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My Crazy And Erotic Romance – Episode 8

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chapter 8





I woke up the next morning with fatigue written all over me.


I managed to drag my lazy feet to the bathroom still thinking of the best way to


avoid davis




After a long bath, I came out and sat in front of my dressing mirror.

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Applied lotion on my body imagining it to be davis doing it. Ion use facials am pretty even without makeup


I used the hand dryer to dry my hair after which I picked my underwear.


Girlie secret satin pants with a matching bra, after that I brought out I a black plain gown with tiny diamonds placed at the edge of the dress, golden stilettos and a strip jacket to match.


I came down stairs after I got dressed, the maids were standing waiting to greet me good morning but I surprisingly I replied their greetings and ask how they were doing, I could see the look of shock on the face.


Had my normal morning breakfast and my expresso to go with it.


Minutes later I was on my way to work





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I woke up really happy cause am gonna see ice queen although, we gonna act professional, I don’t mind fu.cking her on her office desk


I did my manly stuff in the bathroom..


Came out later clad in black tuxedo suit.


Shey that’s what personal assistant always put on.


Nevertheless I was looking smoking hot.


No girl can resist my charms not even my boss.. I smiled out dimples on thinking about skyler.


I must make her mine at all cost.


I walked outta my flat and Flag down a cab which took me to gray industry.


On reaching the company, immediately I stepped down from the cab.


All eyes were on me like I was some kinda god.


I wasn’t far from the entrance when I saw her looking so beautiful in that gown, I felt like gripping those clothes and f**k her lungs out.


I growl inwardly at the effect she had on me. Am not suppose to feel this way.


Dammit walked towards her and muttered a good morning she only nodded.


“Gaya this is my new personal assistant davis monteiro I believe you guys most have met before ” she said


“Nice to meet you davis” ms gaya said extending her hand for a handshake which I took with a shrug.


She was smiling sheepishly, I know what she wants .. Skyler cleared her throat to gain ms gaya attention.


“Gaya show him Office and also brief him on work that needs to be done” she said nonchalantly.. Before walking to the elevator.


What’s with her??


Gaya later showed me my office which I later found out it was next to lady gaga’s own.


I shown all the pending work draft by the PA was busy with em when the office telecom com rang, I left what I was doing and answered it.



“See me in my office now” ice queen said from the other end.


“Okay “I said before Heading to her office.





Sky what is wrong with you I face palmed my self.


I won’t lie I was kinda pissed when gaya was trying to flirt with davis.


He is mine and mine alone.. Oops did I just say that.


My body system was hot, that I don’t care if he decided to take me on this desk, I need him so badly.


I pressed a button on the telecom and dialed his office line, “Come to my office now” I said.


“He said a sexy okay before he dropped the line.


Almost immediately a knock came on my door.


“Come in “I muttered.


He came in looking so handsome as always.


“You called”he said


I didn’t wait for him to get close before I rushed him with kisses which he responded to,, I kissed him so badly like my life depends on it, I used one hand to lock the door for ion want disturbance from any one.


I planted kisses on his ear down to his neck he moaned softly I guess that’s his weak spot. I could feel his hardness pressing against my body.


He grabbed my *ss and squeeze it I moan in pleasure as he dropped me on the desk, he trailed his hands down my whole body to my waist line back to my b***bs, he zip open my dress and brought out my b***bs from its hiding place. He sucked on them while I moaned in ecstacy urging him to continue. He left my b**bs not before sucking both of them equally. He trailed kisses down to my belly button,


to my waist line.


He lifted my dress revealing my pant.


He used his hands to teased me alittle before ripping my pant again, I guess he enjoy doing that.



I moaned as I felt his finger on my p***y lips, I fondled with his hair with my eyes shut tightly enjoying the sweetness of what he is doing to me. He inserted his middle finger and kept thrusting in me faster will I moan softly biting my lips.


He changed to two fingers and kept on fingering me, was at the verge of Cumming when he removed his finger and dragged down his trouser revealing his erected d***k


He rubbed the tip at the entrance of my p****y while a shutter.


He pushed his beast into me and started thrusting into me faster but fast enough to injury me.


“What are you doing to me baby girl “he groaned with his eyes closed as he kept thrusting in and out of me.


Our moans filled the office, as we changed to the different position, my orgasms came out continuously,


Ion think I can ever get enough of him,.


He was about to cum when he removed his d***k and inserted it in between my


b***bs his cum came out splashing on my face. I licked everything up he fell down to calm his breathing.


Likewise me


That was hilarious.


Having crazy sex with my pa for last 3days.


I won’t deny the fact that I enjoy it and ion want it to stop any time soon.





I stood up later after my body must have calmed.


I wore my clothes back before leaving her alone as I walked to my office.. How crazy can this day get.


I imagined fu.cking her on her desk and it came through.


I think I like her, she is the only lady that had a special effect on me..


Se.x on the desk is sweet tho.


I continued with my work, later in the day gaya invited me to join them for lunch at the company cafeteria..


Which I oblige to., immediately I stepped into the cafeteria all eyes were on me, I began to think maybe they saw with happen at ice queen”s office not knowing they



were marveled by my handsomeness. I shrug it off and sat down with gaya and CO..


We ate and talked about random stuffs and also why did ms gray employed me even after the insult I gave to her.


I simply told them ion know, maybe she saw it in my records that I was qualified for the job.


All this while gaya kept staring at me lustfully which I find quite irritating.


She is not the type of lady I would wanna f**k.


After everything I went back to my office and did other necessary work and also set a debrief for my boss which will be done tomorrow at the conference room.




Soon I was done for the day, and it was time to leave the office.


After the little sex scenario haven’t seen my boss.


Maybe she is still battling with the situation.


I pushed that aside and walked out of my office


was about to turn when I bumped into someone inlost my balance whereby causing the person to fall on me





my crazy but erotic romance






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