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Diary Of A Tormented Husband – Episode 15

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“Marriage is an intimate relationship between two people. It is a bad idea to involve a third party.”




“Hey Fred,” Anna welcomes me with a bear hug and a kiss on my cheek when I walk into her office at Break time. I didn’t see her in the morning because she was attending a meeting. Anna is the careers and guidance teacher at the school hence she has her own office.


“Hey you,” I respond when she releases me from the hug.


Anna looks different today she has that beautiful glow on her face that I can’t even explain plus she looks very beautiful. Anna rarely applies make up but today, she has make up on and she even has even styled her hair in a different way, it does look really nice.


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“What?” she asks




“You have been staring.”


“Well, I am just surprised.”




“The makeup, the hair and the short dress, are we trying to impress the married man?” I ask placing an emphasis on “the married man.”


She rolls her eyes and sits down. I stride to the opposite side of her table and took my seat.


“You called for me?”


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“Yes, I haven’t seen you all morning plus I wanted us to have breakfast together.”


“How thoughtful of you,” I respond


There are two smoothies on her table and some burgers on the plate I guess she had bought them on her way here.


“So how are things with Tasha?” she asks


I shrug, taking a sip of my smoothie, “We haven’t spoken in while,” I respond


“And what’s the way forward?”


“I have decided to go back home, I can’t live without Tasha and my children, I miss them terribly.”


Annan gives me evil glowy red eyes,” You wanna go back?” she asks “Yes.”


“You enjoy being stepped on don’t you?”


“Tasha is my wife and yes we do have our issues but running away from her isn’t the solution.”






“Well, all the best let’s see how this will play out.”


“Thank you buddy,” I playfully hit her shoulder, she hates anything that has to do with my wife, who wouldn’t? Tasha’s behavior makes it so hard for my friends and family to love her.


“Banakudyesa chiani iwe ai?” (What did they feed you?) She laughs


“Let’s forget about Tasha, tell me about this married man you have been having an affair with.” She smiles, “He is a great man but his wife is a cheat, she has…,”


“He told you his wife is a cheat?” I ask cutting her sentence short before she can finish.




“And you believed him?”


“Yes, he is a genuine man.”


I laugh, “No genuine man would have an affair with another woman while he is still married to another. “ “Well.,”


“You should cut all ties with this man, let him go. You are better than this you don’t have to stoop this low.” “I have just been lonely and my biological clock is ticking, I need someone to call my own.”


“Your time will come I believe there is man out there for you.” “You believe so?” she asks


“Like I said last night, you are beautiful and smart woman any man would be blessed to have you.” Silence




“I am just thinking.”


“About?” I ask


“When you say every man would be blessed to have me does that include you?” I laugh, “Where is that question coming from?” “Just curious.”


“Curiosity killed the cat,” I say


“And satisfaction brought it back to life,” she shrugs


“Oh please.”




“You are like a sister to me I have never looked at you in those lines so no I am not included in that equation.”


“I am not your sister.”


“I know but I regard you as my sister.”




There is an awkward silence as we continue eating, I don’t know what’s going on with Anna I just hope she leaves that man and gets back to her normal self soon.


A moment later, the bell rings signaling the end of break time, I quickly rise to my feet.


“Thank you so much buddy for the food, I owe you one.”


“You are welcome,” she says in a low tone.


“You are okay?”


“Yes,” she nods her head.


“I have to get back to class, will see you later.”




I walk out and head straight to my class.



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“I am not your sister Fred,” I furiously kick the table with my foot. Just when I thought I was making progress he decides to go back to her. Why does he love her so much? Why should it be her and not me? It fu.cking hurts me to know that he doesn’t love me in the way that I do.


I love Fred, I love him more than anything in the world, if he becomes mine, I will give him everything he has ever desired and I will have my burning desires fulfilled.




I smile as I steer my car onto Amelia’s driveway, I know I have to sort things with my husband but first I have to deal with his silly sister for allowing him to stay in her house knowing very well that he is a married man with kids. Prisca couldn’t come with me because she had an engagement somewhere but she advised me to teach Amelia a lesson and I will do just that.


I park my car step out and head for the front door then I barge in without knocking.


“Amelia?” I furiously call her name.


“Amelia?” I call again, louder this time around.


Her maid appears instantly carrying Amelia’s child. Amelia has a one year old baby, she is engaged to her baby daddy and they are set to wed next year.


“Auntie Amelia is not home, “the maid says


“And where is she?”


“She went out with Lucia’s father.”


“And where is my husband?”


“He has gone for work.”


“So you people decided to keep a married man in this house, don’t you know I can sue you for marriage interference?” I ask


“I am sorry madam but I think I have the right to answer that?”




“Your husband is old enough to decide what he wants don’t come here making unnecessary noise.”


“What?” I scream so loud the baby starts crying.


“You scared the child.”


“Did you just talk back at me?”




“You are just a filthy maid, you have no right to…,”


“I am sorry I have no time to entertain you, I am not your husband,” she turns to walk away but I grab her arm roughly the baby in her arms almost falls.


“Are you are?”


“You need prayers, i feel sorry for your husband, that man doesn’t deserve a woman like you.”


“With that said,” she walks out on me.


I throw myself on the couch, I will wait for Amelia to come and when she does, I will give her a piece of her mind. She will find me.









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