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Lucifer’s Chef – Season 1 Episode 28

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Episode 28



Calla’s POV


“Why did you take her out without my permission?” He asked and I shuddered.


His voice sending shivers down my spine.


“I’m sorry Lucifer, I just want to get to know her.” She replies calmly.


He turn to face me causing me to gulp loudly.


“Go back to Theo’s house, I’ll come visit soon.” He said and Karla nodded before disappearing.

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He walk closer to me and grabbed my wrist, he pulled me up and sneaked his hand around my waist.


The sudden act caused me to gasp lowly.


What is he doing?


“You have been a very bad girl do you know that?” He whispered huskily into my ear and I nodded.


I have been a bad girl.


“Use your voice sweetheart,” he said and tightened his hold around me.


“Yes, I have been a very bad girl.” I mumbled and he smirk.


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He smashed his lips on mine, kissing me slowly and passionately.


It felt like two people that at in love and kissing, I felt as if he was trying to give me assurance through that kiss.


He grabbed my ass cheek and squeezed it violently.


I whimpered and sneak my hands around his neck.


He broke the kiss and placed his forehead on mine.


He closed his eyes and soon open it.


“Bad girls get punish, if you disobey me again you will get punish do you understand?” He asked and I quickly nods my head.


This is another version of Lucifer that I don’t know of.


He sounded possessive and lovingly through the kiss.


Am I getting somewhere?


He took a step back from me and pulled out the hair on my face and turk it behind my ear.



“Beautiful,” he muttered and turned away to leave.


“Lucifer,” I called before I could think.


He stood there waiting for me to speak up, but what do I tell him?


“Don’t be harsh towards your daughter.” I told him and held my breath in case he flare up again.


Surprisingly he nods his head and walk out of the room.


I placed my hand on my chest and exhaled deeply.


At least he didn’t get mad or shout at me.


I slumped down on my bed and giggled to myself.


I bring out my phone from my pocket and unlock it then dial pa’s number.




Hello papa,


I greeted excitedly.




Calla, how are you my child?” he is.


he asked, I’m damn sure he is smiling where




Fine papa, how are you too?” I queried him, my hand pulling on the band I used in packing my hair into a ponytail.


Good, he replies, there was a hint of uncertainty in his voice.


Is he okay like he said?




Dad, who sponsored your trip to Florida? Don’t lie to me.” I heard him sigh and cleared his throat.


I questioned.




We will let you know when we get back dear, see you soon.” hung up before I could make another statement.

he retorted and



What us so hard in tellibg me who sponsored their trip?


Why wait till they get back?


So f**king annoying.


I throw my phone on the bed and close my eyes with a sigh.


“Calla, listen to me.” Lucifer’s voice echoed in my head.


“Lucifer?” I whispered to myself and stood up from the bed.


“Can you hear me?” He asked and I nodded as if he can see me.


“Yes,” I whispered lowly.


“Do you want to go on a date with me?” He asked and my heart skipped a bit.


Maybe I heard it wrong, Lucifer asked me on a date? This just be my stupid imaginations playing tricks on me.


“Yes, a date.” His voiced out, irritation evident in his voice.


Why is he doing this?


“Yes…..I will love to,” I mumbled and wait for him to say something but they


never came.


I scoffed and walks inside the bathroom.


Parking my hair into a ponytail, I stripped out of the cloth I was wearing and turned on the water faucet.


I want to lukewarm water.


The water filled up and I turned off the water and get the bathtub ready.


After putting in the necessary scents I stepped inside the bathtub and sat down.


My leg placed on top of the water.


I closed my eyes and throw my head back.


It felt so good.


I rubbed my hand on my leg and chuckled to myself.


To be honest I do have a delicate body, it amazes me though.


I guess I inherited it from my mom, she have the body of a thirty years old.


There was a day we went to the mall and the sale girl called out twins.


I couldn’t stop laughing from the experience.


After bathing I picked up my towel and tied them around my body, I stepped down from the bathtub and walk inside my room.


I sat in front of the giant mirror and sigh deeply.


I wonder why he can’t just acknowledge me, but I’m not that ugly.


I hope that the date can change things between us.


I glanced at the mirror and flinched.


Sitting on my bed is a human in all black, head covers with a hoodie.


“Who….who are you?” I stuttered, my hand still on my chest.


The body disappear and I was left to wonder if I was hallucinating or what?


Things are getting really creepy.










(His wild desires)




(You’re interesting)

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