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Loving My Lifesaver – Episode 10

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Episode ten


I’m sorry for the late post dearies…



Daniel Hilda


I left the house with a bleeding heart,can’t believe I can still feel like this..I must have really loved her…


Tears fell from my eyes as I entered my car and drove off to the house, Tony called already that he’s taken Eva home


I entered the house and went to my room immediately,not minding if I see Tony and Eva, I’m not in the mood for talks right now…



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“What happened to him?” I asked Eva immediately Danny went upstairs


“I think he broke up with Tina” she answered timidly


“Then that’s good news, it’s a good thing if that witch is out of his life for good” I replied…


“He’s hurting, he really loves her” she answered


“Who does that?” I asked


“What?” She asked


“I mean, who loves a witch” I replied


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“You know, if you’ve got acquainted or intimidated with a person, there’s nothing she’ll do, no matter how bad that will upset you, even if it does, you’ll always be meek while addressing that person” she said


“So what Tina’s parents did to you, is it a good thing to overlook?” I asked


“I didn’t mean it like that, but Danny really loves her, I guess she’s the first person she’ll date who never really broke his heart, he was the one who broke up with her” Eva replied


“That’s right anyways” I said


“And now I’m feeling guilty” she said and I looked at her closely


“Did someone inject you with some deceitful serum?, Why are you feeling guilty?” I asked


“He broke up with her because of me” she answered


“Are you being serious now?, What of what her mum did to you?” I asked


“It really doesn’t matter” I replied


“For how long are you gonna hurt yourself to please others?, you know right now, you’re the one behaving like a kid” I said and went upstairs


Eva Anderson


“Why is Tony being serious tonight?” I asked myself as he went upstairs


I think he’s right, I really don’t have to hurt myself to please others,but Danny is hurting…


I went to his door and knocked but he’s not answering, I can just hear the sound of his sobs


“Danny, I know how much you love Tina, and I know how much you’re hurting right now,but please, try hard not to think too much, like you know, it’s not good for your health…. and I’m sorry too, if I hadn’t come to your life, you wouldn’t be experiencing this right now” I lamented by his door…


When he won’t still come out, I slept by his door…





“Ricky, are you sure this is the house?” I asked as we got to Benson Bills house


“I’m cook sure, it’s his house and death is visiting him today” Ricky answered


“Let’s go” I said as we went in


Ricky rang the doorbell and a woman opened the door, his wife I think


I pushed her and she screamed, falling heavily…


Someone came downstairs…. Benson Bills himself


“So you decided to backstab us and you think you can get away with it?” Ricky asked the obviously trembling Benson Bills


“No questions Ricky” I said as I shot Benson Bills on his forehead


“What about his wife?” Ricky asked, pointing at the woman


“Finish her” I said and Ricky shot her……



Tina Bills


After Danny left, i went out of the house to get some air, leaving mum and dad at home…


I suddenly felt guilty,I shouldn’t have agreed when my parents came up with idea of swindling him…now look where we are….he broke up with me and I can’t blame


him…I know he really loves me but…..


I’m just so daft…now I’m living with endless regrets


“I should go and apologize to him and confess to him about my former intensions, I think I’ll feel better if I do that” I thought as I got back to the house


I opened the door and met the shock of my life…mum and dad were lying down in the pool of their own blood…both shot in the head…


I knelt beside their bodies as hot tears escaped my eyes



“Mum, dad, mum, this is a joke right?, Dad, aren’t you going to wake up” I lamented as I don’t even know which one to look at…this is just to much to bear and too bitter a pill to swallow…


“Mum, daaaaad” I shouted as I remembered something


“Danny said he’ll be the one to kill my parents for what mum did to Eva, this couldn’t possibly be done by him is it?” I thought as more water streamed out of my eyes


“Mum….dad…. please wake up….



Daniel Hilda


I woke up this morning feeling much better than yesterday…


Thanks to the one who invented sleeping


I opened my door and surprisingly, I found Eva there, she actually slept there!!!


“Eva, Eva” I called and she opened her eyes faintly


“Why would you sleep here?” I asked


“Because I won’t be able to sleep if I sleep in my room, seeing you in so much pain yesterday, you broke up with her right?, And I’m feeling guilty because I felt it’s because of me” she said and I smiled


“Silly puppy, you don’t need to feel guilty over anything, I did everything out of my freewill, nothing to worry about, and I’m fine” I said as I dragged her downstairs


Tony is there already, working on his computer


“Good morning brother, how are you feeling?” he asked


“Much better” I replied


“And you kid?” He asked Eva


“Hey, I’ll fry your balls, that’s a name for you, not me” Eva said as I put on the TV and a murder news is being read


Newscaster: a couple, Benson and Gina Bills was murdered last night in Madison street, close 56, it was reported that they were both shot in their heads and they died instantly but the killers are unknown


My heart skipped a beat cos the mentioned house is Tina’s house


The pictures were shown and it’s indeed Tina’s dad(Benson Bills) and his wife


“How did this happen?” I said unbelievably


“Wait, isn’t this Benson Bills?” Eva asked, staring at the TV


“Yes he is Benson Bills, Tina’s dad” I answered, crying already and Eva slumped down


“Then I’m dead, Benson Bills is the cause of my predicament right now, he’s the one who took the goods and money away, the reason why Toxica is after me” Eva said, sitting on the floor


“Which means, you’re…. Tony mumbled


“I’m next, so far he’s killed Benson, I’m so dead” Eva answered


“You have to be more careful everywhere you go” Tony said as I stated sweating profusely…













(She also wants him)


© Authoress Naomi



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