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Her Demonic Lover – Episode 9

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Chapter 9












He smiled down at me. What is he doing here again? He held my hand * Can I take her? *


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He asked my manager and he nodded


* Yes sir *


He replied. Before I could object Lucian dragged me out of the restaurant. * Where are you taking me? *


I questioned when we got outside.


He halted a cab and led me inside, I just opened my mouth looking at him.


Is he a kidnapper? Or was he sent by one of my admirers?.


* Lucian stop the taxi now I need to work * I said and he smiled.


I talked to your manager already didn’t I? I saw a beautiful place I will take you there *


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He replied and I just calmed down and looked out the window.


I have not really visited much places in the city all I do is work work work.


The taxi halted and we stepped down. Lucian started walking without paying the driver,


I opened my purse and quickly gave him his money. I ran to Lucian standing by the crowd in the entrance. * It’s beautiful right *


He said admiring the beautiful park.


* it is *



I replied simply.


I have been in the city for a while but never visited here. He held my hand again * Let’s go *


He said and dragged me pass the queue at the entrance.


* Sir you have to get pass the queue first *


The security said but he paid deaf ears. He took me to different games to play and bought some candies.


I screamed riding on the Ferris wheel holding tightly to the chair and he just laughed.


* You’re so scared *


He laughed when we got down, I hit his shoulders frowning.


He held my shoulders and led me to the ice cream vendor.


* I don’t like chocolate flavored ice-cream, it makes me puke * I told him as we sat on the bench watching kids play.


* I guess you never had the chance to play in parks * I said after a while and turned to look at him. He nodded and smiled.


After everything he took me to the boutique.


What are we doing here? I don’t have any money for clothes here, there are too expensive *



I told him trying to drag him out by his wrist. He held me back firmly * Welcome*


A young lady about my age walked to us.


* Pick out something unique and beautiful for her *


He said to her with so much authority. I just stared at him with my lips half open. He turned to the showcase by the left and picked out a very beautiful wrist watch in rose gold.


* Your hand *


* ugh? *


He raised my hand and wore it on my wrist.


* Perfect *


He said and picked a bracelet then wore it on my other wrist.


The lady came back with some clothes.


Lucian looked at them and picked out a white dress with crossed neck. * This looks fine, help her change into this * He said and handed it back to her.


* What? Lucian ?*


Was all that came out from my mouth.


I was taken to the dressing room and I changed into the white dress.



It stopped far from my knee and looked really pretty. I smiled at myself in the mirror.


* Miss your shoes *


What? He got me shoes too?


She helped me slip into them and I walked out. He smiled at me and I don’t why but I blushed. Lucian


She looked so beautiful in the dress, white dress that signified her purity.


I just hope all this makes her fall in love with me quickly cause I really want to go back home.


She walked to me and I handed her the purse I picked out for her.


* Let’s go *


I said and held her hand.


The uber I called was outside waiting already.


My powers are just so magnificent and powerful.


Reasons why I’m hated by my brothers and loved by my father.


We entered and the car started to move


Where are we going Lucian? And how did you pay for all this? You don’t have a job right? *


She asked so much questions at once.



I felt like snapping my fingers and shutting her up but that wouldn’t end well. I turned and smiled sweetly


* I met a rich friend who gave me some money, the boutique is his * I lied and she looked surprised.


* Rich friend? Why doesn’t he help you with a job * She replied. This woman talks too much. * Look! *


I distracted her attention pointing at a scene with some clowns making children laugh.


It was evening and I was taking her for dinner in a place I saw on TV.


The car stopped and we got down.


She stopped and looked around, her lips falling apart.


* Lucian this is the most expensive restaurant in the whole of Chicago * She half yelled like she was scolding me for bringing her here. * Let’s just go in Rose *


I said trying to pull her from her spot.


* I’m going nowhere with you, Lucian we can’t afford this * She refused.


* Rose a friend invited me here, don’t be stubborn now *


I tried to persuade her.


After some efforts she agreed.


She’s so difficult, I have to act first and do more.


I can’t lose everything because of one red headed mundane.








Her Demonic Lover



OH no! Not this man



He’s a demon



She’s Human



Fantasy Romance



By Shantel

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