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My First True Love – Episode 9

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My first true love


Chapter 9


After Alexander left, I immediately ran to my house, it was crowed with police officers and an ambulance outside. I saw my mom crying, and Marisa was talking to an officer, probably telling him what had happened.


My mom looked up and ran up to me and hugged me.


“Oh, Jane, what happened? I thought I lost you, don’t you ever do that to me again” she said still sobbing.


“Mom, I’m fine, please stop crying, everything is going to be okay” I turned around and saw Marisa, with a confused look on her face.


I shock my head in signal that everything was fine and that I was going to tell her what happened later.


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She nodded and without a warning, she went upstairs to my room.


“You must be Jane” I turned and saw a woman “officer” holding a


notepad on her hand.




“You need to be careful in the future, you don’t want to give your mom a heart attack” she nodded to my mom and left, as well as everyone. “Jane, where were you?” my mom asked.


“I had an emergency, Wendy called and she wanted me to help her with


something” I said not quite meeting her eyes.


“Well next time call young lady, you had me dead worry about you” “I’m fine mom, now go to sleep, where is John?” I asked looking around to see if he was home.


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“He is still working, I told him I’ll call him later if anything happens” she looked at once more and stroke my cheek.


“Jane promise me that you won’t ran off like that, ever again”


“I promise mom” she gave me a smile and nodded. “I’m going to call John, just so he knows that you came home” I nodded, and she left.


I gave a big sigh before sitting on the sofa. Today was definitely not my day, I just hope Alexander doesn’t come back at least not today.


I got up and headed to my room, when I opened the door, I saw Marisa already sleeping on the couch.


Well at least someone is going to get some rest tonight.


I changed into my pj’s and got on the bed, I closed my eyes and immediately saw Alexander’s big brown eyes staring back at me. I turned and turned, not wanting to see him now, but I that didn’t help, I saw him everywhere.


That’s when I remembered the dream that I had that long ago, it was Alexander, he was talking to me in my dreams, can he really manipulate my dreams?


I tried to sleep, but it was useless, I was not going to sleep tonight.


Get out of my head Alexander Roberts or…


Or back Jane? I gasped when I heard his voice in my head.


How? How did you do that?


Easy, I just need to sense your mind, only when your mind is open I can go in.


Well, I want you out, now! I screamed in my head, not sure how I did it, now I’m going to be crazy apart from having a vampire friend…or lover getting inside my head.


I want to be your lover Jane, I’m in love with you. We belong together.


No, you can’t. I waited for you all this time, how can I trust you again?


I’ll prove it to you, give me a chance.


No, besides, I have a… boyfriend.


You what?


You heard me, I’m going out with someone. He makes me feel special


Alexander, I like him.


But you don’t love him.


I…I… can learn to love him.


No! you can’t do that to me. I could hear him screaming, and sadness in his voice.


I need you to give me some space, please.


If that’s what you want, then fine, but I will fight for you Jane, then you’ll have to make a choice. Then after a few seconds, everything went silent, there was no sound at all.


Deep in my heart, I felt horrible for talking to him that way, but it’s true, he left and I have to move on.


Besides, I can learn to love Jack…right?


I let out a big sigh and closed my eyes, and slowly the world went blank.








The next day…


“Jane!” I heard Marisa yelled.


“What?” I opened my eyes and saw her fully dressed eating a muffin. “C’mon, we’re going to be late, school starts in half an hour” I sigh and got up.


“Hurry up, I’ll get your clothes, go to the kitchen and get something to eat” she said, going to my closet.


I nodded and went immediately to the kitchen, I got a cup of milk and a muffin and went back to my room.


“Ok, everything is ready, put this on and meet me downstairs in ten minutes” she said, urging me to hurry up.


I kept nodding, not wanting to argue. I picked up the purple shirt she had laid on the bed for me and my blue jeans, in five minutes I was ready to go.


“Jane, you are so not going out like that” Marisa shockingly said.


“What? What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?”


“Is not what you’re wearing, look at your face, you need to add a bit of make-up before going out” I groan in response. “Can we just go?” “Nope, c’mon I need to get my make-up kit” she said, dragging me back up to my room. She laughed at all my nagging.


After five minutes, I felt like a complete clown, my face was pale white and my cheeks were red like a tomato.



“Oh, would you stop complaining, you look adorable!” Marisa shocked her head and giggled.


“Oh, maybe I’m nagging, because I look like a clown!”


“No you don’t, now please get in the car and let’s go”


I stubbornly got in the car still complaining.


When we got to school, I zoned out for a minute, thinking on what I was suppose to do with Jack now.


“Jane?” I heard Marisa calling my name, but everything was just blurry,


then I saw it.


Mist everywhere.


“Marisa we have to get Jane out of here fast”


“Who are you?” Marisa asked.


“Alexander, now let’s go”


I could only listen to there conversation, my eyes were set on the mist. Who could possibly want to hurt me?


I suddenly got dizzy, the only thing I can remember was Alexander carrying me and that’s when I passed out… Till night guys.. ,





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