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Beautiful Love Song – Season 3 Episode 1

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[The conclusion ]








episode one






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the dropping sounds of the rain increased and there was one minute silence before Romeo shifted away and Lilly’s body drop on the floor.


Romeo covered his nose and went out with his car key.




Cheng and I shouted.


maids rushed out immediately, the quickly surrounded Lilly and carried her out.


“who.did this???


“what’s this,a lady’s body All chaffed up like this?? Cheng yelled angrily.


he followed suites.


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I turned back and face kani who was still bowing on his kneels.


“is bhewen in India? I asked.


“I have no idea,my empress” he replied.


“ummm can I trust you enough to make you my dog?


I asked,my eyes bloodshot.


“my empress-


he startled.


“Just don’t do….this…Royal is still a small guy, forgive him again” kani said.


“and why should I continue forgiving Royal….


“please my empress,he is still a small guy,he doesn’t understand anything” kani said.


“He doesn’t understand anything, then how come he achieved more than his




he doesn’t understand anything then how come he always have a feeling that there


are some untold secrets surrounding his birth….


should I still allow such guy to live???


“But queen mother,he was humble…


forgive him this last minute” kani said.


“Kani,get lost” I said,


he bowed and ran away.


Mira’s p.o.v


what happened in school today is indescribable.. After all,Lilly’s plan was in pain and she ended up disgracing herself.


She only used my ideas to satisfy her selfish character and I already told her that


she can never be smarter than royal.


At the end, we both lose,


she ended up causing damage for herself cos the dice high students already knows who Royal’s girlfriend really is.


I trust them,


it would have spread everywhere.


I’m just sooo shocked I shared in Lilly’s punishment.


my phone rang…my dad.


I quickly checked time,just 30mins left. 30mins to sacrifice the goddess and we failed in finding one.


my heart skipped as I stood up,


I quickly lock the doors very well.


Who knows my dad might be outside? he might want to use me..


he kept on calling,I ignored and locked the windows cos of the rain.


he kept on calling.


my hands went over to my chest as I picked his calls.


Mira,you were scared right? he asked.


I started sweating, even my palms were sweaty as I stayed quiet. “Mira-” he called.


I opened my mouth slightly. I felt tears.


my life is just soooo confused, Han Lilly made it more confused.


“Baby,everything is fine,I already find a way,I already told you you’re my last


hope,I cant use my blood.


Dad loves you” he said.


I tuck my hairs behind my ears and sat on one of the soft chairs.


I didn’t even notice I was wet in the breast and even in my panties.


why am I.getting like this???


“Dad,who.did you use?


I asked and use the remote to increase the air conditioner.


“seven pregnant women replaced her but I will still need to get her in the future, she got fortunes too.


Anyways,there’s still time,am going to give that a check” he said.


“Okay kisses…but dad,I want you to stop all this” I said.


“more kisses” he said.


“baby I already credited your account with 7.6million won” he said.


“blackmail money” I smiled.


I drop my phone.



Lilly fainted” jingwen sent in the group chat…


hmmm I’m just getting better” angel sent immediately.


I hissed and took off my cloth.


Lilly think I will get mad at her, she’s not doing me,she’s doing herself by being so self centered” I sent.


the result is out…98.9% is the overall highest” angel sent. now,it’s time for national trainings…” angel sent again. Royal.and who????

jingwen sent..


I dropped my phone and called Chris, he didn’t pick as usual.


he is my crush but he never notice me..even if he notice me,he will leave me once he have sex with me.


I wonder if women turn him on….



who are you staying with in this cold weather??? jingwen sent…


I turn on the TV.



Krishna p.ov


The car pulled into a magnificent mansion,it’s a paradise itself.


The fountain water was bluish with artificial fish inside.


I admired everything th


rough the window as a medium.


The driver step out,


I turn to look at Royal, he was on a call. I look back at were I was looking before,I didn’t even notice royal was dine making calls. “ma’am, are you done watching?”


he asked as he chewed in slowly.


I nodded, he undid his seat belt.


a guard rush to open the door.




he smiled and collected the file Royal was holding.


more guards trooped out.


maids were standing behind.


“Sir welcome…




“I cooked already…


“do you need massage in this cold weather?


the maids tried to get attention.


He smiled and walk in,


I followed behind.


“Is this his house too???


we entered together,


I sat on one of the couch.


A guard entered almost immediately and drop a white slippers down, Royal took off the gold laid one he was wearing and wear the new one. he raced upstairs singing.


“Beautiful love song ”


he whispered.


he sang……



*am going under and I fear this time there’s no one to save me..


*this all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy…


I need somebody to heal


Somebody to know


somebody to hold * somebody to have


jeeeeez,what a voice.


he was soo fluent.


i didn’t hear anything again,he was outta sight.I imagined what staying here alone with him will look like without any guard or maid.


I still want to do many things with Royal..I want to teach him how to cook,teach him how to play.


have never seen him playing with his friends.


it’s only me he talks to.


And maybe Chris… he only talks to his band mates only when they are having business talks or concert.


Justin was right.


I want royal to learn many things too.


Two maids entered.


“Hy Hon,am Linda,she is Cindy”


one of the girls introduced.


“hy” I waved back.


“madam,follow us…your room”


she pointed.


I stood up and followed them with my bag. I kept on looking around “do you like it?” a maid asked.


“ohh…” I stopped looking and saw that we were already a pink painted room. It was decorated with girly things.Exactly like my room.


just that the pillow case and beddings are childish with a pattern of rabbit ears designs.


“you still didn’t tell me your name” she said.


“Krish” I said.


“you mean goddess Krishna” she smiled.


“just Krishna, I don’t know about that goddess stuff okay” I said and carefully dropped my bag on one of the chairs.


she smiled faintly and told me to change I’m a room.


I did.


I came out wrapped in a white towel and a white shower cap on my head.


I met her arranging the dining in the room…


I didn’t even notice.


“you’re lucky,you suit his taste” she said and watch me eat pineapple.. I passed her by and entered the washroom, she followed me and made me sit on a stool.


she did my nails.


“Do you always cream…your skin looks sooo untouched. Too fresh and soft” she said.


I stayed quiet.


she smiled and stood up. She removed my shower cap and unbraided the longness of my hair. I saw her expression through the mirror,she rubbed the curly edges with so much care.


I.felt shy…she’s taking too long.



“Aunty Linda,is there something strange in my hair? I asked her…


I felt shy cos only royal touch my hair like that.


“umm nothing,am just admiring nature,I love the curls and longness” she said and started mixing kits in a small bowl.


I pick on the new nails as she rubbed the mixer into my hair…then she moved over to the jacuzzi and add treatments to the water.


“you can bath..but make sure you wash your hair separately”


she said and left.


I did as she said…


I step out and met her bring in two transparent bags.


“since its cold,would you prefer pyjamas trousers and top?” she asked. “I don’t even feel cold,I feel warm” I said and she handed me one of the teansparent bag.


I went into the changing room.and wore the nightwear.


she entered and stood by the door.


“I love your would be able to pose all products” she smiled and admired how the inner wear looked on me…


“sooo nice,I love how your hips made the so short” she said.


I nodded and quickly wore the long jacket…


“one minute” she said and removed my bra without looking.


“hmm great” she said and t


ook time in rolling my hair with colorful bands, guess am already sleeping.


I climbed the bed when she was done,she covered me with the duvet and sat on the edge.


“honey, thank you,you can go and sleep” I said.


“hunn no,am still on duty..


should I tell you a story?” she asked.


I slept halfly…


There are three girls,


Tara,Tama and Tada….



and a very very wealthy CEO wanted to marry the three girls all to himself. He became ice and stone hearted,


he took the three girls away from their parents like they were nothing..


she continued.


“umm that’s unfair”


I said in a sleepy manner.


the wealthy CEO was known for menancy and Tama was considered the weakest of the three girls.


do you think she will be able to unfree his heart???


Linda asked…


“umm maybe” I said.


“I will continue tomorrow” she said..


“sweet dreams” she came back to touch my hair again.


I slept…


I opened my eyes when the light in my room went off.It was dimmed red.


I opened my eyes widely and confirmed that it was royal before closing it back.


he went to stand beside the window, he was humming song too.


cos your love,i don’t wanna lose


I’m begging.beggin.beggin.beggin.


I’m begging you…


Never mind I’ill find someone like you


I wish nothing but the best for you too…we last in love together…


in the name of looove…


he stopped and answered a call.


he catwalked and sat on the other side of my bed.


he slept and shared my duvet.


I quickly turn against him and pretend to be sleeping.


he dropped the call and moved into me from the back. I still pretend to be sleeping…


he kissed my neck and made me turn…


my heart skipped two beats…


“Sweetheart” he called,verrry soft.


I pretend as if I was sleeping.


he touched my thighs and made me move very close.




“are you really sleeping?


he asked and touch those curly edges on my hair.


I closed my eyes tight, he kissed it.


I felt his breath on my shoulders and my nightwear rope slowly loose…


Linda didn’t tie it well…


did she intentionally remove my bra.


ohh noo-


I opened my eyes halfly and saw Royal looking into my laps. I quickly hugged him in sleep.


He wrapped his hands on my buttocks and started kissing my neck.He smiled as he left one love bite on my shoulder..


he kissed the back of my palms too and slowly wore me his presidential bracelets.


I just felt sweetness each time he touch me,is he also feeling the same.


he closed his eyes immediately his hands mistakenly touch my nipples.


“my wife,it’s too early to violate me in this cold weather” he said……


I smiled in the inside.


“why did he remove it away quickly?


“it was mistake.. hunn just mistake…


He didn’t tie the rope..


Instead he made it more lose.


is this how he does anytime am asleep?…






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bҽaųtiful ʟօʋɛ sօռɢ



[The Conclusion ]







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