was splashed with a bucket full of iced water. I stepped backward and saw her run away from me. ***


I saw Mia the moment I walked inside the bar, wearing a very sexy satin dress and stiletto heels. Who would ever miss her, she looked like a lonely sexy nymphet sitting there on a stool. Every man was eyeing her.


I sighed heavily. Mia wouldn’t dress like


that before.


I walked towards where she was and sat


beside her.


I kept an eye on her. She was looking


down at her margarita, then slowly her


thick eyelashes lifted up.


Our eyes caught each other and we held


eyes for fraction of a second.


“Hello Mia. Nice seeing you again.





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