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Enchanted – Season 2 Episode 9

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★ Alisha’s p.o.v★



Hatred is the smallest virtue,its the fire that makes our universe dark,it’s the gravity that tear us apart no matter how different we think we are”


“Forget about Richie for now.No matter how hard we try,he can’t be brought down because he’s a ball of fire that burns too bright for this world”. I minced my words correctly in front of mhesha.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories

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Mhesha franked.She won’t still accept the fact that power is greater than power and that superiority is over superiority.


“Lisha,what are you saying???


“Enchanted is in one month time and you’re speaking trash!


“Do you mean I should let Nare go like that!


“have you forgotten that she’s an ordinary commonner who does not deserve to have a taste of wealth not to even talk of being close to someone like Richie!!!! “She’s not Richie’s type,am Richie’s type! Mhesha blurts out in anger.



“Mhesha,try to understand!


“I’m not saying we shouldn’t punish Nare. Do you think I like the way she disgrace you in the mall????


“don’t think that way,am in support of you” I said bit she still franked.


“mhesha try to understand Alisha!


“what Alisha mean is that…..


“You can’t stop Richie from loving Nanare.He had made,her taste real wealth” Tasha chirped in.


“You need to understand that he loves that dirty thing called Nanare.Remember he almost killed Dylan because of Nare”


I said.Mhesha softened her face but still had on an arrogant smirk on her lips.


“so what do we do???? she asked.


“Separating them can’t work.Richie is over-protective of his girlfriend,he won’t allow the world point fingers at her” Tasha pointed out.


“if we can’t separate them,if we can’t get Nare to be our slave back,can’t we kill her before the live show of Enchanted on stage!


“Seeing her alone on stage will make the world turn their back against me! They will stop loving me,


They will stop praying to be like me,


They will start loving Nanare’s,


They will start praying to be like her because her beauty is nothing compared to mine,her curves and edges is all want every man would wish to have,not to even talk of her soft lined red lips that looks like berry!


“I don’t even think she’s human!


“a human can’t have that type of lips so red!


mhesha speaks and make jealousy more visible in her voice.


“its natural,she’s human!


“She doesn’t use facials.Remember she was very very beautiful and spotless when she was with us!!!



“see why I said its natural.When she was with us,we use to beat her for no reasons but her skin never peeled off nor get marks.


“She’s natural with bronze skin!


I said,when I realized how miserable mhesha is.


“So how do we get her killed???


mhesha asked,making seesha to smile widely.


Seesha is the one that likes Nanare so much when she was with us.


“people like that cannot die…..


“even if you hurt them,you won’t know that you’re helping them….


“Hurting them actually make them stronger because their weakness is their strengths”


“And besides,Richie is not a fool!!!


“He’s over and over protective!


“that mission is impossible” sessha said.I actually saw sense in what she said.


“yeah,we can’t access enchanted mansion anyhow.


Miles mansion have 100guards.


Richie is more rich than his parents, I learnt that his mansion had 880guards with 200maids.


Now,tell me how do you want to get Nare and her twin sister????…


“Forget about it…..


“Richie is more commanding and times ten smarter than his father.


“Get it,he built that ENCHANTED mansion when he was 19…..


He has got brains….


you should know how he will handle the one he love the most….


“I’m sure he’s gonna spoil her with the wealth that he’s swimming in”.


Seesha smiled.


“I want something sweater from him..


“why must he love that poor thing???


mhesha fumed.



“Richie likes girls with big butt,wide hips and small breasts!


Seesha itched.


Mhesha frowned and run to her room.






After reading for what seemed like eternity,I left the study and closed the door.


“dinner in 30minutes” a maid bowed to me while announcing.


“okay” I replied.




“don’t tell anybody,if I tell you” the maid smiled sheeply.


“what? I asked..


“I like you” she said into my ears and run away.


i just smiled it away and walk to my room, I check the clothe time table..


That timetable is to make me and Nara wear the same thing.


“Blue bumbershort with a white tux” I read what was there and brought it out from MY wardrobe.


I used the shower and came out in another set of underwear.


I took the bumbershot and tried it on, it entered my leg but became more tight


when it got to my laps.


it wasn’t entering me.


“wait oooo,am I becoming more far!


i muttered and check myself out in the mirror.


“whatttttttt!! I gasped slowly at my back side…


it has grow so big…


my hips more wide.


“why this place so wide and bumbum more big????


my breasts is still the same size but my hips,its an understatement.


I took off the bumshort and tried another one.Luckily for me,it entered.


I checked the mirror.


I moved away from it and wore my white top before putting my hair warmer.


I raised down the stairs to the dinning and met Nara there already.


She’s wearing the same thing like me.


We ate quietly.it seems Richie won’t eat today.


After eating,I park the plates before the maids could do to the kitchen.


I washed secretly without anybody knowing..


if they know I washed the dishes,they will be in trouble with Richie. I just have to wash secretly.


I was about washing Nara’s plate when one of the maids came by,saying that Richie is calling me.


“I’m coming” I replied but she’s still standing there .


“okay” I said and followed her.


“what happened??? I asked,she kept quiet.


I keep quiet too and followed her.


We got to Richie’s door.


I look at her,she wasn’t saying anything..


“ma’am, enter” she said.


“okay” I replied and entered and push the automatic door.


Richie was sitting on a pouch opposite his room,he was actually on his laptop.


while his phone was on the other hand.


“I didn’t see the money!


“Are you sure you sent it???


“oooh,have seen it….


“8000,000,000 rupees right!! he said and cut the call.


I reframed myself because when he noticed me,he stopped what he was doing.


“come over” he said.


I trail his eyes and met him staring at that big place.


“okay” my voice shake small.


I walked closer and noticed how insanely handsome he is.


“more closer” he said with his eyes still on that big place.


I was more close so he took his off that place to my face.


“You were washing plates” he said, I gasped “yes”.


“why??? he asked.


“Nothing” I replied while trying to avoid his gaze.


“Nothing,you’re just washing it” he said.


“yes,its fun washing plates” I said,he placed his finger that speaks of deaminor on my lips.


He stood up and hold that big place.


I’m getting scared,no one has ever hold there.Only my grandma and that was when she was putting beads there.


“close your eyes” he commanded.


I did it immediately but was a bigger fool for opening my lips down.


….is he using charms on me?……














(as long as i love U)



© adesola adeomowole


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