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Enchanted Season 1 Episode 34

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“hey you!!! I tao Nara’s back and made her get distracted. She turned her back but was still not showing her face.Her hair warmer covered her pretty face really well.No one has ever seen her face in the class,it was only me and I saw it by mistake when I bump into her.


“what do you want??? she asked softly…she really resemble her twin. They are just so identical with different lip color.



“have my note pad copied! I commanded.

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“what happened to your hand?? she replied with little boldness.


I sent her a deadly glare.


‘if you don’t wanna get into trouble,do what I asked you to do.You know you’re asthmatic” I click my tongue.


“okay,I will copy it” she replied and took my notepad.


“I need it today” I sneer,knowing duly well that she can’t copy the whole note in just one day.


“I can’t,you will have it tomorrow” she replied.


I brought out a perfume and use it to scare her…she’s really asthmatic.


“don’t worry, you will get it today” she said,I smiled and kept the perfume back.


She buried her head low and started copying my notepad despite how cold and wet she is..


Her hands were really shaking while copying the notes…she’s just so cold and probably would have froze if I continue pouring more water on her.


I’m not even ready to kill her…


just punishing her and ordering her around would do a little justice.


First lectures went off,she was still copying my notes and am very sure she doesn’t understand a bit of all what was taught..




“she’s just dull with little brains.She doesn’t know anything.its only how to paint and draw that she knows.


“are you not through?? I asked.


“I’m not,its still much! she replied in a whisper and continue writing it.


Second lecture went off,she was still writing it.She didn’t even take lectures on phone…


I already distracted her from class.


I smiled and stood away from her back,I went to sit at my actual seat opposite Scot.


I glance at him,he was pressing phone.I dare not speak nor move close to him.Not after all what I did to him.


….but why is he looking different and happy???



i started staring at him,


he was just smiling while looking at his phone.He really made a cute face then took his car key and went out.


He doesn’t take lectures in notes,he takes it on phone and he attend lectures only on Fridays because of his personal inheritance.


He stood up and started walking out while I smirks at the girls who where drooling over him.They just keep saying shits and bla bla bla.


I was less concerned.I broke up with him already.


I glance back at Nara,she wasn’t there anymore.it was only my note that was on her desk.


“how dare she leave my note without copying???….


i lamented because she only copied quarter.I flipped through what she copied and saw a small note at the center.


“will copy your notes when am done with maths class” I rear what she wrote and went more wilder.


I squeazed the paper note angrily and walked out of art class to maths class.


I spotted her.


her clothes were not wet anymore.She had bought another one with a more beautiful cardigan that was a little bit oversized but it really fitted her.


She was sitting alone as usual…


I just hate her stupid life of loneliness.


I stormed into the goddam maths class and interrupted the lecturer who was busy solving on the smart board.


“how can I help you miss jenny?? the lecturer asked.


“I’m here to pick my maid” I replied with sauciness in my voice.


“you’re free” he beemed.


i smilled and made an eye contact with Nara who had her head hurried already.


I also noticed that Scot was staring at me.


“such a fool!!


“he will never stop loving me.Am very sure he will come back begging.



“Nara Mia, I need you!! i rolled my eyeballs.I don’t actually want her in maths class.I don’t want her to know anything.


“I need you” I pouted…


everyone in the lecture room turned to look at her except for Scot who was busy staring hard at me.


“will see you after maths class” she replied in a sweet voice that irritate the hell out of my life.


I showed her a gas spray stylishly in a manner that no one won’t notice…just her alone..


She has no choice than to do what I wanted.Only me knows her stupid secret of being asthmatic.


She stood up and followed me…


I dragged her like she weighed nothing.


“I don’t ever want to see you in maths class” I said.She nodded yee and started copying my notes in arts class.






“yeah,you’re correct! Roshni smiled.


I smiled back and waved my notepad in the air.


“try exercise 24d” she said.


“okay” I replied and started doing it.


it was damn hard…


“hunnie,you’re wrong”she frowned.


my heart shanked.


“sorry can I try it again?? I asked.


“sure” she smiled.


I did it again but it was still the same answer I got.


“keep trying it,you must get a different answer” roshni said and started packing her bag.


“bye” she kissed my cheeks and left for the door.


“please give me a clue before you go” I begged.



“nope….use your intelligence” she smiled.



“aaah please this one is hard” I said but she had already left.


I dare not use my phone or ask Google for help,she will know.


such a bad luck!!! I tap my forehead and continue the work with enthusiasm but I kept on getting the same answer.


I still did not give up,I continue solving.






45minutes passed and that goddam teacher Richie employed to teach Nare hasn’t step out.


“what’s she doing inside???


“she ought to have step out!!


I whistled when I sighted her out of the gate.


I smiled and drove in,I packed my cars in the parking lots and step down.


“is Richie in??? I asked his guards.


“no” they replied.


“when will he be back?? I asked.


“in the next 3hours.He left with Pedro and Alberto” they said.


I smiled again and walked into the mansion.


I gotta have enough time with her.


I raced up the stairs,straight away to her room,she wasn’t there.


i went to Richie’s study room and met her there.


she was busy writing on a large dashboard…


“I wish I can solve this just like Roshni did” she slam her forehead and rub the dashboard in a frustrated manner..


I just leaned on the door thinking of a better plan to get her. I want to catch her unaware.


“so hard!!!


“damn hard!!


“wish to know book like Richie…. gaaaad he’s just so intelligent” she slammed again and clean the


rubbish she wrote on the dashboard.


“well,I think I should wait for Richie. he will teach me if he come back” she minced and turned back with her long hair flowing freely in the air.


she saw me and was shocked…


She hide her fear and drag the short bumber shot that she wore under her white shirt down….but is was


only revealing her flat tommy. because the shirt was tied at the base,giving her the hot look of a model.


She gave me a “what happen” look and started packing her things.


She grabbed her cup of ice cream too and placed the straw on the tip of her red lips.


…so its true….


“she’s so stubborn….


She gave me a don’t you dare come closer look but I was damn stronger than her.


I entered the study and locked the door behind,she drop her ice cream cup and rushed to the door but I had the key tossing round my fingers.


“do whatever I say and you will be free” I said,she made a scorn and was almost slapping me…


I was smarter than her so I held her hand and drop it down.


“don’t be stubborn!


“do whatever I say!!! I grinned and deep my hand into her hair and scattered it all over her face…


She made smart moves but I caught her off guarded..


i am really smart in handling girls…


“Nare you’re still stubborn!!


“take off your cloth and show me your fresh back! I commanded…


she went after her phone but I caught it before her.


“Take off your panties and everything too”


“i met you before Richie do” I scorned.


I felt the tears dripping down her soft cheek….she didn’t miss her target, she slapped me and opened


her ice cream cup…



she spilled everything on me…



she actually brought out the devil and monster in me.


i went crazy and puller her back by her long hair,I tied her hands so she won’t outsmart me before hitting her earlobe.


“don’t be sturbbon, take it off gently” i said into her cute ear….she turned and spit into my eyes.


. ..she’s so sturbon but I wasn’t gonna give up on her.


“You’re a dust!!!


“You’re not worth my taste not to even talk of my sperk!!


“roll with bitches and not with queens like me for I have my pride and dignity!!!


“I won’t watch you assault me because I am aware!!! she spit at me again…


I was so angry that I had to slap her..


she returned hers two times.


She turned me into a Lucifer and made me tied her mouth with an handkerchief..


I actually made her powerless.













(I know you can’t love me)



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