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My First True Love – Episode 26

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My first true love


Chapter 26


“So…would you? Would you consider changing me into a vampire?” I asked once more. He stiffened and got out off bed.


He walked to the fireplace and stood there, just staring at the fire. There was a long pause between us. Neither of us made a sound, we just stood there not really doing anything.


Was he mad at me? I groaned.


He’s definitely mad at me.


I got up and made my way towards him. He was still in deep thought when I got to him.


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I touched his shoulder lightly. He turned to face me and closed his eyes.


“I don’t want this for you Jane…I never did. This feels like a curse to me and I don’t it to be like with you” he whispered opening his eyes to reveal hurt and sadness in them.


At that moment I understood what he meant, but I wanted to be with him and with all of this happening around us right now. It was not the right time.


I nodded. “It’s okay, I understand.”


He raised his hand and touched my face lightly, tracing my features with his smooth and delicate hands.


The world around us disappeared in a blurt. There was only us at this moment and our love for each other.


I leaned forward and touched his lips with mine; the moment was sweet and gentle.


At that moment there was only one more thought left in my head.


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How are we going to get out of here alive?


As we pulled away, I saw a twinkle in Alexander’s eyes..




That night we decided on not talking about anything else and go to bed. He held me tight while I rested my head on his chest.



The sound of his heart beat was all I needed to fall into a deep and warm sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The next day I woke up at the sweet sound of Alexander’s voice waking me up. “Wake up sleeping beauty” he whispered against my ear. A tingle of different emotions went through my body.


I rolled to the side and heard him chuckled. “Jane, you have to wake up, it’s getting late” I groaned and opened my eyes.


I sighed and saw Alexander standing in front of me grinning.


“Why wake me up early…I want to go back to sleep” I mumbled once again closing me eyes.


Alexander laughed and started tickling my sides. “Alexander…please…stop…it” I opened my eyes and playfully slap him on the chest.


Jerk . I murmured.


“You know you love me” he said giving me the smile that I love.


Awww, he is so cute.


I sighed. “Yeah…yeah…whatever” I said getting up.


I walked up to the bathroom to take a warm shower when I felt two arms going around my waist.


“Forgive me…please?” Alexander whispered against my bare shoulder.


I leaned back against his hold.


“Ok”I said breathlessly.


I felt his smile and pulled away slightly.


“Good, because you need to have breakfast, while I go out with Derek” I frowned. “Derek?”


“Yeah, we’re going out to hunt. I know this is all hard to explain, but we hunt and drink…blood. I haven’t had any blood for a couple of days now and it’s time for me to go hunt” he explained.




I mean I knew that vampires drink blood, but it’s just hard to accept something like that when my boyfriend actually drinks actual blood.


“Ok…go hunt, I’ll take a quick shower then go make myself breakfast” I was about to turn around when he caught my arm.


“Breakfast is actually ready…I made you your favorite pancakes…they are in the kitchen” he said trying not to blush.


I giggled. “That’s very thoughtful of you, thank you” I said and give me a peck on the lips before turning around. I enter the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I got in the shower and turn on the hot water.


It felt nice as the water touched my cold skin.


I don’t know for how long I stayed in the shower, but it felt nice. I quickly changed and headed out to the kitchen.


The smell of blueberry pancakes overwhelmed me.


I quickly grabbed a few and started eating them. They melted in my mouth and I moaned.


They were so good!


I smiled at the thought of seeing Alexander cooking.


He was actually so sweet for making them for me.


I wonder where he learned to cook.


As I started cleaning the kitchen a little, I heard Alexander and Derek entering the cabin.


I turned to see them walking to the living room. They were quiet and serious.


A nervous feeling started going through me.


I wonder what happened to them.


As I walked up to the living room, I saw Derek giving me quick nod and looked back to Alexander.


“Alexander?” He turned to see me and patted the sit next to him. I sat and hold onto his hand.


“What happened?” I asked looking at both of them.


Derek was the first to speak. “Jane…we have to get you out of here” he said in a serious tone.


I looked at both of them in disbelief.


“What?” I asked stunned. Alexander shook his head and turned to face me. “Jane…there is a war coming…a huge war. The king has declared war against the hunters. Everyone is going to Romania soon, that’s where they are all heading. I spoke to the prince earlier and he wants me at his side. Derek is coming with me too. I think this will be the end for one of us. Hunters vs. the vampires”


I was shocked. How can this happen?


“Jane, I don’t want you to be here when that happens. You have to go back home, I will make sure none of the other hunters know where you’re going. It is best if you and your family leave for a few weeks. Go far…far away. I will do anything in my power to protect you, but you need to leave.”


My heart shattered.


I can leave him…I couldn’t.


“Alexander…I can’t…I’m not leaving without you” I said against my tears.


Alexander looked in pain and eyes turned red.


“I don’t want to leave you Jane, but you have to. It has been decided, the king has


giving me his oath that he’ll not let anything happen to you. You will be protected


by his people wherever you go. We’ll make sure that nothing happens to you or


your family” he said with determination.


“But…” I started to argue, but it didn’t work.


“Please Jane, it has been decided. You’re leaving tonight”…





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