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Enchanted Season 1 Episode 22

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mhesha Daniels


I laid on my king sized bed with my phone.I was busy chatting with KD, asking him the best way to get Richie to myself but the stupid idiot told me to have sex with him before he can tell me anything.


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“that’s not possible,i can’t do that.Tell me anything else. Sleeping with you won’t work” I text him.


“then you’re not ready to have Richie” he sent.


“if its money, I will give you.Just name any amount, will send it in a nifty” I text him again.


“nobody is poor here.You can keep your money to yourself.” he sent again.


“never,I can’t sleep with you!” I sent .


I can’t sleep with him just because I want him to tell me how to get Richie. it sounds really awkward.



I went off line and took my other phone,I smiled at the comments I got on my last Instagram post,they are quiet impressive.


“mhesha you’re really beautiful!.


(jasmine Anna).


“mhesha we love you!!!!


(Joel jewl)


“permit me to meet you personally”


(joy daxton)….


I continue reading the comments.I was still reading them when I suddenly heard a slight knock on my door.


“what do you want?????


I asked,knowing fully well that it is one of my loyal servant.


The stupid idiot knocked again instead of answering.


“what do you want????


I shouted.


“yes ma!! He answered and knock again.


“are you deaf???


“what do you want??? I asked with furry in my eyes.


“me ma!!!


“ma,sir Richie is outside with his guards.I came by to ask if I should open the gates or not” the guard startled.


“what are you waiting for? open it already” I ordered and dash to comb my fake hair, I adjusted my gown and did a quick make up then I joined Alisha and Tasha in our personal living room.


“compose yourself, he doesn’t tolerate trash” Tasha seethed at Alisha.


“Alisha went to the window side and peep beside it.


“maybe he came to ask me out” lisha said and made tasha laugh out.


“he won’t even make that mistake because you’re so ugly” Tasha teased.


“he can’t ask you out too because your lips is as wide as your Virginia”


Alisha insulted her own.



“hmmmm,let’s watch and see”


Tasha replied.




“I never knew he’s rich as this!!!.


“Tasha he’s so so rich…..he’s putting on pure,neat overall diamond.” Alisha said with a giggle.


“oversize doughnut cooperate” Tasha remarked.


The door slam open automatically, Richie’s guards stepped in.I doubt it if Richie will follow them in…..


“good evening ma’am” the guards greeted.


“what the fu.ck do you want???


I pretended as if I am not happy seeing them.


they kept quiet and gave themselves puzzled looks.


“sir rich asked us to search your mansion for…..”they started saying.


“for what!!?? I interjected.


“for the other twin you enslave in your captive” one of the guards replied.


I arched my brows.They actually came for Nara.


“she’s my slave,why is Richie looking for her??? I gave a killer look.


“guards what are you waiting for,start searching! another of Richie’s guards ordered.


“that won’t be possible because this is my mansion.Now,you’re gonna go back to Richie and tell him that i won’t release Nara if I don’t see Nare!


I commanded and started analyzing my plans.


“guards what are you waiting for, start the search” that same guard said.


“I bet it,you won’t dare” I replied.


“Richie can’t come to your goddam house,its really below his standard”


“then forget about Nara too! I replied.


“get out of my house! I flared up at Richie’s guards. ..Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories




they didn’t answer.



“get out or I call the police” I yelled.


“call soldiers too!! a very sweet voice said from behind….he was masked and was standing at the door




the black top he wore really suite His whitish skin …..it made him look like an angel that fell from above.


He unveil his masks…..


I saw his lips,it was really pink and small.


so tender and silky like a strawberry flavored ice cream.


“what are you waiting for, call them!


he said in a firm voice that sounds really commanding.


“guards check around” he gave orders and made a killer superior look that made me waoowed.


he really fits the description that KD told me.


so smart,


so bold,


so cute and authoritative.


“pat,join the search,I really need to leave here in the next 20min” he ordered and took the golden carved mask that the guard beside him was holding .


“sir we can’t find her! his guards reported.


“find her or you will be fired! he uttered with his eyeballs getting darker each passing seconds.


“where did you keep her???


he raised his jaws and look straight into my eyeballs.


“she’s my maid and not your maid” I replied him harshly,Alisha almost fainted.


“I bought her for 9.8million rupees. in fact I can sue you to court for taking Nare to live with you without


asking for my permission……


“this is the evidence of them being my maids.In fact they are my property and I can do whatever i like to them” I replied and was the statement of enslavement for him to see.


He click his tongue and made his deep dimples show.I quickly hide the evidence behind my back because KD said it to me that he’s very smart.


“richie,Nare and Nara are mine! I rolled my eyeballs arrogantly.



Richie click his tongue…..his blue eyeballs were now darker.


“can we talk?? he said in a verrry sweet voice…


“talk for what??? I replied,nastily.


Richie smiled.


****Richie miles*****


I fixed my gaze on the evidence,thinking of a more simple way to get it.


“can we talk??? I said in a manner that will make her drool over me.


“talk for what?? she replied rudely.


“let’s just talk! i played along smartly without her noticing any traces.


“I’m not talking to any fu.cking body” she replied rudely and held the evidence tightly.She’s really proving sturboness and her sturboness is even making it more easy for me.


Nare is even more sturbon than her… this slimy worthless,bitch here doesn’t know how to act sturbon,she’s just pretending.


“really,you don’t want us to talk!! I said in the same sweet voice and bounce walk really close to her.


my handsomeness made her shifted back…she missed a step and stumbled back,I held her waist and slowly slip the evidence from her hand.


so easy.


“the evidence is mine! she quickly gained balance and wanted to collect it back,I throw it to pat,pat threw it to jace,jace threw it to elite while Ely threw it back to me.


“sir we rescused her already,she’s in the car! daxton beemed….


mhesha glared in shock.


“drive her home straightaway” I ordered.


my guards left,


i turned to follow them.


“you can’t go with my evidence! mhesha yelled and drag me back by left wrist…. she drag me with





We are both tall…..just same heights.


She dragged me back and made us kiss mistakenly.








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