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My First True Love – Episode 15

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My first true love


Chapter 15


“Jane, honey, please wake up” I heard my mom pleading, shaking me while John was telling her to calm down. I gently opened my eyes, trying to figure out how I got to my room. I looked around and stood up.


“Jane are you okay?” my mom asked grabbing my hand.


I nodded. “How did I got here?”


“Jane, you fainted…we found you lying on the floor” John quietly said behind my




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Where could he be?


I closed my eyes for a minute trying to figure out what happened earlier.


I gasped as soon as I saw Alexander’s sad face in my mind. He left…he is not going to come back.


Tears were streaming down my eyes; I open them and saw my mom and John standing before me, trying to calm me down. But it wouldn’t work; they didn’t understand the pain that I was feeling right now.


The love of my life just left me again and this time for good.


“Jane, please talk to us, what happened? Why are you crying? Did Alexander do anything to you?” both John and my mom asked.


“He left mom, he said he wasn’t going to come back” I said still sobbing.


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“Oh, yeah, that most be why the Roberts were telling us. They were moving again” “Did they say where they were heading to?” I immediately asked.


John shock his head “No, but they did mentioned something about Alaska and New York”


“Honey, they are very busy people, they are always traveling around, maybe it was their time to move to another place” my mom said quietly.


“But mom, I’m going to miss them so much” she smiled and gave me hug.



“Everything is going to be alright honey, it’s just a matter of time” she whispered. I nodded and leaned back on the bed. “Sleep Jane, it’s going to be a good day tomorrow, just always”


John said before turning the lights off.


‘Just like always’ I kept reaping in my head until finally darkness overtook me and


I was back to sleep.




I woke up the next day to the sound of my alarm clock. I looked around and saw that everything was like it was yesterday. Then reality overtook me, he was not going to come back, it was time to move on.


I got up and started to change. Today is Sunday, and tomorrow is going to be the trip to California.


I sighed. I wonder what is going to happen tomorrow. “Jane, come downstairs” my mom yelled.


I groan and ran downstairs to find Marisa with 5 suitcases in front of her.


“Wow, where are you going?” I asked stunned to see so many suitcases.


She chuckled. “We’re going to California” she said.


“Why are bringing so many things, we’re just going for a week not month” I said trying not to laugh.


“Have you been crying?” she asked all of the sudden.


I looked down and nodded. “Oh, Jane, what happened?”


“He left Marisa, he is not going to come back anymore and it’s all my fault”


“Who left?”


“Alexander” I whispered, not meeting her eyes.


“He left? Why?”


“I told him that we are not meant to be together, then he said he was going to let me be happy and free then he left” I said whipping the tears from my eyes.


“Jane, everything is going to be okay, tomorrow is going to change everything, we are going to be with our friends and have fun. You are going to be with Jack and try to be happy… for the both of you”


I nodded. “What if I never see him again, what am I going to do?”


She grabbed my hand and led me to the living room. “If you never see him again, you are going to try to be happy or you if you really love him…you could try to work things out and go after him…be with the one you love”


“I couldn’t do that, I can’t go after him, he probably hates me now”


“Jane, he is in love with you, he is not going to hate you, just give each other some time, maybe he’ll come around, if he doesn’t, you can go and track him down”


I nodded and smiled.


I could do that, if things don’t work out between Jack and I, maybe I could go after him and beg him to take me back.


Tomorrow is going to be different, I will try my best to please Jack and have a good time.


Tomorrow, I start my new life…


Gn guys..






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