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Just A Kiss – Episode 13

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By authoress Anna


Episode 13..


.. .


The next day, I had told mom about my trip with Kyle and she had been excited that her child would get to travel out of the country.. she had helped me pack along with Celine and Pearl, who were both crazy about the trip..


After that, I had received a call from Kyle saying his mom wanted to meet up for our chat..


We had chatted for hours none stop, I had told her about my family and myself, being completely honest, well except for I and Kyle’s fake relationship


She also talked about herself and family, especially Kyle and within that period, I had gotten to know a lot about him. She also talked about Elsa her daughter, Kyle’s older sister.. and said she wanted us to meet once Elsa came back to Korea.


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After that, she took me shopping, even though I rejected, she was persistent and I couldn’t say no to her..


“Amy? Do you need anything?” Kyle asked snapping me out of my thoughts and I looked up to see him staring at me


“The hostess has been asking for the past 2minutes” he said quietly and that was when I noticed the lady standing beside me .


“No.. I’m okay, sorry I was just thinking about something” I said apologetically She smiled and nodded


“I understand” she said and walked out, leaving just I and Kyle alone . “Are you okay” kyle asked glancing down at me “Yeah, I’m fine” I replied


“Okay, well we are about to take off” he stated and my eyes widened



“What?” I breathed out, he was about to reply when a male voice sounded through a speaker.. saying the time of take off, our destination and giving us instructions to buckle our seatbelts


I did as instructed and closed my eyes as tight as I could.. “Fudge, fudge, fudge, fudge,” I repeated to calm my nerves

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“Amaya? Are you okay?” Kyle asked and I peered one of my eyes open to see him staring at me


“I’m.. terrified” I muttered almost in a whisper


Soon the jet started moving and I closed my eyes and chanted my incantations faster.


Suddenly I felt something warm in my right hand and I opened my eyes to see Kyle gently caressing my hand with an headset on and his eyes closed


I felt myself calming down, and I smiled and leaned back on my seat with my eyes closed as well, before feeling myself drifting to sleep.. *




“Amaya… Amaya wake up” someone said tapping my shoulder.


I groaned and opened my eyes, I saw Kyle staring back at me, he stood properly when I woke up


I yawned and look him over, he looked really exhausted


“We are here,” he stated and walked out holding just his can of water.. I sighed and opened the over head boards, I brought out our bags, and threw his bag pack and my handbag over my shoulder , before walking out of the jet with the two boxes rolling behind me..


It was night already, i got out and saw Diego talking to kyle, with about eight guards standing aside..


Two of them took the bags from me and put them in a car,.


“Amaya.. how was your trip?” Diego asked looking at me


“It was.. okay” I replied feeling the evening breeze soothing to my skin


“That’s nice.. you must be tired, why don’t you both go to your suites, freshen up, eat and have a good night’s rest.. we’ll talk properly tommorow morning” Diego said


“That’s what I was planning to do anyway” kyle muttered.


“Yeah right” Diego rolled his eyes and led us to another car. He sat in front with the driver, while I sat with Kyle at the back.


“Night life in Paris should be fun” Diego exclaimed suddenly..


“I mean with the view and all” he said and I looked out the window



If I wasn’t feeling too sleepy, I would have agreed with him.. my stomach suddenly started hurting badly, I winced quietly.. and shifted on my seat


“Are you okay?” Kyle asked, well he seemed to be asking that question a lot since we got into his private jet


“Yeah” I lied suppressing a whimper


I guess I’m really hungry.


“Okay” he said and faced his phone..


“Have you gotten the model?” He asked looking at Diego who nodded


“Yes, she’s here already and your suite is just about a mile from each other” he said and Kyle muttered an okay.


Soon we drove into what looked like an estate?.. I looked around at the beautiful and big houses. I watched in awe at their sizes and exterior designs. We drove into another part that looked almost like a reserved area.


We finally pulled up in front of a glass building that looked like a penthouse..


I, Kyle and Diego stepped out and walked into the living room, which looked super awesome!


“So uhm.. this is your suite, you both will have to share the only room.. I couldn’t find another when I arrived and found out it just had a room, so uhm.. I’ll leave you both to settle in and sort out your sleeping positions yourself.. bye” he said and rushed out, leaving me and Kyle to gape after him.. Kyle sighed as the sound of a car driving out faded off


“I guess it’s just us then” he mumbled and dragged the boxes with him.. towards the stairs


I opened the door and we both stepped in, it wasn’t that bad, the king sized bed was large enough to contain four people.. although I’m not sure I want to sleep with him on the same bed, not that it hasn’t happened before though..but still..


“Go shower, I’ll order something” he said and I nodded and rushed into the bathroom with my toiletries..which of course my mom and friends were surprised to see that I’ve already packed.


The bathroom was okay, although his bathroom back in Korea was way cooler.. but I’m not complaining.. I placed my toiletry bag on the counter and hurriedly took off my shirt followed by my black crazy Jean.. I was now left with my underwear, I took of my bra, placed it along with the other clothes and proceeded to take off my pantie..


I gasped when I saw the red stain on my white lace pantie.. this couldn’t get any worse, how could I have forgotten?.. no wonder I felt pains earlier..


And the worse part is I didn’t bring any thing with me.. ugh!!.. what do I do now?



Swallowing my pride, I slowly opened the door enough for just my head to peek out


I looked around and saw Kyle sitting on the couch with his laptop on his legs, he looked so engrossed in it, and I considered doing what I was about to do.. As if noticing me, he raised his head and looked at me curiously.


“Do ..you need something?” He asked


“Uhm.. I, well… You see..” I stuttered.. looking away from him “What?” He asked


“I-its that time.. of the month, where the crazy woman comes to show her face” I said ,


“Uhh?..” he asked genuinely confused


“Uhmm.. I mean, uhmm.. i.. need, t-ta.. tampons” I said whispering the last part.


Hoping he didn’t hear me, but when his eyes widened and his face paled, I knew he


heard exactly what I said.


“What?! ” He yelled


“I’m sorry, but I totally forgot about it..and, and.. that’s why i didn’t come along with any” I said feeling my cheeks burn bright red. He was up in an instant


“Alright, uhm.. I’ll, I’m .. just give me ten minutes” he said and dashed out with his car key.. I wanted to yell after him that he’d forgotten his shirt, but he rushed back in and picked up his black shirt.. and rushed back out muttering


“Oh shit..shit!.. shit!” I bit my lips to stop myself from laughing, my stomach


started aching and I held it tight, I forgot to tell him to buy drugs, he’s definitely


not going to see tonight.





Immediately I finished bathing, I heard a knock on the bathroom door, and I slipped out of the tub and wrapped a towel around me..


I opened the door a little and Kyle stretched his hands into the bathroom, “Thank you” I said taking the white bag from his hands..


I closed the door, and I gasped when I looked inside the bag, he’d bought several types of products and even a packet of panties and drugs.. My cheeks started feeling hot and I bit my lips.







I walked out minutes later with a bathroom robe on, my toiletry bag in my left hand.. my clothes which I already dry cleaned in the bathroom and the white bag Kyle gave me in the other.


The bedroom door opened and he walked in with a tray..he placed it on the table beside the couch and turned to look at me,


“I’m sure you’re hungry, eat and take your drugs, I need to freshen up.. especially after running around the mall for more than thirty minutes” he said and I smiled He walked into the bathroom and I ate and took the drugs, before quickly changing into a long night gown..


When he finally walked out, I was laying on the couch watching TV.


“You can sleep on the bed, I’ll take the couch” he said and I shook my head “It’s okay.. I’m good” I declined


“No.. please move to the bed, I’ll be fine on the couch” he said


“Ahh.. anioh, I’m okay here” I said and before I knew it he walked in front of me and carried me.. I shrieked and he chuckled as he dropped me on the bed, “Stay put” he ordered when I tried moving out


I sighed and Laid quietly as he tucked me in, covering me with the duvet..


“Tell me if you need anything” he said and moved to the couch with a pillow.


He faced the TV and I winced when my stomach started aching again. I guess the drug hasn’t started working yet..


Another pain hit me and I whimpered biting my lips to muffle the sound, but it didn’t work, because in few minutes Kyle was standing beside me.. “What is it? ” He asked worriedly


“Nothi.. ahhhhh” I screamed quietly and turned over clutching my stomach..


The pain was getting unbearable.. I had already broken into a cold sweat, even


when my body was pratically on fire..


I groaned and a tear escaped my eyes.


“Why isn’t the drugs working?” Kyle asked nobody in particular..


I turned to the other side and gripped the sheets.. suddenly I felt the bed deep in, and a comforting arm slid around my waist pressing me into a comfortable warmth.. I turned and came face to face with Kyle, he held me closer and stroked my hair whispering sweet nothings into my ears.. I held on to his shirt and snuggled further into his neck..


Soon the pain started fading off, maybe the medicine finally started working.. my eyes felt too heavy.. I breathe in his scent and closed my eyes..


“It’s okay.. I’ve got you” he whispered kissing my forehead. I sighed in relief and said the only words that could form in my head,


“Thank you oppa” and then the darkness overcame me.





To be continued,






Just A Kiss


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