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His Golden Secret – Episode 20

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“so are you two going to kiss or what?” Lucas said and Kaden glared at him, I glance at Tracey and she held that sad look, praying for me not too kiss him. “just tell them it’s you’re not going to do it” Kaden whispered to me and I sighed and turned.


“I’m not doing it” I said out loud and saw James breathed out.


“then take off your shirt” Lucas grinned at me.


“no problem” I said and touched the hem of my shirt ready to take off but Lucas stopped me, “you’re really going to do it?” he asked looking surprised. “yeah I am.” I said dryly.


“but I really didn’t mean.. I took my shirt off before he could complete his words knowing I was wearing a actually pretty good singlet inside. “oh” he said and sat down.


“okay Suzie why don’t you go next” Esther said to her cousin like she’s got something against her. Suzie rolled her eyes and spinned the arrow, it stopped at a card that had D at the back and she grabbed it and read it loudly.


“dare you to give the person at your left a wedgie” Suzie with a smile and everyone laughed.


“what?! That’s not true!” Esther freaked out and snatched the card from her reading it to see for herself and she angrily threw the card.


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“you’re not actually going to give me a wedgie right?” Esther said almost crying and Suzie just smiled, reached for her bag on the couch and brought out fifty cents and placed it beside the table and Esther breathed out a sigh of relief.


“Tracey you’re going next” Jerold said and Tracey glared at him. “and who gave you the authority to choose me” Tracey barked.



“there’s no rule book that say Esther has to choose the next player” Jerold said and Tracey angrily spinned the arrow making it delay a bit before stopping on a T card.. She sighed and picked it up. “truthfully tell everyone the boy or girl you like” she read and covered her face with the card


“we’re waiting” molly sang and Tracey playfully glared at her.


“…k.. Kaden” Tracey rushed her words and Kaden and I glance at each other making him smile at me. No one did anything and Esther turned to Naomi. “Naomi, you’re next” she said and Naomi flinched a bit before spinning the arrow and it stopped at a T card, Naomi smiled and picked it up. “truthfully tell Eveline your first crush” Naomi read happily.


“oh you guys wouldn’t know him” Naomi said.


“Well just say it” Jerold persuaded.


“his name is Brandon” Naomi said and I gasped and turned to her.. “I thought it was Daniel” I said.


“well it was actually Brandon” she said and I rolled my eyes and looked away. “I guess I must be way prettier than that Branson guy” Jerold said.


“way more prettier!” I say and he smiled while Naomi rolled her eyes at me. “Victoria, you’re going next” Esther said and without hesitating Victoria pushed the arrow and it gave her a D card.


“dare you to go na.ked in front of everyone” she said and gasped loudly making everyone giggle.


“well that will be more fun to watch” Lucas said and shared a laugh with Jerold, “pervert” Victoria eyed him and dropped the card. “I can’t do it!” she said.


“well fifty cents or take off your shirt.. Oops too bad you’re putting on a dress, just go with the dare sweetie” Lucas said and Victoria sighed and from nowhere she brought out a dollar.


“too bad I came prepared” she said to Lucas as she dropped the money on the table


and said.”I’ll be waiting for my change.”


“molly you’re next” Esther said.


“why don’t you go next” Molly said nervously.


“Yeah Esther you’ve been busy telling everyone to go next you should go next”


Suzie said and Esther sighed. “fine”


Esther spinned the arrow and it gave her a T card and she smiled.


“truthfully tell everyone the person you’ll like to do a lot of things with” she read and dropped the card.



“that’s easy, I’ll like to do everything with Suzie but it seems like she has a lot of things against me” Esther said and Suzie roller her eyes.


“Molly you’re next and you’re nervous, I don’t get why you’re nervous cause it’s just a game” Esther said immediately and Molly nod slowly, she’s still nervous. “I’ll go next” Kaden said and Molly breathed a sigh of relief. “good for you” Esther said looking at molly angrily.


Kaden spin the arrow and he Also got a T card and as he raised the card up to his face Esther replaced the board with new sets of card. “read the card Kaden” Jerold said and Kaden turned to me.


“what?” I asked.


I peeped at the card and I know I had a glimpse of “the person you like”.


“why are you looking at Samantha’ read the card” Suzie nudged at him.


“uhm I’ll go upstairs to rest” I said standing up.


“are you alright?” Esther asked.


“I’m feeling a little sleepy and it’s passed my bed time” I lied.


“what?!! It’s just 8:15pm” Lucas said.. “I’m sorry” I said and Esther sighed. “well you can go to my room, that’s where all the girls are sleeping tonight and the boys are staying in the guest room” Esther said and I nod and hurried to step. “okay read the card” I heard as Esther persuaded Kaden and he sighed and he started to read the card “truthfully tell everyone the person you admire and wish to be with”.. I sighed not wanting to hear the rest.


I got upstairs to Esther’s room and sat at the edge of the bed, even though the game calmed me down a bit I still feel a little heavy at the heart.


I stayed like that for some time before the door opened and James walked in, we both made eye contact and she walked passed me and went to sit at the other edge of the bed.


What is she doing in here, this is a room for gir–oh she’s a girl.


“Samantha” she called.. “what?” I said without looking at her.


“I’m not going to disturb you again please I just want your forgivene–


“it’s okay, you’re forgiven” I said and breathed out a sigh of relief remembering what I told my mom about forgiveness, we forgive because we have to live too so it’s useless if I have a malice with him. “really?” she said happily and I nod. “thanks” she smiled. We both remained quiet and the door opened, and Esther, Tracey, molly Victoria, Naomi and Suzie walked in.


“Kaden ruined the game for us” Esther groaned and they nod in agreement.



“hey I thought you said you were going to the bathroom, why are you here?” Esther asked James and she shrugged “after the bathroom I came here, I kind of found the game boring” James said and Esther gasped.


“well good thing it’s over let’s all sleep” molly said getting on the bed.


“no way, we can’t just sleep this sleepover isn’t over yet and since Sam isn’t asleep we can all play dress up” Esther said happily.


“really I love dress up” Naomi said happily, Naomi loves playing dress up with me at home cause she said wearing my clothes makes her feel like a princess. But that was when we were a little bit younger.


“great, my mom and I just had some girls load up my closet with tons of clothes so you girls can pick anyone” Esther said and they all ran to the closet almost falling the door and then dresses start to fly in the air. I got in the bed and covered myself with a blanket, molly who said she wanted to sleep had joined them in their fun game of dress up. I closed my eyes but opened them when I heard.


“you! You can’t just sit there and watch you have to try one these dresses too” Esther said to James.


“no way” James said and looked away


“C’mon James, you’re a girl stop the stupid boy stuff and try one of these” Esther pleaded and I suddenly wondered why she isn’t called Janice instead of James from her friends.


“C’mon James, it’ll be fun and besides we’ve never seen in you in girls clothes before” Tracey chipped in and brought a dress in front of James, “I picked this, it’ll look good on you” Tracey smiled but James shook her head negatively. “you’re lucky the principal didn’t complain when you wore boys uniform and now you’re going to get unlucky cause you’re putting on this dress” Tracey smiled and so did Esther.


“C’mon” Esther dragged her close to the closet. I covered the blanket over my head and sighed heavily, I dated a girl.. This is not only heart breaking but awkward too. I stayed like that until I felt a touch on my head.


I removed the blanket to see Naomi looking gorgeous in front of me, wearing a


pink mini dress a black five inches heel and with a little doll makeup on her face


“how do I look?” she asked.


“gorgeous” I said my mind.


“wow thanks” she said and sat in front of me. “uh.. I didn’t know I’ll have so much fun here and I doubted rich kids they’re totally nice, and also having dress up with rich kids are the best, I wish I could take all these home, like how I wished I could take yours home too when we were younger” Naomi said and laughed.


Oh Naomi.


“you know what! You can take half of my closet when we get home” I said and she


looked at me weirdly.


“what?” I said.


“you’re not kidding?” she asked.


“no, I’m serious you can take anything you like” I said.


“oh my god, thank you so much” she said pulling me in a hug.. If that’s enough to thank her for being a good friend then I’m ready to give her ten times better.


“Naomi, get over here, we’re all ready, we’re going to take a picture” Naomi and I heard Esther’s voice and Naomi ran to meet them. They all looked lovely Tracey was wearing a funny wig but she looked pretty anyway, Esther looked more prettier as her blue eyes rhymed with the grey dress she wore, molly looked the same, still pretty, victoria breath taking, Suzie looked a little like Selena Gomez with the black hair and black lip stick she wore, and then my eyes caught her.. JAMES.


wearing a yellow dress and a brown long wig, she looked so pretty that I suddenly compared us to her but she looked prettier than all of us, her body may look weird and skinny in a boy’s clothing but it looked perfect in a girl’s clothing. Her lips were painted full red and her lashes looked longer, her body looked a little curvy and you can notice her long legs, she’s so pretty that I became jealous. She looked kind of shy and when Esther brought out her camera she looked away.


“Sam you’re not doing anything, why don’t you take a picture or us please?!!” Tracey said and I sighed, got up from the bed and took the camera from them . “okay everyone take your position” Esther announced and they did and I took a picture of all of them but when I looked at them in the camera James face was else were.


“James you didn’t look at the camera” I said to her and Esther glared at her.


“oh really.” she said and I nod and look away.


This time they all had to pose again and I know James wasn’t looking at the camera but me and she looked away when I turned to her.


“and one last one” Esther said and took the camera from me “you’re going to be in it cause we’ll all remember this one day” she said, placed the camera on the bed and dragged me to stand beside her. The camera was on timer and took a photo of us after three seconds and in it James was beautifully staring at me. Yes I know I added beautifully cause it was worth it.



Few minutes later everyone was back to their normal clothes, or should I say pajamas. And Esther switched off the lights leaving only a blue dim light in the room saying its time to tell scary stories. Each of them formed a circle on the floor and Suzie start to tell a story , James came back to the bed saying he’s cold on the floor and he sat in front of me listening to the story. I wasn’t listening to the story but lost in thoughts I don’t understand, James was in front of me but a bit later she was beside me. I don’t know how she got closer to me but who cares.


“you listening to the story?. It’s kind of scary” she said lowly, she’s trying to start a conversation.


“why did you take off your dress, it looked pretty on you” I said and turned to her and she looked away.


“oh.. thanks” she said nervously, we didn’t say anything until Suzie ended the story and Esther said she’s scared and we all need to sleep, since it’s her sleepover we all obeyed her.


“you all got your sleeping bags right?” Esther asked and we all nod as we roll out our sleeping bags


“Suzie You and I are staying on the bed” Esther said and Suzie Sighed and got on the bed, I placed my sleeping bag on the bed and James was about placing hers beside mine but Naomi quickly placed hers there.


“sorry she’s my bestie, so I have to sleep beside her” Naomi said squeaked and James nodded and put her sleeping bag else where,


“I’m turning off the lights” Esther announced and turned it off, everywhere became quiet and only our breaths could be heard. *.


Few minutes later everyone was asleep except me, my eyes were still lurking the darkness worrying of something that I can’t really tell what I’m worrying about, I forgave James but still I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I got up from my sleeping bag and went to the small but fancy balcony in Esther’s room and I sat on the floor of the balcony and stare at the stars, some says looking at the stars helps a lot, but after seconds of me staring at them I know it’s a crystal lie. “hey” I heard Naomi’s sleepy voice behind me. And I turned.


“what are you doing here?” I asked and she sits beside me.


“shouldn’t I be asking you that?” she said and I sighed, “for some reason I couldn’t sleep” .


“me too looks like I’m worrying about you too much” Naomi laughed and and I sighed again and placed my head on her shoulder.



“I don’t know what’s wrong with me seriously, James explained everything to me and asked for my forgiveness, I forgave her but still I am not okay” I explained.. “do you still love him.. I’m sorry her” Naomi said and I sat properly.


“I don’t… know.. ..” I lied I know I still do. “Sam you still do I can tell you’re lying”


Naomi said and I rolled my eyes “isn’t that why you’re my best friend.”


“okay well even though you’re going to get mad or even though this sounds crazy, I’m going to say it anyway” Naomi said and I looked at her attentively waiting for her to say it.


“so. … What If you’re really in love with James both as a boy and a girl, but she’s still a girl, what if you don’t like boys but girls” she said and I scoffed. “are you crazy, that’s stupid” I said.


“shhhh.. You’ll wake the others, I mean if you really liked boys you would have really dated one in your previous school, and everyday you’d come home telling me how different kind of girls looked prettier than you I mean isn’t that a sign” Naomi suggested and I gasped.


“that is no stupid sign” I snarled.


“sorry, I’m just saying, but what if you’re homosexual, I saw the way you were looking at James while taking a picture of us during the dress up” she said and I huffed and looked away.


“I can’t believe you’re saying that about me!”.


“I’m sorry, I’m just suggesting” she said and I sighed for the eleventh times and turned to her


“you’re suggesting or insulting? Which one? Just because she’s a lesbian and deceived me doesn’t mean I am too” I stated and Naomi sighed “well I’m sorry” she said calmly and I huffed.


“well gets rid of those feelings and let’s go back to sleep and enjoy the Sunday tomorrow” she said, helped me up and we both went back into the room and into our sleeping bags,


“if you’re still having trouble sleeping you can hold my hand” Naomi said and I did hold her hands.


“thanks” I said and I saw her small smile from the moon light that lit the room.


I started to think about Naomi’s words, what If I am a lesbian. I mean that would be creepy that would freak everyone out, “hey close your eyes I can see them shining” Naomi said and Laughed I laughed forcefully and closed my eyes. I don’t want to be a lesbian..


•••~•••~•••~•••~ ~•••~•••~•••~•••~•••~



The next morning we all rolled up our sleeping bags had a cup of coffee and I called Evans and he came to pick Naomi and I. *


Naomi went home and so did I, my Sunday was spent with Just my thoughts, is lesbianism my fate??


Mrs Joyce came to visit, this time with Peter and Erika and without her husband, my mom made me had dinner with Peter and I didn’t object cause I wanted to try something, I wanted to love him, I wanted to have feelings for him maybe that would prove Naomi’s theories wrong. We both had a fun conversation and I founded it nice and I was glad. Peter seemed happy as he left with his mom and baby sister and I went back to my room.


That night I slept without worrying but my heart felt heavy a bit.


The next day after my morning jog, I got ready for school and Evans drove me to school.. I got to class and sat down and immediately James walked in, I didn’t know it was her at first cause she was putting on a shirt and a skirt and she pinned her boyish hair back and wore black earrings to look more girlish, and she looked beautiful.


“aren’t you James??” a girl in the front suddenly said and she nods.


“wait? You’re a girl?!!” the girl yelled and James nod again with a shy smile, I guess not everyone knew.


“I’m sorry for the misunderstanding and it’s actually Janice not James” James said, glanced at me before walking away.


“whoa, I’ve been looking for a girlfriend but I never knew one was in front of me the whole time” Lucas said when he saw James.


“cut it out” James rolled her eyes. Kaden just smiled as he saw her but he didn’t say anything. Everyone was surprised but somehow I wasn’t.


A teacher walked in the class and we all payed less attention to James but the teacher.


After taking three more subjects after the first one, it was time for lunch break and as usual Victoria came to meet me. And she Tracey and I ended up going to the cafeteria together . While going to the cafeteria they both talked about James and then I asked.


“Tracy! You knew from the beginning that James is a girl and you also knew that I liked her, you had a gazillion chances to tell me she’s a girl and I noticed anyone who wanted to tell me you shut them up, can I ask why?” I asked and she paused. “well at first, you were rude to everyone but then you started to like James and around James you do nice things, so I thought maybe if you didn’t learn the truth



and like James even more maybe you’ll learn to be nicer” Tracey said and I gave her a look before breathing in and out and saying. “okay” I didn’t need to waste my time and get angry at her for something like that.. We both ate lunch at the cafeteria with Molly and Esther joining us and it was real nice. While going back to class I bumped into James and apologized.


“it’s okay” she smiled


“you look… good” I tell her.


“oh thanks” she replied.


“so? What made you change? I mean to be girly again?” I asked and she smiled even more.


“well yesterday during the dress up, I looked at myself in the mirror and loved what I saw, I saw a beautiful lady, I saw a woman in me and I know I could never be a man and then you told me I looked pretty and that meant a lot” she said and I couldn’t help but smile.


“I don’t know if you know but we girls we earn a lot of respect, cause we title the world” I said and she smiled


“my brothers were surprised but happy seeing me this way and that’s what they’ve been trying to accomplish by making me a girl again but they failed and seeing me this way Just changed their moods immediately” James said and laughed. “well are you happy being this way?” I asked her.


“yeah, but I’m still uncomfortable under a skirt, it’s revealing too much of my thighs” she beamed


“Don’t worry you’ll get used to it” I tell her. And she let out a pretty smile.


“so, Sam!” she called and I turned to her. “can we put the past aside and be friends now” she said and I shrugged “why not” I smiled.


“thanks” she said and we both walked to class, now I see why, they use the quote “everything happens for a reason” cause if James and I didn’t date, then she wouldn’t have changed. We all went back to class and after a subject of three school was over and we all went to drama class, somehow the drama teacher knew James was a girl so he didn’t freak out seeing her, neither did he take her role. We acted our scene perfectly and we were all dismissed and Evans came to pick me up, James happily said bye to me and so did I.


I got home that day , I took a shower, ate dinner and went back to my room. I was watching a movie when I heard a knock on the door.


“it’s open!” I announced and Peter walked In. They’re here again.


“so Sam I was going out to the toy store for Erika, and I was wondering if you’d like to come—


He paused when I close my laptop and smiled at him “sure why not” I smiled


before walking out with him. He’s really nice so I don’t see anything to make me


hate him. The burden in my heart has died a bit and I know it’s either James being a


girl now or because of Peter, But mostly I am really proud of my self for changing


James to Janice.




The END.


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