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Enchanted – Season 3 Episode 24

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Baby shower





mhesha’s p.o.v…..



“seesha is there anything I can do for Clifford??? what do you think I should do for him??? do you think he knows I am the real culprit behind twinkles death?? seesha I am scared,please help me out!! I wept little tears.


“there is nothing you can do”


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she replied and sip in her favorite wine.


“drink your wine” she urged.


“I should drink it??? I asked,surprised that she is acting nice towards me. She had been shouting at me lately.


She even threatened to report my case to the detectives.


“mhesha,drink the wine. You know it is my favorite.” she winked and used her thumb to wipe my tears.


“Seesha,Clifford is coming. Does he knows already???


I gasped my lungs out.


“comport yourself,I didn’t tell him.I want your past to be between you and I.only me and you know that you killed twinkle and you only did that because of the illegal act that your mom plat your feet on.


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I never blamed you,I never reported you because you saved two souls.


you saved Richie,Nare and their baby by bringing in detectives on time…


The doctor announced Nare’s death, you remained obstinate and did not leave the hospital…..


Mhesha,that shows that you’re changed. I didn’t tell cliff anything.it is our secret!! seesha said,connecting my souls to her own.


“thank you!! I promise not to hurt anyone.. I will stop slaying… I don’t even think I can get a boyfriend again because the doctor said I can’t … seesha, I don’t have a womb..” I cried.


“it’s okay honey!! seesha smiled and hugged me on seat.


I released seesha immediately Clifford got to our side.




seesha smiled and rushed cliff. I drop my head down as they kissed sweetly.



“mhesa!! cliff waved at me


“hi!! I greeted immediately he sat opposite seesha.


They chatted randomly while holding each others hands.Finally,they stood up and kissed again…with their tongues moving into each other.


“are you coming???


seesha asked.


“to where???? I asked.




she raised up a mini magazine that had Richie and His baby photo…


“Baby shower” was the heading..


“how will I enter??? the securities are…they won’t allow anybody in. only the invitees will be allowed in” I replied.


“free entrance!! Seesha smiled and held my hands.We entered cliff car and we got to enchanted mansion 1hour later.


The gate was widely opened….


Everywhere was bright….


I can tell that the baby shower is a classic one…


Everywhere was filled.


if not because of Cliff’s reputation, am very sure we wouldn’t get inside easily.


We entered the real mansion,the interior was just waoow.Every damn floor was


tiled silver…


And the baby,he had not been brought downstairs yet am imagining how he will


look like…


will he be more cute than Richie????


I admired everywhere.


Even the baby milk..honey..the slivery cradle and Indian red powder.



Indians baby shower is a little bit different.The baby will be bathed with rich milk and many other fruit extract also.I don’t really know how theirs will look like but I know it will be the best,adding to the fact that baby is a young president.


I followed seesha upstairs.


She was walking in the huge house like it is her own.


After climbing many stairs,she stopped in front of a white door with a slivery door.


I knew it instantly that it is the babies room.She knocked,it was opened immediately by Dyna(one of Richie’s aunt).


“welcome to our baby shower”


she smiled and opened the door widely.There is even another glass door.


Seesha,cliff and I entered.


I fell in love with the scent of the room almost immediately. It was the best scent I have ever perceived.It smells just like Richie.


“I brought this for baby Richmond”


seesha smiled and collected a wrapped package to Tita(Paula’s twin sister).


“ohhh thanks” she exclaimed and took the gifts out.


“can I drop this??? I asked and brought out a tiny anklet.


“sure” Dyna said and gave it to Rita.


Elsa carried the baby out of the cradle…he swinged his hands in the air and made sweet sounds….


his lips was soooo red like berry.


“Holy hotness” let me touch him!!


I said.Everybody started laughing.


“mhesha wants to rape our baby!!!


Paula blurts out,making me to smile. But seriously, the baby is very cute. He is just blessed with plentiful of handsomeness.


“mom,can you dash me your son baby??? I asked Beauty Dana (Richie’s mom).



“hunn you want Nare to cry???


“Nare that was shouting that we are throwing her baby up too much will allow you take him home. Mhesha you must be joking!!! Tita said.


I smiled and touched the baby’s feet while Elsa wore him a babish hairwarmer..


The door opened again.


it was Scott and Nara.My eyes drifted to Nara’s tommy.It was a little bit protruding or is it my eyes???


“mom!! she said and rushed to hug Elsa. I miss you” she smiled and took off her shoes. She took off her earnings too and took her phones.


“no one should disturb me,am going to my former room.Don’t forget to bring my cake” she chuckled and opened another door. I was surprised the door led to another stairs.


well,she had lived with Richie before.


I see no reason why she won’t know everything.


“everything is set ma”


a maid annouced.


But wait,I didn’t see Nare or Richie.


I was still looking around when nare came in.She was more beautiful…I thought ladies are always ugly immediately they give birth but hers is very different.


She looks more mature….


I don’t even know who the baby resemble. His eyes gosh!!!!


his lips are his selling points…


“Mum,Richie said I should bring our baby” she whispered.


“where is he?? anyways,take..bring him back in the next 7min. The shower is starting soon” beauty said while Nare carried the baby.


I saw pure love.


The baby already got two ear piercings.His bracelets ryhmmed with the one on Nare’s waist.


“will bring him back ma”


she replied and took that same direction that Nara took.






Richie Miles……..


I was in my treasure room when Nare came in with our baby.I rushed her and collected him from her.


“Nare thank you” I shakes my head.


“7min.Mom gave us 7minutes” she said, looking around in the treasure room.


“is this what it feels to have a son that resembles you???


each time I look into his face,am always happy.


He opened his eyes and batted his lashes,mummring something sweet.


“today is your shower,make sure you enjoy it” I said and wanted to throw him up in the air.


“whaaaatttt don’t throw him up,he will cry?? nare said.


I won’t throw him up.Just come closer” I whispered.


“okay” she step forward.


“bend” I said.


“my back, it is still hurting” she said.


I stood up and leaned into her then I kissed her slowly and passionately while our baby kept making sweet sounds.


I deepened the kiss..and lock my left hands on her wide hips.It is still my favorite spot.our baby keep making that sweet sounds. it only made the kiss more enjoyable.


“I’m coming,wait here”


I broke up from the kiss and kissed her forehead. I went out and hopped downstairs with my baby on my shoulders.



The noisy downstairs became quiet.


Everywhere was filled…..


there was no space for movement.



is that the baby!!!!!


he is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gush,he has red lips!!!!!!!


please carry me,I want to see him!


the noise died down while rumors bleebed…


I made my way out of the crowd while reporters kept taking photos. Their target was on the baby but the warmer was covering his brows.


I spotted Tasha,Alisha and jenny fighting for foods and drinks.


I waved it off and took the baby to the place that my mind was.


The prisoners yard.


Reporters flood round me.


it was kind of stupid but to them,it is like they’ve won millions.


immediately I got there,my guards opened the dungeon….. Cameras lights filled




The five prisoners was brought out.


Xavier ,Dylan,Valarie, tom and Emily.


“Emily,I set you free because your daughter,mhesha saved my wife and son” I said….


Emily did the least thing by kneeling down.


“for the 70days,I spent here,I was able to figure out the difference between good and bad.Richie I’m sorry” Emily pleaded.


I swallowed nothing in particular and faced sir Xavier with disgust. I trusted that man but he isn’t worth it.



“I’m not the one to do your judgment, my little son will do that when he is off age!!! I said and whirled miles version 3 to them.


I removed his hair warmer and allowed them to see his face.


The camera lights became more intense.


“he will do your judgment!!!!!


I said and covered the baby face instantly. He made sweet sounds. I handed him to Elsa and rushed in….


I went back into my treasure room and met nare….


“our baby??? where is he??? she asked.Chat


I rushed her and took her in a bridal style.


“getting ready for shower! I replied and deeped my hands into her hair.


“thanks for loving me!!! I smiled dimples and started giving her love bites on her





The end




miles version 3




©adesola adeomowole.m.



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