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Enchanted – Season 3 Episode 17

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continues from nare’s p.o.v



I smelt my milky skin and compared it with his white bronze skin that never seize to glow…..does he deserves someone like me?????


I was getting nervous…..

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my lips started shaking as his ringed fingers tickle the side of my wide hips.




“Richie small small….it is ticklish”


I said and placed my hands on his sweet and seductive hands on my waist,I push it down slowly,making one of his ringed finger to coil with with my waist chain……


He brought his fingers out and flick the sides of the waist chains seductively, I lit my eyes up and saw the necklace he was wearing,it had the same pendant with the one on my waist……


“ohhh,someone should just call Richie on phone,this thing is doing me somehow, I feel like a different person while na.ked before him.


I moved into him and use his body to cover my chest,I feel somehow


uncomfortable with the way my nipples was rubbing against his chest….

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His phone beeped….


I was happy cuz he will leave me alone on bed.



“can you give me some minutes???


he asked……. I hastily climb away from him and watch him pick his phones.


“father lord,let it be a meeting!! I prayed silently.


Richie walked out while smiling into his phone. He had on a white towel and wore a white slipper to match.


His earrings were shining little lights too.


“sorry,I can’t come……


you can tell my manager whatever you want to discuss with me. I am damn


busy right now” Richie said and flick his spiky hairs backwards.


My eyes trailed down the sharp jaws and moist lips that defines the superiority in





concerning that one, it is not your business.You’re not the one to tell me how to spend….. it doesn’t concerns you a bit” he said and wanted to end the call.


“Richie please go out,I don’t think I am ready” I prayed silently.


He turned and smiled at me like he really read my mind.



I can’t come,bye!! he said and hung up.He even switch off his phones too.


Just then,his other phone rang.


“thank God” I smiled and watch him pick the call while removing the rings on his fingers…


His appearance was just too sweet,


he does not have any tatoo,


he removed his earnings and received the new call in silence.I think the person he is speaking too on phone have little superiority all over him.



dad,bye!! he finally said…..


fear started cooking up in me as,he walk slowly to join me on the king sized bed.I


turned my back against him and faked a sleep….



“honey,let’s finish what we started”


he said.


“am not feeling fine” I replied and tightened my hold on the slivery duvet.


“should I pass back????? he asked…


“yes” I replied innocently because I don’t know what he really meant by passing back.


He moved into me from the back,


he pressed me softly,brushing from under my arm down my waist line.


our kiss got more deep and intense..


Finally,he turn me over and made my na.ked body sit on his tommy,I felt wet but he pulled me in and made me sit I’m the right way.


Am I really doing this?????


The only thing I could do is to hold him tight with my fingers pinching his soft skin in a tightening manner.


I part my lips slightly as our skin come more close.


it is like his skin is more glowing than mine!!!


“no,it is mine” I jump into conclusion..


I kissed him back slowly and moved the way he wanted.


His lips went to my pointy breasts again,I smiled at the ticklish feeling..


“ohh Richie stop!!!


“honey stop!!!


I moaned his name as he use his finger to press the other one while licking the right one softly.


I tighten my hands on him in a pinching manner.


He did not mind.



instead,he pressed my back softly and sucked me so sweetly till it felt more sweeter…


I tightened my legs immediately his fingers trailed the sides of my wide hips down my fat ass.


I remembered am 20years old,


then I opened my legs a little bit for him to gain entrance.


Richie carresed my hips from behind my ass,then he brushed his finger deep into my vag****




“Richie, stop!!!!! I moaned out as he touch me there.


I felt him turn me over into the bed with his fingers still trapped at the entrance of my clit..


“I’m 20years”


I remembered again and opened my legs a little bit wide for Richie to continue caressing me wetly.




I moaned sweetly while holding him in that pinching manner.


“honey” I exclaimed….


he smiled out dimples and kissed the pendant on my waist…


“sorry,it won’t pain” he said.


“it’s painful” I replied and still held him in that pinching manner.


I felt small pains and discomforts with lots of sweetness as he caressed that spot.


His fingers just felt soo sweet and wet.


He made it two fingers….


“honeyyyyyyyy!!!! I exclaimed…


he,brought out one and inserted it back slowly.He started fingering me two




I felt more discomforts and many pains when he made it three fingers.


“Ruchieeee stop!!!!


I moaned out and he carefully slip out his fingers….


“nare you’re so tight” he said and came down on me….


He ate deeply into my neck then into the hollow of my throat.


He moved into me and made me open my legs widely .. he lifted the slivery lined duvet to cover us as we kissed, his erection touched my hip …….


I shivered in sweetness and closed my eyes….


I allowed him kiss both sides of my neck down to my pointy breasts again…


“should I enter????


he asked….


I just closed my eyes with my hands holding him tightly in that pinching manner


while I opened my legs a little bit wider….


He brushed his erection down into me without penetration…


*Richie!!!!! I screamed as he rubbed my wet vagi**** from my clit down to it’s opening…


I held him more tight and shivered in sweetness….


I did not even notice him enter me.


“Richieeeee leave me alone!!!!!!


I screamed and tighten my legs on him….


He did it more deep by applying more forces…..


I moaned in pains and pinched his body to myself …


I couldn’t control my fingers cuz of the pains I felt.


felt something warm…..


sooo warm like a liquid…..


it was thick and peppering me……


it peppered me from inside…..


it made the pains cut into me the more…..



“Richieeee,it’s painfullll!!!!!


I screamed and pinched his soft skin.


“am sorry” he said in a sweet smile and miss the necklace on my waist line for the second time while allowing his hairs to fall on my breasts.


The red blood continue dripping out..


and gosh,I feel like I am in a hot hell.


I just feel so much pains….


“am sorry” he said like he knows I am deep in pains..


He touched my blood and bent into me…..


He drop his head on my tummy and kissed it for the third time again , making his


hairs to fall on my breasts….


I still felt him deep inside of me….


He wanted to stand up,I pinch him back to myself….


he smiled and started doing it slowly.


I just held him back because the pain is too much that I don’t even know where to


hold other than his soft skin.


He moved out gently and released,on my laps almost immediately….


“I love you….I will go to any length to keep loving you”he said.I closed my eyes




“am sorry”


was what I heard last before he started cleaning me up…..






Richie’s p.o.v…..


“Nanare!!!!! I called her name immediately she close her eyes….


she didn’t answer,she only bat her lashes in sleep.



I smiled and covered her well..before entering the washroom…


I bath cold water and dressed in a navy blue top and a white short, all over a navy


blue cap…


well,I might die if she leaves me alone because I have never had that type of sex with any female…. I don’t even term it sex,I call it love making!!!


I opened my jewelry box and wore my rings and a tiny red bracelet on my left


arm.I brought out the matching anklet and hook it on her left ankle….


She rolled in the bed to the other side and shivered in cold …..


“is she feeling cold because of me???


I opened my wardrobe and brought out the newest cardigan out.It was given to me


by Noel Val(an american kpop rapper)….


it Worth lots of us dollars because it had real gem stones all around it…..


I took it to her and removed the duvet down to her laps…..


I can’t just help smiling at her hips…


She is sooooo wide there.


I took my lips in and wore it for her before laying her peacefully into the bed….


Her hair roll out,


She opened her eyes and part her red lips…..like she wanted to say something but


she didn’t….


She just glance at the yellow cardigan, specifically the gemstones in it then back to me…


“am sorry!!!!! I said….


“don’t leave me” I said cuz I don’t understand the way she’s looking….


“Why is she looking like this???


“is it because of the pain or sweetness??????








miles version 3




©adesola adeomowole. m.


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