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Loving My Lifesaver – Episode 5

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episode five



Mr Hilda


Daniel, do you think you’re getting younger?, You’re twenty three for crying out loud, how can an handsome doctor like you not have a girlfriend not to talk of a fiancee



Dad, you need to understand me, I’ve gone through various physical and emotional trauma because of what girls has done to me, and you’re aware of everything



I still can’t believe you broke up with Tina, what’s the cause of the breakup exactly


The thing is….

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My secretary came in



I’ll call you later, I have to hang up now….


“So any conference today?” I asked


“Nope, just that someone is here to see you, he said he’s Benson Bills” secretary Tori said


“Benson?, That’s my old school friend, send him in” I said and she went out


“Oh my, you’ve changed a lot” I exclaimed as Benson came in


I hugged him tightly


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“Benson Bills the cunning tortoise!!!” I hailed



“You’ve started again”


“No, was that not your nickname when we’re still in school?, Hope you’re not into that dangerous bussiness again?”


“I wouldn’t dare” he answered as we sat


“Actually I came here because of my daughter, Tina” he said “Who’s Tina?, Wait is that not my son’s ex?” I asked


“Actually, they’ve not broke up officially, they only had a small fight and stopped contacting each other” he answered


“These children nowadays, don’t worry, I’ll talk to Daniel, and I’m sure he’ll be so happy” I said and we shook hands


“I’ll contact you” he said and went out


I picked my phone up and dialled Daniel’s number again



son, I have a big news, Tina’s dad is just leaving this place and he wants the two of you to get back together



So now he knows my worth…he once slapped me because I’m dating his daughter


What are you talking about?,is this some excuse not to date or what?



Have I ever lied to you?



Well, no but you’ll have to get back together with her I’ll think about it



There’s nothing to think about, I know you love her, stop hurting yourself….



Daniel Hilda


After receiving the call from dad


I started having mixed feelings though I can’t pinpoint why,


Should I be happy?, Or should I be sad?


“Why is our Danny sitting here dejectedly?” Eva asked, coming downstairs with Tony, jerking me outta my thoughts


“It’s nothing” I lied


“It’s something, I know when my cute brother is depressed” Tony replied


“Yes, exactly” Eva answered


“The thing is that Tina is ready to date me again” I said


“That girl you’re always thinking of?, The one her parents took away?” Tony asked




“You even said her dad slapped you, why the sudden change of mind?” Eva asked


“I’m really not in support of this, something doesn’t feel right and trust me if something doesn’t feel right to me,the thing is not good” Tony said


“What do you know about love you kid, you’re just twenty” Eva teased


“I’m not a kid!!!, All I know is that I don’t like the idea” He ranted and went to his computer


“If it’s what makes you happy,I won’t discourage you, but please be happy and careful at the same time” Eva said standing up


“Thanks a lot for the advice” I said before she joined Tony


“It’s 8pm and we’ve not had dinner, is that the style today?” I asked loudly


“Oh, I forgot, but I’m ok, I don’t think I need to eat” Eva said and Tony spranged up


“I’m not ok and I need to eat” he said and I laughed “Come with me to the kitchen Mr kid” Eva said “What did you just call me?” He asked “Kid, kid, kid” Eva repeated


“I’m not a…..


He was interrupted when the doorbell rang


“We’re not supposed to be expecting anyone” Eva said as Tony went to check


“It’s a girl, must be the Tina you’re talking about, I won’t be the one to open the door for her” he said and went back to his computer


Eva opened the door and Tina came In


I can feel the Sparks and butterflies again as she stood there looking at me, I’ve missed her


“I’ll excuse you both” Eva said and went to the kitchen “Tina” I mumbled


“It’s me” she answered, smiling brightly


I went closer and drew her close in a reuniting hug… I’ve missed her…




If only you know what she’s planning












(She also wants him)


© Authoress Naomi



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