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Just A Kiss – Episode 17

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By authoress Anna .


Episode 17..






Amaya’s POV..


“Mom.. what are you doing? Have you forgotten what I told you about Crystal?” I whispered pulling her aside


“No I haven’t..but what do you expect me to do?.. ask him to leave when he’s


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obviously helping me to sell my fish? Just because a crazy girl threatened to kill


us?” She asked blankly


“Uhh.. yeah?” I mumbled


She sighed and placed her hands on my shoulders


“Look at him Maya, he’s a celebrity.. he was born with a diamond spoon, but yet he came all the way from the city to this province just to meet you, does that not explain that he loves you so much?” She asked, I looked at kyle, he was busy directing some of his guards who sold the fishes, whilst Diego looked exhausted cutting by himself.. I laughed when kyle smacked his head, telling him to do it properly..


“And I know you love him just as much” mom said and I sighed.





“No buts Amy.. accept him, for once think of your happiness and forget whatever that witch said.. okay? Besides I think he can find a way to solve this Crystal issue” She said

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“I don’t know mom” I sighed and turned to look at Kyle again.. he smiled at me and I waved him over.


“Just do the right thing” she whispered and walked away.


“Hey” kyle breathed out when he got to me


“Kyle I love you, I really do.. but, I can’t..”


“Is it because of Crystal?” He asked cutting me off “Uhh..”


“I know she threatened you Maya, pearl told me” he said and I frowned.. seriously? “We don’t have any good evidence to get her arrested, especially when she’s connected as well .. but I’ve laid a complaint at the station, and some cops have been ordered to watch over you guys, I’ve also got people watching her every moves, so we are clear.. now can you say yes and give me a kiss?” He asked with a smirk..


I smiled and jumped on him


“Yes!” I yelled and kissed him.








“Yes!.. it’s so good to be back!.. can’t wait to see Hannah’s face when she sees me tommorow in school” Lia squealed jumping “Slow down tiger” Kyle said laughing


“Thank you so much kyle, you’re the best!” Lia said jumping on him “I know, I know” he said cockily..


“Maya.. the girls are here!” Mom yelled walking into the living room with two guards carrying our bags.


After I agreed to be Kyle’s girlfriend, he asked us to move back here and I couldn’t refuse.. Lia was more than excited, including mom. “Hey yo.. we are in the house!” Celine yelled


“Yeah, people!” Pearl added, I groaned as they both rushed over to me .. I released Kyle’s hand from mine as they both engulfed me in a hug.


“I can’t breathe” I choked out.. they giggled like kids and pulled back “You can’t blame us Amy, we missed you so much!” Pearl said pouting “Seriously? I was only gone for three days” I pointed out



“So?. The whole street has been quiet since you left, it was so suffocating that when Kyle came we had no choice but to tell him everything, since pearl was so sure, he would bring you back.. and look, it worked!” She said throwing her hands in the air.. I smiled and shook my head.


“Now I know why her craziness is over due” kyle mumbled with a smile, I glared at him and he shrugged innocently


“Kyle we have to leave now” Diego said popping his head in the doorway “Okay.. I’m coming” Kyle said and turned to face me


“So I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?..” he asked and I sighed “I guess” I mumbled


“Or do you want to come with me?” He asked and I glanced at my friends who were smiling sheepishly..


“Uhm.. nope, I’ll see you tomorrow” I said and nodded


“Okay.” He said and took my hand.. we walked out of the house and stood at the gate, where his guards were waiting beside the cars and Diego.


“I’ll come pick you up tommorow morning okay? You’re still my personal assistant right?” He asked and I nodded


“Good, cause I don’t want another crazy woman in that position” he said, I gently swat his arm and he smiled wrapping his hands on my waist, pulling me impossibly closer to him.


I placed my hands on his neck and pecked his chin


“You need to leave now sir, what would your fans say if they see you like this with your best friend?” I teased, he chuckled and rolled his eyes


“I’d just say, we switched our relationship from best friends to dating” he said and I smiled


“I love you” I said


“I love you Maya” he said and pecked my lips before locking our lips together.. I smiled into the kiss and opened up for him,


He pulled back slowly and placed his head on mine.


“Come home with me” he whispered lightly brushing his lips on mine “I’d love to, but I can’t just ditch my friends” I replied.


“Well.. we can go back so you can wave at them?” He offered.. I smiled and pushed him back gently


“Go home Kyle, I’ll see you tomorrow” I gave him a flying kiss and walked in..


closing the gate gently.. I heard his car driving away and I smiled..


I walked into the house to see Celine and pearl wriggling their brows at me..








Kyle’s POV


Next day


“Hey Maya, nice to see again honey” Elsa said pulling back from the hug


“Oh and I’m really sorry for what happened the last time, mom was just angry..but now she’s totally cool with it” she said and Maya smiled lightly


“It’s okay.. I’m not angry” she assured and I sna.ked my hands on her waist “Great, so we have a lot of catching up to do, come on” Elsa said taking Maya’s hand


“No.. your catching up will have to wait.. I need to speak with my girlfriend, privately” I said emphasizing on the last words.. Elsa rolled her eyes and moved out of the way


“Fine, but be fast about it Romeo” she said as I led Maya to the stairs, Maya


chuckled and I smiled




“So what do you want to..” I took her lips cutting her off, she hesitated at first,


shocked I guess.. but started responding after some seconds of me tugging on her


bottom lip.. I groaned when I felt her tugging on my hair.. I carried her and moved


over to my bed.




“Finally..! …Maya we are going to the mall.. ” Elsa stated the moment I walked down with Maya.


“Mall?” I asked sitting beside Maya


“Yes Kyle.. Mall” she said blankly.


“Okay, uhm I’m coming with you” I said


“What no.. you’ll cause commotion especially when your fans see you with us” Elsa stated and I rolled my eyes.


“Whatever I’m going, besides I’ll bring my disguise” I said and she groaned “Plus, Maya wants me to come” I stated “No she doesn’t” Elsa queried


“Yes she does, right baby?” I asked looking at her, her cheeks were flushed.. she blinked and nodded


“Yes” she said quietly..I smiled victoriously at Elsa


“Ugh!.. fine, but I’m driving” she said and walked out of the house .





“Seriously?!.. is that the disguise you were talking about?” Elsa asking gaping at me


“Duh, It’s what I want” I stated fixing my face cap.


She groaned and stepped out of the car with Maya . I followed suit as we made our way into the mall..More interesting stories on TOPSTER STORIES.


Two steps in and the mall was thrown into a frenzy.


oh my gosh it’s kyle!


Kyle! Oppa I love you!!.


oh my gosh isn’t that Elsa? His sister is back! why is he holding that girl?, She looks so pretty.. one picture oppa!


oh my gosh.. it’s Kyle, Kyle!


A girl screamed and fainted


Elsa palmed her face, I chuckled and grabbed Maya to my side.. she looked around as they took pictures and videos of us..


The door opened and guards rushed in just in time forming a circle around the three of us, Diego walked in looking angry.. I smiled innocently at him and shrugged, he rolled his eyes and walked into the circle “What are you doing here Kyle!” He asked


“What does it look like?.. I came to shop with my girlfriend and sister” I muttered and the screams increased


she’s his girlfriend!!


What’s her name, gosh, I wish I was her.


she’s so damn lucky, even more beautiful than Crystal they look so amazing together.. so cute!..

I smiled and pecked Maya’s lips only making them scream the more.




Crystals POV


No! I threw my laptop on the floor and stepped on it continously . This cannot happen, I can’t let this happen..


Kyle belongs to me, not someone else. This girl is really trying me..


My phone started beeping with notifications.. the whole net is filled with their stupid pictures.



Now that girl has stepped on a tigress’ tail and it will surely bite her, I’ll kill Maya myself if it comes to that.


Watch out Maya I’m coming for you!..


I screamed and threw my phone against the wall..


I’ll deal with you Maya, enjoy it whilst it lasts.. your time is gonna be up soon..


Like I said, I don’t give empty threats.. it’s either your family or you.






To be continued.















Just A Kiss



By Authoress Anna Episode 17b..









Amaya’s POV


“So you have a meeting with Victoria at exactly 12pm, then you have to visit your mom by 3pm, after which you have an interview with stars TV by 5pm, and lastly Trisha’s birthday party by 8pm..” I finished and tapped my pen on the clipboard Silence..


I turned to look at Kyle, he was busy playing with a lock of my hair. “Kyle did you hear what I just said?” I asked raising a brow He hummed and I sighed


“You have a meeting by 12, and it’s 11: 15am already, which means you have to get ready” I said looking at my phone


“Cancel all of them.. reschedule the meeting and interview, please send a gift card


to Trisha..” he said and I frowned


“Why? ” I asked


“Because…” He drawed sitting up to face me on his bed. He cupped my cheeks and kissed me lightly, I know what he’s gonna say next.. this has been his National anthem for the past weeks..



“I wanna spend the whole day with you” he said and I rolled my eyes, pushing his hands from my face


“You’ve been saying that for weeks Kyle, you need to learn to stop touching me Everytime we are both in the same room you know” I muttered, he rolled his eyes and laid on the bed, placing his head on my laps


“I do know how to keep my hands from you babe, admit it I don’t always touch you” he said and I scoffed


“I guess you need a little help remembering, have you forgotten about that day you were shooting a commercial, you kept kissing and touching me every time I gave you your towel or water, you pratically turned it to a heated make out section..that the director had to scream severally into the megaphone before you finally decided to let go of me? Or what about that day we went to visit your mom, one minute you were sitting opposite me and the next you were on top of me kissing the life out of my lips? Oh or how about..”


“Fine.. you win” he groaned, I rolled my eyes and he stood up


“But it’s not my fault that I’m crazily attracted to you, it’s not my fault that I always want to touch you or kiss you.. is it?” He asked pulling me up and placing his hands on my hips


“I don’t know sir” I mumbled and he chuckled “I love you Maya..” he said


“Yeah I love you more Kyle” I said, he leaned down to kiss me and I blocked my lips with my palm.


“No kissing until after all your meetings.” I stated and he frowned “You’re joking right?” He asked


“I’ll show you I’m not.. ” I mumbled and reached for my bag, I brought out the thick tape and covered my mouth with it.


“Seriously?!” He groaned frustrated.. I winked at him and pulled him into the






To be continued

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