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Enchanted Season 1 Episode 33

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sɛasօռ1 EPISODE 33












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continues from Scot……..


“who could that be????….


I wondered as my body slowly diminish. I knock at the door again,they stopped their moaning sounds.

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“who’s there??? the male voice asked.


I was really broken because the voice sounded like kd’s own.Slowly lonely tears fell off my eyes to my cheeks then to my sharpened jaws.


“who’s the idiot knocking at my door??? Jenny’s voice rants.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories




“baby let’s continue!!! i felt kd pushing her back to the bed.


I knocked again till i got frustrated… even till I had no other choice to leave. I’m just so soft hearted like Richie..


I got to my car and placed my head on the steering,I even removed my mask and drive away in anger,making sure I transfer aggression on the steering.


“kd actually betrayed our friendship…


“I can’t even tell anyone because they won’t believe me.Richie won’t believe and Dylan will say its a lie…


A message buzzed into my phone as I drove home,it was from jenny.


fu.ck off….


I never loved you in the first instance,it was a set up to get information about Richie from you” I read her message as I hopped upstairs.


“any problem???? Dylan asked.He was actually sitting with his laptop on his laps.


“Nothing!!! I replied with a broken heart.I keep secrets a lot and that’s why Richie is able to trust me with everything.


“you’re crying” Dylan said.


“do you care????


I asked,he kept quiet and faced his laptop.


Dylan is even more worst than kd.Such a green snake under a green grass.I kept wondering why we choose to be friends.


“what sort of friends???


“is it friends that betray and back stab each other or friends that help one another????


“nothing is wrong with me!!! I replied him softly….


We only choose to be friends because we deal in business with each of us having different aspects..


We help ourselves in our business but I don’t think we are worth friendship anymore.


Everything started when Richie had more fames and money….


He was the one to be the next president….


since then Kd and Dylan changed from good to bad….


“okay” Dylan replied,kd came in…


He smiled at me,like he knew the bad thing he did to me.


I smiled back… I forgive him already but I was still crying inside because I really love jenny.


“I’m off” I said to kd and went to my room,I brought out the painting of jenny that I did,I tore it into pieces and drew an other thing entirely.


Something different and meaningful. I painted a diagram of a red heart.. I made it pure red and wrote some wordings under it.


I just hope I will emerge as the winner with this…..






3hours 40minutes after, I was at Mhesha mansion,she was actually the one that missioned me to get


close to Scot while she missioned Alisha to get close to a very mean villain….


She’s really ready to get Nare and Nara..but I know its Richie she wanted…


she’s just so smart in making plans.


“guess that’s what we are gonna do to get Nare and Nara back!!! she beemed.


“Enchanted is in two months time… we should be able to get the twins back here.They don’t belong to Richie,they belong to me because I was the one that bought them from slavery!!! Mhesha spoke with pure hatred


“and you think its possible????


“Richie can have what he wants and news are flying around that he’s in love” Seesha said.She’s actually standing on nare’s side.



“I got information from Scot!! I raised my brows.


“it will be a neat job if we should start from Nara.” Alisha said.She’s the next most intelligent.


“why Nara???


“she’s so innocent!!!! seesha added.


Mhesha shot her a glare,she kept quiet.


“we can’t start with Nare because Richie is all over her for Now.And besides that,Nare is a pretty and enchanted dummy…


“so smart, strong,fearless and a very good fighter who can fight with anything because she had been


trained by Pedro…..


for now, we are starting with Nara….


Nara is asthmatic!!! Mhesha said.


“yes,I know about her. She attends my school.She hardly talks and she’s always hiding her identity and face by always wearing expensive sweaters and hair warmer everyday!! I winked.


“yuck…..I wonder how she get money to attend such cost art school” I grinned.


“just study her!! Mhesha ordered.


“i will assign kd to complete the job by raping them to death once we get them.


After that,no one will be more beautiful than us and no one will have Richie… only me. just me!! Mhesha smiled.


Alisha gave a glare.


its obvious she has a crush on Richie too.




next day




I rolled to the other end of my bed and felt a leg on my tommy.


“gross!!! I opened my eyes,it was Nare.She slept in my room…


I wanted to stand up, she drag me back.



“twinnie,let’s sleep small” she said from sleep..


“no,I can’t,I’m late already. i have just 30min to prepare for lecture.” I replied and went to my washroom


I had my bath and came out in towel, Nare was still sleeping.


“hunnn 7am!!! I said.


“I know.I won’t be going out anymore. Roshni will be coming here to teach me plus Richie will be teaching me whenever he’s less busy.” she replied.


“why?? I asked.


“my identity is leaking out….i won’t be going out anymore it will be so dangerous” she retorts.


“don’t worry,after two months we will be done and we are gonna go back to meet granny amber in the village” I said,she smiled and left my room for hers.


I dress up for school and pull out a cotton white cardigan out of my wardrope.The cardigan has jointed cap that is big enough to cover my hair and face halfly.


I took my black designer bag and packed my assignment in a brown paper.I actually painted Nare. I made it real like she was wearing a black Saree that has white stones all over it, I made her hair white with lips really red.


I’m sure I will come second with it if not first …..


but that first will be difficult….


Jenny is good in arts too….


She’s the class most aggressive bitch that loves partying and shouting.


i just wish I will someday beat her in arts….


I got downstairs and met sir rich sitting on a fansy pub.His hair was dyed blue,he had chain round his neck and feet then his fingers were decorated with gem bearing rings.


He was on phone too.


“Nara!!! he called my name…..I startled and walk closer to him.


“sir!! I bowed,he smiled.


“Elsa isn’t around,I sent her somewhere” he said…


“okay sir” i trembled and wondered why he is telling me.


He rarely speaks with me but he do buy things for me.


Anything he buy for Nare,HE buys the same for me…


he’s really kind and cute for a human.


At tines,i wonder if someone actually give birth to him…..


“sooooo cute!!!


“take my card,buy whatever you want” he said and tuck his hands into the black jean he wore.


He stretched it to me….I was afraid to touch it or even collect it.


“take it,I don’t bite” he whispered softly.


I smiled for the first time and collected it.


“Sir your password!!! I asked.


“Nare” he replied,I gasped.


He stood up and went upstairs…


I kept his card safely and rushed to the car.I was really late.


1hour late.


I got to the lecture room for arts and entered. I was damn late. I submitted my assignment and went to my seat at the back but was supposed Jenny was seating at the back.


it was even a Friday”


I pull off my bag on the desk,my sear was a one seater.Richie really spent a lot on me and Nare.


I wanted to sit down,Jenny pull my chair back and made my butt hit the floor.


“bring it!!! she shouted.The lecturer stopped.He couldn’t do anything….


Jenny is rated powerful in the school of art.


“here ma!!! two maids walked in and handed her two buckets of very chilled water….


She poured them on me and made me stark wet.


“continue!!! she shouted again.The lecturer faced the board and started lecturing.



I had no other choice than to drag my seat back and sit like that.














(i know you can’t love me)




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