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Just A Kiss – Episode 5

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By Authoress Anna


Episode 5…




Please oo.. I’m sorry it’s coming now, my mom called and I honestly couldn’t ignore her.. so I’ve been working since.. believe will be out In few minutes enjoy.. Kyle’s POV


“..ooh, oppa…” she whined turning to look at me, I glared at her and she turned to face the wall. I focused on my laptop and continued with my work.


“I don’t even know if I’m a child, just because somebody is poor, her boss would just be bullying on her” she muttered.. and I shook my head, she can’t blackmail me emotionally..


After few minutes she grumbled and hit her foot on the floor


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“Because of ordinary fry pan, you are punishing somebody’s child, isn’t this wickedness?” She mumbled and I glared at her back


“He doesn’t even feel bad just imagine, he isn’t just a proud jerk, he’s also wicked”


she mumbled and I raised my head


“Amaya” I called


“Yes?” She turned to look at me








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“How many times did I call you?” I asked closing my laptop “Three..” she said licking her pin.. no, just her lips


“Shut up and face the wall” I ordered.. she opened her mouth to speak then closed it back like a fish, she frowned and faced the wall.. I smiled lightly and she turned holding her stomach


“What?” I asked with my brows raised


“I need to use the restroom” she said fidgeting with her legs..


“Not falling for that trick” I stated and lay back on the couch


“Kyle please.. I know you are wicked, but please I really need to pee” she said “If you like pee there I don’t care, just shut up and face the wall” I said rolling my eyes


“Huh? I’m serious, I really.. need .. to pee..” she drawed and I glared at her..


She sighed and started loosing the tie on her pajamas..


What the.. she placed her hand on the band of her short and I covered my eyes “Hey!.. what the heck are you doing?” I asked with my hands still on my eyes “..you said I could pee here if I wanted” she stated


“I didn’t mean it you fool, there’s a bathroom door by your right, use it and stop acting crazy” I said and heard her feet shuffling before the sound of a door screened closed.


I opened my eyes slowly and looked around, thank goodness, what kind of woman is she?..


Just then I heard her screaming and I rushed into the bathroom “What are you doing now?” I asked rushing in


“Holy Jesus!” I yelled and turned back with my eyes closed.





Amaya’s pov


I rushed into the bathroom, and quickly sat on the toilet.. after easing myself, I turned to flush it, but instead saw buttons beside the toilet seat..


“So many buttons, which do I press now?” I mumbled and without thinking pressed the first, water started splashing on my body and face..


“Ahhh.. ” I yelled covering my face, the door opened and I turned to see Kyle, with his eyes widened


“Holy Jesus!” He yelled as he turned back to face the door.. why is he shout.. I looked down and saw my pajama shorts still down on my knees, thankfully I



already wore my panties, I quickly pulled it up and tied it, the water stopped and I cleaned my face.


“You.. you can ..turn around now” I stuttered feeling slightly embarrassed.


He turned slowly and stared at me like I had grown four heads, he glanced at the toilet seat.. then back at me.. I looked away and bit the inside of my cheeks. “What..” he was cut off by the sound of his phone ringing.. he tucked his hand into his pocket and brought it out..


“Diego..” he answered as he walked out of the bathroom.. I looked around at the wet mess I did and frowned.. he walked back in with a neutral Expression “Get ready.. I have a shoot in an hour” he said and made to leave “I’ll send someone to get you a dress” he added and walked out.






“Amaya..?” He called as he walked towards his car with me behind him, battling with my heels, clipboard, tab and bag.. which of course were all courtesy of Kyle. “Mmm?.. I mean Sir?” I answered


He slipped into the driver seat and I moved over to the Passengers seat, and buckled my seatbelt


“Do not misbehave, or act stupid okay?” He asked staring intensely at me “Okay” I mumbled


“I want you to seat and act responsibly, do you understand? If you don’t.. I’ll punish you” he threatened and I nodded


“I can’t hear you?” He said and I rolled my eyes “Okay” I mumbled, he sighed and started the engine.



We walked into the complex where he would be shooting his second music video, I just hope Crystal won’t be the model for this one.


“Kyle..” someone called and I turned to see Diego walking towards us. “Oh hi.. Amaya” he said hugging me briefly,


“Hi” I mumbled awkwardly, and Kyle cleared his throat.


“So when is the shoot starting?” Kyle asked before Diego could say something else.


“In few minutes..” he replied and Kyle nodded.


“So.. Amaya, how have…”


“Amaya let’s go” Kyle said pulling me along with him.i have a feeling he doesn’t want me to talk. I heard Diego laughing as we took a bend.



We arrived at a very large area, with lots of people wearing black t-shirts with the word crew customized at the back. Some were standing beside the cameras, others were holding and moving different equipments, while others were sitting, chatting or busy with one thing or the other..


“Kyle..” a man with a towel on his neck and script in his hands waved at him. “Eager for the shoot, I see..” he said with a smile as Kyle made his way to him, gently pulling me along.


“I actually have a meeting by four, so the sooner we start, the better” Kyle stated and took a seat, while I stood awkwardly beside him


“I see.. who is she?” The man asked looking at me.. I glanced at his ID card, and it turns out that he’s the director


“Oh.. this is Amaya..” Kyle drawed, I think he doesn’t know my full name.. “.. Amaya, she’s.. Amaya my PA” he said


“Oh really, that’s good, it’s nice to meet you dear” he said shaking my hand with a warm smile


“Same here” I reply returning his smile.. totally ignoring Kyle’s annoying eyes “So.. let’s get started, where’s the make-up artist, the star is here, start working!” The director yelled and I watched as a group of people, who looked like a team stood up and walked over to Kyle.. I don’t understand he looks totally beautiful, even for a guy.. why would they want to make him up?








The shoot starts, Diego briefs me on meetings Kyle would be having for the month, and I discreetly watch as Kyle dance and sing with the new model.. and I couldn’t help but wish I was the one, he touched, and smiled at.. Has he even smiled at me once?


Amaya? Are you listening?” Diego asked snapping me out of my thoughts. “Uhm.. y-yes” I stuttered and he nodded.





Kyle’s POV


Through out the shoot, I kept hoping and praying silently, that Amaya wouldn’t go crazy and cause a scene, thankfully she didn’t.. instead she seats in one spot, and goes through some paperwork with Diego.. after the shoot, she handed me a towel



and a bottled water. I took a good look at the towel, to be sure she didn’t use it and when she frowned and rolled her eyes, I knew she didn’t.


“So the board meeting is your last for the day” she said looking through the clipboard, and tab.


“Okay,” I muttered as she placed them on her thighs..


Her stomach growls and I chuckle, after all that food she ate at the complex, she’s still hungry?..


“Are you hungry?” I asked focusing on the road “Yes” she mumbled


“Okay, you were a good girl today, so I’ll allow you to order something, when we get to the industry” I said and she shook her head


“No need, I actually know a very good restaurant.. where we can eat” she said


suddenly getting ecstatic..


“Really?” I asked


“Yes.. just, take a turn here and follow the street by your right” she said pointing towards the direction. More interesting stories on TOPSTER STORIES.


I nodded and did as she said..


“Stop here” she ordered and I did.


She literally jumped out of the car and I slowly followed suite,


“So where is it?” I asked looking around, I don’t see any fancy building or restaurant here.


“Right there” she said pointing to a wooden shop, with a woman serving different dishes in a plate,


“Uhh.. no way, this place is so dirty, and it isn’t healthy for me and my reputation” I said looking around and covering my face from gaining attention “Oh.. here, I can fix that” she said and reached her hands up .


“What are you doing?” I whisper yelled.


“I am trying to give you a good cover” she said and I felt her hands ruffling my hair, what the..


“Done..now you don’t look too much like yourself, although you still look cute” she said and winked at me..


I flushed and blinked my eyes rapidly


“Are .. are you crazy?..” I stuttered


“Come on oppa.. the meeting will start soon” she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the shop, ignoring my protests and threats to fire her.






To be continued






Just A Kiss

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