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Her Demonic Lover – Episode 16

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Chapter 16












When she went to bed I couldn’t get her off my head so I went into her room and laid down close to her watching her sleep.


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My heart kept beating just thinking about the kiss we shared.


I couldn’t hold myself from kissing her when she was so close to me.



I had no idea what came over me at that moment but I don’t regret it cause it made me feel so loved and secure.


I’ve never felt that way before and I love the feeling.


She moved and her hair fell on her face,


I brought my hand and gently tucked it behind her ear.


I kissed her forehead and closed my eyes perceiving her sweet scent.


Hot breeze started blowing and I pulled away from Rose quickly.

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I turned and it was Father, I kneeled down in a bow.




* Father *




Lucian!! *


He called and my head bowed lower


* What are you waiting for? I’m running out of patience * He spoke. I kept mute cause I didn’t know what to say * Kill her in the next 24hours and bring me her blood *


I raised my head in shock and my eyes almost popping out of the sockets. 24hours?


* Father that’s too little a time *


I replied



* You’ve fallen in love with her *


* What? No Father *


I said unsure of my words.


* Prove it and do it in the next 24hours *


He spoke and vanished slowly. I got up and looked at her.


Have I fallen in love with you? How? When?


Rose will I be able to sacrifice my dreams for you?


I don’t know what to do anymore,


I can’t hurt even a strand of your hair and that might ruin me.


I held her hand and caressed it,


I bent and placed my lips on her hand.


I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast quickly before she wakes up cause it was late already.


I flipped the pancakes in the pan and served them.


I made her coffee and placed everything on the dinning table.


* Good morning Lucian *


I turned to the beautiful face and smile. I smiled * Come have breakfast * I said to her.



She sat and I sat opposite her,


she kept smiling and staring me.


Imagine cutting this beautiful smile and loving heart shut, no! I can’t do it. * Eat *


I told her, she giggled.


She’s all bubbly this days.


I ate slowly just watching her,


I thought about different things and what I was going to lose if I decide to choose her.


I saw her off and halted a cab to take her to work.


I stood and watched till she was out of my sight.


I sighed heavily and turned to take a walk in the city.


I worked hours and stopped by a cafe,


I got in and took coffee.


I looked at a couple outside close to the flower vender.


The man bought her flowers and she was happy.


I walked across the street and took the prettiest flower I saw.


It smelled really nice.



I walked past a playground and stopped, sat on the bench and watched children play around with their parents.


* Pretty *


I turned and it was a cute little boy touching the flowers I was holding. He looked up at me and I smiled


Is she pretty too?* He asked.


What? *


The lady you bought this for, is she as pretty as the flower? * He asked with his tiny voice, I chuckled


She’s more pretty *






You must like her alot. I want to have a girlfriend too but Dad says I’m too small




He said and frowned his cute face, I smiled and touched his hair.


* Yes, you should grow up first *


I told him


when I grow I’m going to have a girlfriend and she will be the most beautiful girl in the world *


He giggled and ran off.


I smiled, he just made me forget my problems for a little while.


Indeed kids bring much joy.


I looked at the flowers and smiled.


It was getting late and Rose will finish up soon.


I got up and took a cab to the restaurant.


I smiled when I saw her smiling and talking to her friend outside the restaurant.


After a while she waved Jane bye and looked around probably looking for me,


I smiled at her sad she looked waiting for me.


I walked out and her lips curved in a very beautiful smile.


* I got you this *


I said and gave her the flowers.


* Thanks *


She blushed shyly, I smiled.




It was late and Rose had gone to bed already and as usual I watched her sleep.


Sometimes I wonder if I get any sleep at all, I just enjoy looking at her.




It echoed closely. I bowed


* Father *


I said


* Lucian what’s wrong with you? How dare you defy my orders * Father spoke


* I’m sorry Father but… *


But what Lucian? Speak up!!* He yelled the last part.


* I can’t do it Father, I can’t kill her. I don’t want anything to hurt her. I’m sorry * I said boldly.


Father flamed up and the air become too hot.


I looked at Rose and quickly covered her with the duvet.


* You’ve fallen in love with a mundane, that’s a even greater sin * He said and vanished in flames.


I looked at Rose and removed the blanket, I touched her forehead and it was hot.


I turned on the air conditioner.


What do I do now?





Her Demonic Lover



OH no! Not this man



He’s a demon



She’s human



Fantasy Romance



By Shantel





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