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His Nanny – Episode 20

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“Maria”i yelled from where i sat down ‘Ma’am”she replied running into my office


“Take over from here i going to pick my kids from school and wont come back'”i said and she nodded


“Ma’am are you okay”she asked


“Yes why did you ask” i replied


“ma’am you just look really different recently”she replied “Okay maria thank you”i replied

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I carried my bag and walked out of the restaurant


I entered into my car and drove straight to the kids school.


Its been like two months now


Everything has been going really well for Austin ,the kids and i We are now like the perfect couples


Austin opened a big restaurant for me and i have been working to make sure it is one of the best and thankfully that is happening.


“Mommy”mitchell yelled running to hug me “Ma…ma” stacy called exictedly


“How was school”i asked as i carried them to my car “Fine mom”mitchell replied



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Minutes later we arrived home i carried the kids in and began searching for what to eat


I dont know why i have been feeling hungry recently and its making me fat




“Morning sleeping beauty” austin said and kissed my cheeks “Ready for work”i asked and he nodded


“Sorry i couldnt make you breakfast,,i dont feel so good”i pouted “Dont worry its okay”he replied spraying his perfume “Omg stop that”i yelled


I collected the perfume threw it down the stairs before running into the bathroom to throw up


“Are you okay” astin asked coming close to me


“Dont come close to me”i yelled and he ran back immediately I washed my face and walked out of the bathroom


“I hate the smell of that perfume”i said and before i knew it i was crying “What is wrong”austin asked confused and sad


“I dont know” i replied


“I think you need to see a doctor ,,all this excess eating,constant fever and all is getting much “Austin said sadly


“i am fine” i replied


“i will drop the kids at school”he said and left


I starred at my self in the mirror confused ,,what is wrong with me recently Its not like i’m about to see my period or anything wait!





I didnt see it last month and now


Omg ,hope this isnt what i’m thinking


I quickly ran into the bathroom , took my bath ,dressed up and ran to the near by hospital for test


“Congratulations ma’am your one month pregnant”he said smiling


His words struck my heart


So i’m pregnant


So a child is forming in my stomach


Gosh this feels so weird


I walked out of the hospital in deep thoughts


I’m so happy that i cant even express the happiness


i reached my house and saw someone standing at akimbo with her laugages “Sylvia”


“What are you doing here”i asked and she rolled her eyes rubbing her stomach so i could see her baby bump



“as you can see i’m carrying austins baby” please open the gate for me I was shattered on hearing that


I opened the gate and we both entered.


We sat down in the sitting room starring at each other waiting for Austin to come. “Welcome honey”sylvia yelled as she hugged austin tightly


“WTH is going on here sylvia ? why are you in my house”Austin asked pushing her away


“Well remember the last night ? it resulted in this”she said rubbing her stomach and smiling


“What” he yelled angrily


He looked at me and walked close to me


“when did it happen”i asked


“Before you came like two -three months ago ,,i was drunk”he replied Wait…That isnt enough time to make her have such a baby bump

“Can you help me pin her down” i whispered into austins ears and he nodded


Austin ran and pined sylvia down ,,i quickly lifted her top and looked at her stomach


“Let me Go”


“I will sue you”she kept struggling


“Got ya”its a fake baby bump



I removed the fake baby bump from her stomach and she stood up embra*ssed in tears


I used her and her things out of my house and closed my gate


“dont ever dare a pregnant woman b*tch “i yelled and walked back into the apartment




Sylvia will not kill me …..See disgrace abeg


The end







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