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Just A Kiss – Episode 8

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By Authoress Anna


Episode 8..











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“Lia.. what did you say you need again?” I asked looking up from the couch “Text books.. I’ve been stalling for weeks, but I really need them now that my teachers haven’t noticed or I’ll be sent out of class especially by Mrs Choi” she explained arranging her bag on her right shoulder.


“Uhm.. okay, so how much for everything?” I asked folding my legs together “3,000 won” she replied tucking her brown hair behind her ears “For everything right?” I asked picking my purse from the table


“Anioh.. it’s actually…” She stopped and I looked up to see her Making a mental calculation..


“5, 000 for everything” she replied with a smile..


“Huh!… Do you want to give me a heart attack?” I asked glaring at her “No.. why would I?’ she asked


“The amount you just called is too much and it’s actually the only money I have with me, which I luckily won last night at the bet house.. I haven’t even bought something from it and you want to finish it?” I asked eyeing her


“Anioh.. you can give me half, it would be able to cover at least four or three of them” she negotiated..



And I scoffed, seriously? If I give her half now, I’ll surely have to give her the remaining half, Sooner or later on.. or probably she’ll tell Mom and the poor woman will have to think of a way to raise that money and the tuition fee, if that happens my conscience would certainly judge me..

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I frowned and glared at the money in my purse, I grudgingly brought it out and slowly handed it to her .


“Should I take everything?” She asked surprised “What?.. should I give you the purse as well?!” I snapped


“Ah.. no, I have a wallet, thank you so much.. you’re the best sister ever!” She squealed and pecked my cheek,


“Ewww!.. don’t do that, like ever again.. ” I said cleaning the spot with a frown “Whatever.. kumahwo(thank you) unnie!” She said and rushed out.




“Now I’m hungry, what will I eat now..?” I checked the Time and it was almost three. I forgot to tell Lia to make noodles for me, I’m surely going to die of hunger.. I have finished the rice mom kept for me, what do I do now?


“I wonder what Kyle is doing anyway?..” I mumbled and my eyes lit up.. that’s it Kyle.. his maids will surely be around and thankfully they must have prepared lunch by now!..thank goodness he asked me to meet him this afternoon.. Free food here I come!..






I arrived at the mansion, but didn’t see anyone at the gate, including the guards..


“Is something wrong?” I mumbled and walked to the door..


The door was locked which was quite unusual, I quickly dipped my hand in my pocket and brought out the pass card Kyle gave to me.. I placed it on the door and it opened with a clink.


I popped my head in and looked around just in case, on normal days, a maid would usher me in.. and the lobby would have either one or two maids cleaning around. I furrowed my brows and slowly walked in, closing the door quietly..


“Are they in a staff meeting?” I muttered quietly to myself and walked towards the living room


I jumped when I heard a voice shouting loudly.. I moved closer and saw someone sitting at the bar with his back to me..


He was shirtless and was clad in nothing but a joggers hanging low on his waist


and a warmer on his pink hair..




“I don’t want a stupid company.. Elsa can do that can’t she?!.. why does he like


hurting me so much!” He yelled and placed something in his lips.. okay, I think I


should go.. I turned to leave slowly, but instead I slipped and the chair I held for


assistance fell on me..




“Seriously?!” He yelled.


“Uhh… Surprise!” I groaned and laughed nervously, as he made his way over to me.


“How did you get in?” He asked glaring down at me “I used the passkey,?” I mumbled


“Ah! I knew I shouldn’t have given you.. not only do I have to mourn my career, I also have to put up with your craziness.. if this isn’t a curse then I don’t know what it is” he said pacing around


“Uhmm.. a little help here” I squeaked


He rolled his eyes and moved the chair from my body, I stood up slowly and arranged my clothes.


“What do you want now?” He asked tiredly “Uhm.. you said I should come” I replied “Okay.. now leave” he muttered


“Are you okay?” I asked looking at him, he looked kinda sad and his eyes were glossy.. like he could burst into hysterics any moment from now. “What do you care?” He asked and walked back to the bar.


“What happened?” I asked ignoring his question


“Leave Amaya” he stated and I walked over to him, just in time to see him place a cigarette in his mouth.. I reached out and pulled it from his mouth before he could pick the lighter


“The hell?” He asked watching as I squeezed the cigarette “No.. cigars” I said


“What are you like my mom?” He snapped eyeing me “No.. I’m your PA” I replied and he scoffed


“And a crazy one at that” he said and reached for the pack.. I grabbed it from the table and squeezed it as well.. “Huh?!” He yelled looking at my hands


” Yae! ..Are you crazy?” He asked standing up


“Say whatever you want” I replied staring back into his eyes


“I could fire you now for that” he threatened and I rolled my eyes.



“Please go right ahead” I said crossing my hands.. he eyed me cautiously and sat back on his stool… He sighed and placed his head on the counter


“Smoking won’t help Kyle.. but talking about it will” I said sitting on the stool next to his


“Well, I’d rather talk with a cockroach than with you” he stated and I glared at him


“Jerk” I mumbled and he closed his eyes


“I heard that” he said quietly and I sighed..


I watched him for a few minutes and hit the counter, he opened his eyes, glaring daggers at me.


“I know what will make you feel better” I said with a huge grin “What?” He asked uninterestedly.


“Chicken and beer, I’ll order it.. but you’ll have to pay though” I said and he rolled his eyes.. I chuckled and brought out my phone..




Kyle’s POV..


Ten bottles of beer and seven packs of chicken later, I looked at Amaya as she dropped her glass with a small bang on the counter..


“Are you supposed to be drinking this much?” I slurred out..


“Hey! I’m of legal age, I can drink as much as I want!” She yelled and opened the other bottle, she gulped a bit and berched.


“Anyways.. so you mean.. your brother asked you to quit drama?” She asked leaning on the counter


“My father actually.. he wants me to quit music not drama, and take over the company.. but I don’t want to” I pouted for the umpteenth Time and she smiled “Oh.. then your father is deaf no offense though, but how can he ask you to quit music? Has he heard you sing? has he listened to any of your songs?.. especially


this one.. it’s my favorite.. love me for eternity…, You and her.. low body less.


..i sayyyyyy… , “she sang like the drunk woman she already was


“Please stop, your voice sounds like fire crackers..you can’t even sing the lines properly ” I said covering my ears


“Huh? I have the most amazing voice in all of Korea!” She squealed..


“Yeah right!” I groaned and took a swing from my drink .


“Besides, my father has more important meetings and work to attend to, he’d rather go to a princess tea party than listen to my song” I said


“Who’s Elsa, is she your girlfriend?” She suddenly asked “No… she’s my sister” I replied


“Oh.. okay, I have 23 fingers” she said showing me her fingers



“No.. it’s 39 idiot.., did you go to school at all?” I asked after counting her fingers “Yes.. father was still alive then, he wanted me to become a doctor like him.. he said I had the brains, but he died before I could finish high school, and I couldn’t go to college, because we had to focus on Lia first” she said with a sigh.


“..I graduated from law school.. and from music at the same time” I blurted out “Is that possible?” She asked taking another chicken


“… yeah, but Dad wasn’t aware then.. he only found out three months after my graduation..” I replied..


“Hmm… So when are you getting married?” She asked..


“..I don’t know yet, I haven’t found the woman I want yet” I replied and finished


the whole glass. I was already feeling dizzy..


I shook my head and looked at her..


“What about Crystal?” She asked


“Ah.. no way, I don’t want her..” I said waving my hands


“Hmm…. Are you still feeling bad?” She asked


“What do you expect? My career is ending next week.. I’m far from okay..” I




“Do you want me to talk to your father?” She asked and I chuckled.


“I wish you… Luck” I said and she reached for my phone


“I’ll call him.. but first..” she drawed.. and gulped the whole bottle..


She picked my phone and swiped it open,


“Aishh.. where is your contacts?” She asked squinting her eyes at the screen..


“Give me..” I slurred and took it from her hands.


I opened the contact and dialed my father’s number.


“Good luck” I said and handed it to her.




Amaya’s POV


love me for eternity…, You and I.. no body else… Give me your love ..


“Hey!.. shut up! I’m making a call” I snapped, he opened his mouth to speak and I


placed my finger on his lips.


He frowned and rolled his eyes.


“Hello” I said when the phone beeped


“Kyle..?” His father asked


“Anioh.. it’s Amaya” I said


“Amaya?.. who are you?” He asked and I looked at Kyle who was busy drinking “Are you his girlfriend?” He asked when I didn’t reply


“Uhh.. yes, no … I mean yes” I stuttered and Kyle raised his brow at me.



“His girlfriend!… Oh my gosh, are you serious?!” A woman’s voice sounded in the background..


That must be his mother, I guess I’m on loud speaker


“Yes… And he just told me you asked him to quit music, he’s sad because of you..and I hate seeing him like this. Anyways I called to inform you that I’ll break up with him, if you don’t change your mind.. and I’ll also kill myself after that” I breathed out


“Then go right ahead, where would you like to be buried?” His father asked.. huh? “Omo.. what are you doing?” His wife asked


“What? She said she wants to kill herself” he stated “That’s your son’s girlfriend joongi” she said


“Hey!.. you guys can argue after I hang up, as I was saying I’ll commit suicide, and just so you know I’m five weeks pregnant, and they said it’s going to be twins.. you don’t want your grandchildren to die now do you?” I asked and Kyle grimaced “Uhh! No.. please don’t kill yourself, uhm.. Lin Kyle can continue with music, my husband has changed his mind.. please don’t hurt the babies” she pleaded.. finally! “I didn’t change my mind” her husband stated


“Yes you did and that’s final!” She snapped and I heard him sigh “Hello.. are you still there?” She asked quietly “Yes” I said


“Uhm.. I hope you heard what I said? Please don’t hurt yourself, tell Kyle that his father has agreed to let him be.. I’ll send something for you, please take care of yourself and the babies . Okay?” She asked and I could tell she was smiling “Okay.. bye…” I said with a smile


“Bye.. wait, your name is Amaya right?” She asked “Yes… Amaya” I replied


“Okay dear, do take care of Kyle.. bye..” she said and hung up


I dropped the phone with a huge grin and Kyle furrowed his brows “You shouldn’t drink if you’re pregnant” he said and I rolled my eyes “That was a lie.. anyways, I have good news!” I squealed “Really what?” He asked leaning closer to me


“Your father has agreed to let you continue music!” I announced and his mouth opened


“Really?” He asked




“Ah!.. oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!.. haha, thank goodness!!!!” He said jumping up He turned to look at me with a huge smile



“I knew you still had small sense to solve problems, you may still be crazy but at least you have a tiny bit of sense” he said and I frowned at him “Awwn.. aren’t you the cutest thing?” He asked pinching my cheeks..


“Yae!.. leave me alone! You still have the guts to insult me after I helped you?” I asked shoving his hands away


“Aigoo.. now she’s angry, okay I’m sorry..” he said sitting on his stool, he was now closer to me..


I hissed and picked my drink


“I said I’m sorry Amy..” he said tucking my hair behind my ears..


“Whatever” I mumbled.


“Your lips are so tempting” he said and I froze when I felt his thumb running on my bottom lip


He rolled his eyes to mine and leaned closer to me.. even with all these drinks my heart is still pounding..


I closed my eyes just as I felt his lips getting closer..


The sound of a bottle falling, made me jump back, I opened my eyes and saw the


empty bottle on the floor..it must have fallen from the table.. thank goodness it didn’t break..


“Ow!” Kyle groaned holding his feet


“What?” I asked


“It fell on my feet” he replied pointing to the bottle


“Oh.. sorry” I mumbled.. I felt so exhausted like I could pass out any second.


“I think I need to sleep now” he said moving from his stool, I watched as he almost slipped on the floor


“Wait, I’ll help you up, then leave” I offered and he nodded..


He placed his hand on my shoulder and I wrapped my hand around his waist “Your hair is really soft..” he mumbled as we staggered up the stairs


“Stop pulling it” I breathed out and yelped when he pulled it again.. he chuckled and patted my hair


“Sowie” he muttered childishly and pushed his door open..


I led him to his bed and tried to place him on it, only for the both of us to fall on it with my chest on his face


“I can’t breathe” he muttered, his voice muffled by my chest.. I rolled to his side and tried to stand up


“I don’t think I can stand” I said and I felt his arm slip round my waist.. he pulled me closer and I seized my breath


“Kyle?.. what are you doing?” I squeaked out


“I’m cold” he mumbled and I unconsciously wrapped my hands around his neck.. cuddling him


My eyes felt really heavy.. I slowly closed my eyes and slipped into darkness..






To be continued








Just A Kiss



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