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My First True Love – Episode 19

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My first true love


Chapter 19


I spent all day searching for clues as to where he could be, but it was useless. Maybe he doesn’t want to be found. I got up from the bed, still feeling at stinging feel in my stomach. I walked up to the balcony and looked outside, it was getting dark; I could see a sunset forming.


I was about to step outside when the front door opened. I turned around and saw Marisa with a concerned look on her face.



“Are you okay?” she asked moving toward me. I nodded and turned around to see the sunset.


“I had a dream where I heard Alexander calling me…I think he needs me” I said trying hard not to remember the chilly feeling that I felt as soon as I felt the mist following me.


“Jane, you need to forget about him, he is not coming back” she said placing a hang over mine.

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For once I thought about what would happen if she was right, but there was something in me telling me that Alexander needed me.


“No, he really needs me, and I’m going to find him” I said walking back to the room.


“Jane you can’t just leave, we just got here” she insisted.


“I have to find him”


“You don’t even know where he is”


“I heard him say something with “New” and after doing some research, I found a couple of states that start with New. I’ll have to do is pick one and go” I said starting to back my things.


“Jane this is crazy. Are you even listening to yourself, what if he is outside the country, are you going to follow him then?


I stopped and looked at her. “I’ll take my chances. What would you do in my place Marisa? Let the love of your life go and move on?” I saw a million expressions forming on her face. I sighed and started to pack the rest of my clothes.

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“No, I would go and look for him” she whispered, not meeting my eyes. I walked up to her and hugged her.


“I will find him, I have to find him” I whispered closing my eyes.


“Do you even know where are going to go first?” she asked pulling back. “Yeah…I will look for him in New York” I said with determination. .


“Do you need help packing?” she asked after a few minutes. I nodded and smiled. I knew she was going to support me; after all we are best friends.


After a few hours of packing and trying to get ready, I went online and booked a plane ticket to New York and made a couple of hotel reservations. I was glad to have my credit card handy, all I need to do is get there and start looking for Alexander.


“What are you going to tell Jack?” Marisa asked taking me by surprise. I haven’t thought about that yet. I was in deep trouble. What am I going to tell him now?



“I…I…don’t know, but I can’t lie to him. I’m going to tell him the truth…or at least part of the truth”


“Do you want me to call him?” she asked. I nodded feeling completely nervous. I wonder how he is going to react.


I don’t know how long it took Jack to get to the room, but as soon as he got here, he walked up to me and started to ask if I was okay.


I looked at him and saw sadness in his eyes. Telling him about my departure was going to be more difficult then I thought.


“I’m just going to leave you guys alone” Marisa said walking out before giving me a smile.


Sighing I took Jack’s hand and looked up at him. “Jack there is something that I need to tell you” I said looking down immediately.


“What is it Jane? Are you okay?” he asked.


“I’m fine; there is just something that you should know” “Okay…what is it?”


How do I start to tell him? I mean I can’t just tell him ‘Hey, I like you, but I can’t love’.


“Jack…I…I like you a lot, but I can’t…..I can’t be with you, because I’m in love


with someone else” I looked up and saw Jack motionless. Silence.


I felt coldness in his hand, and I saw sadness in his eyes.


“Jack…say something please” I whispered.


“You lied to me and played with my feelings” he whispered pulling me away from him.


“Jack…I was going to tell you, but I thought that I could forget about…the other person and fall in love with you, but I just can’t do that anymore”


He gave me a long stare and started to walk toward the door. “Jack, please don’t hate me” I didn’t know I was crying until I felt tears running down my face. “I…I need time” he said leaving me alone in the room crying my eyes out.


I sobbed and couldn’t stop crying until Marisa came running to the room and saw me on the floor.


“Jane, what happened I saw Jack leaving….”


“He hates me now…I didn’t want to hurt him”


“Jane, he needs time and to think things through. I’ll be here with him, now you need to go or you’re going to miss your flight” she said helping me get up.


I nodded and got my things.


“Ready?” she asked.



“Yeah” I said leaving the room and leaving Jack’s things behind. I really hope he forgives me someday.


“Call me as soon as you get to New York” she said pulling me to a hug.


“Thank you” I whispered.


“Don’t mention it” she smiling. “I’ll tell everyone that you had to go back home” I nodded and got in the cab. “To the airport please”


The driver nodded and started to drive, leaving the hotel. I turned around and saw Marisa waving and disappearing into the night.


I just hope to find Alexander before I’m too late….


Wah do u guys think?






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