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Married Slave – Episode 14

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Episode 14


Lakshmi’s Pov:


Goosebumps ran down my spine and I shivered in fear.



What if she finds out that my daughter and her husband are…..


Oh my goodness!


I have to think of a way out.


I quickly rushed to her and blocked her way.

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“Hello ma’am Pavitra” I said still blocking her way and speaking very loud.


“oh Lakshmi… What are you doing here?” She asked trying to walk past but I stopped her.


“I can’t hear you ma’am” I pretended


I want her to raise her voice so that the people in the room could hear her voice.


“What do you mean you can’t hear me? When did you become dumb?” Pavitra asked as I held her arm.


“You see ma’am I can’t hear you at all… As old as I am, a fly flew into my ear and I can barely hear…. Am really growing old already” I said pretending to be sobbing.


“What? A fly?” She asked


“I can’t hear you clearly ma’am… I just said a fly flew into my ear” I said pretending to be in pain.

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She walked closer to me trying to help me get rid of the fly from my ear. She’s really falling for it


“Mother… Where are you?” I heard that her crazy daughter’s voice. She’s such a pest

“Am coming darling…” Ma’am Pavitra said as she quickly walked to the door.


I tried stopping her but I couldn’t.


She threw the door open and gasped…



I almost had a heart attack


Simitra’s Pov:


“Krishna! Krishna!!” I screamed angrily as I banged on the door.


“Who is…?” I heard her say


“Shut up and get out of there now” I ordered as she quickly opened the door.


“Ma’am Simitra is anything the matter?” She asked calmly.


“Oh please… You are nothing but a husband snatcher and a mistress” I screamed at her.


She bowed her head in guilty.



“Listen carefully! Let my husband go!! If he ever spends the night here with you, I will make life miserable for you” I yelled at her.


“Am sorry ma’am..” She said as tears rolled down her cheeks.


“Sorry for yourself and enough of your crocodile tears” I said angrily.


“Ma’am… I….” She said but I cut in.


“Keep quiet! You husband snatcher!!” I said as I pushed her aside roughly.


She fell on the ground heavily as I walked away.



I feel like strangling her to death


And look at how sweaty she made me become.


My makeups are washing off already.



Damn her!


I walked into the mansion.


Vishnu’s Pov:


Pavitra quickly opened the door and gasped.


“Why is there lots of disarrayed clothes Vishnu?” She asked as she walked in.


I scratched my head.



That was close


“Am actually arranging it” I managed to say.


“OK…” She said as she picked up a packet of cloth and turned to talk to me.



“Motherrrrr…..!!” Rani screamed aloud.


“Am coming baby” She shouted as she pecked me and rushed out of the mansion.


I heaved a sigh of relief and locked the door.


“Come out of there Saloni” I said as she crept out of the curtains.


“She almost….” Saloni tried saying but I quickly glued my mouth to hers.


We kept snogging until we landed on the bed and…..



Zee World….Extra ordinary everyday


Krishna’s Pov:


Tears rushed down my face.


I struggled up feeling really dizzy.



I couldn’t stop crying the whole day…


She’s right after all….


Am just snatching her husband from her.


But I have no choice…. This is all aunt Gangi’s fault.


If she hadn’t sold me, I won’t be so choice less.


Am a slave and must obey the landlords.


It was already getting dark….


I kept crying and thinking until I slept off.





Morning bell


I yawned hungrily as I opened my weak eyes.


I saw Aakash Sir lying close to me with his hands all over my body.


I didn’t even know when he came back last night.


Just then, ma’am Simitra’s words rushed back into my memory and tears rolled down my cheeks.



oh please you are nothing but a husband snatcher and a mistress I quickly tapped Aakash Sir and he got up.


“Babe…” He said and tried to kiss me but I looked away.


I started feeling somehow.


I quickly got down from the bed and rushed to the bathroom covering my mouth with my palms.


“What is it love?” Aakash Sir asked.


“What’s wrong with her?” Aakash thought out loud.



Perfect kick


Aakash’s Pov:


I kept walking up and down restlessly waiting for Krishna to come out of bathroom.


I can’t wait….



My heart was beating so fast


it was actually racing..



Some minutes later


The bathroom door throw open and I looked out.


Krishna came out of the bathroom with a very sad face.


She handed the pregnancy test to me….












It has happened



What will you bring nah?



Me I will bring diapers


What about you? ☺










I was sold but I got married



An Indian romance story



By: Pinky Preshy Chioma



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