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Age Doesn’t Matter – Episode 2

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Okay so I’m going to be tutoring a teenage boy who’s going to be eighteen next week.


Well I don’t see how things could go wrong.




“So… Uhm Mrs Huggins” I called and the woman turned to me.


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“So when am I starting?”


“Today!” she smiled.


“Today?” I repeated and she nodded.


“Is there anything wrong dear?” she asked but I shook my head negatively.


“Nope. Nothing is wrong” I lied.


I thought she would ask me to start tomorrow, but you know what, today’s actually fine. What would I be doing at home anyways.


“You it’s better if it’s earlier.” Mrs Huggins said and I nodded.


Yeah we all get that now.


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“So now let’s talk about your payment” the pretty lady said making me smile on the inside.


Finally, I mean it’s the only statement that made me happy.


Mrs Huggins and I talked about my pay and I couldn’t be more glad, like the payment was more than enough and unexpected. God I’m keeping this job.



It was seven past three in the afternoon and Mrs Huggins had assured me that her son Jason is going to be back five minutes past three and now I’ve been waiting for almost three minutes now and the ‘Jason.’ isn’t back yet.


Well he’s just three minutes late, but I’m still kind of Impatient, or was my impatient


nervousness, why would I be nervous.


He’s just a teenager.


I started to tap my feet rapidly on the floor and I tend to do that when I’m nervous or impatent. Mrs Huggins watched my gestured and expression and she suddenly knew I was getting impatent.


“Elsa!” she called softly and I turned to her.


“Would you like to get a cup of tea?”


“No thanks.” I sighed.


Wish I could tell her how bored and impatent I am now.


“Please when will your son arrive.?” I asked softly.



She sighed “He’s supposed to be home like three minutes ago cause his driver had gone to pick him up and his school isn’t far from home and he comes home at the exact time everyday and I don’t understand why he’s late today.”


I bit my bottom lip and she moved her perfectly dark hair from her face.


“Maybe I should just call him.” she said grabbing her phone from the small glass table in front of her.


As she tapped the screen with her gorgeous looking fingers. The front door opened and her son Jason walked inside.


And yep, he’s a good example of a teenage high school jock.


He’s tall, very tall, he looks bigger than seventeen but when you look at his face you can tell he’s a kid despite his body being more older than seventeen, He had thick black hair and light brown eyes just like his mom, He was pretty good looking, very good looking just like his mom. They’re all just so pretty and rich… Somehow I’m jealous.


“Jason!!” Mrs Huggins exclaimed running to the door.


“Mom.” Jason smiled walking up to his mother


“Why are you so late you’re supposed to be home at exactly five past three did you know how worried I wa–


“Mom” Jason interrupted “I am not a child anymore I can come home whenever I want, just because I’m three or even a second late doesn’t mean you have to overreact”. “Overreact? As long as you live under this roof you live by your parent’s rules and besides you’re not even eighteen, so don’t go out boasting about doing whatever you want to do, even if you’re twenty eight, you’re still a little boy to me.” Mrs Huggins yelled making Jason smile. Why is he smiling, even his smiles looks evil.


“Mom. I don’t see you getting all worked up cause I’m here now and also I’ll be eighteen in six days and that’s the reason I was late, the whole school wanted to attend my birthday party, so I had no choice than to get the whole school invited by giving out invitation card one by one. Do you know how hard that is mom. ” Jason rolled his eyes. “I don’t care, is your birthday more important than a–


“Oh please mom. Of course my birthday is more important, way important, I’m going to be eighteen, do you think that’s easy.” Jason blurted out.


“You’re saying it like I didn’t turn eighteen or like your father didn’t turn eighteen, you’re not the first boy to turn eighteen” Mrs Huggins yelled and I tried to hide my smile as I watched them from the couch I sat still.


“Well it’s important to me and why did you want me to come home so early what do you want to do with me?” Jason asked.


“It’s good you asked, come over here.” Mrs Huggins said and led her son towards me and I had to stand up. For proper introduction.


“Anyways it’s good that you’re back we’ve been waiting for you.” Mrs Huggins said.


“We?” Jason repeated, his eyes suddenly dart to me.


“Jason this is Elsa. Elsa this is my son Jason.” Mrs Huggins introduced and I put on the best smile I could ever fix on my lips.



“Hello!” I said with the most sweetest voice I could ever exhibit, I have to appear decent and nice.


Jason began. “Who is she?”


“She is Elsa Hathaway, your new–


“wife?” Jason interrupted,


Mrs Huggins blinked in confusion as she watched her son laugh at his stupid and lame joke.


That wasn’t funny.


“Are you crazy, she is your new math tutor”


“Math tutor? I don’t need a math tutor I can help myself I can be my own tutor” Jason said. Jason should better accept the fact that I’m his teacher and don’t spoil this job and it’s sweet payment.


“Of course you do need a math tutor cause you’ve been getting too many D minus and F9 on your mathematics text and I can’t let that happen anymore.” Mrs Huggins said.


“Ugh! I thought I hid those stupid report cards from you.” Jason said slowly through gritted teeth. “Oh goodness, you know what your father is going to do when he learns of this!” Mrs Huggins said in a threatening tone that made Jason sigh relinquished.


Jason raised his head up to look at me…


“But mom why did you hire a teenager to tutor me I could have just asked my girlfriend to tutor


me instead, how do you expect a teenager to learn from a teenager” Jason expound.


Teenager!!! Do I look that small???


Is 5’ft. 8inches small?


I know I’m tall enough for him to realise I’m not small or my face doesn’t look mature enough, I


don’t understand who he’s calling teenager.


He’s already pissing me off.


“Elsa is not a teenager.” Mrs Huggins exclaimed!


“What? She looks sixteen to me. Mom are you sure. Cause I’m pretty sure I’m older than her.” Jason laughed making me roll my eyes angrily.


“Well I’m not sixteen.” I said cooly, I was already boiling though.


“Oh really? Okay then how old are you?” he asked.


This kid has got to be kidding me.


“Way older than you!” I replied him.


Giving him the strongest glare ever. But he didn’t look away he just held up a mocking glare trying to fight off my glare.


“Jason. Go take your shower and after having dinner your tutoring with miss Elsa starts so be ready,” Mrs Huggins said to her son.


“Whatever” he said and walked away like I said. Teenage boys are hard to deal with. –



After showering and having dinner, like promised Jason came down to the living room and stood in front of me…


“Okay so are you ready?” I asked standing up.


“Don’t I look ready?” he scoffed.


Making me want to slap his pretty face pretty hard.


I almost forgot how stupid and rude boys like him could be.


“Okay go get your books and let’s start studying” I tried to sound polite but my voice came out harsh.


“I thought we were studying in my room.” Jason said.


“No, your mom said you have a private studying room and we can both use that room” I tell him. “Nope. We’re studying in my room.” he replied and I sighed since he’s the student and I’m the teacher, the only way to solve this maturely is to accept whatever he wants.


I breathed out a “fine” and he smirked.


“Okay so this is the way to my room” he said and starts to walk up the glamorous stairs, I quickly picked up my bag and some text books that crawled out of the bag. I trailed behind Jason and tried my best to keep up with his fast legs.


“Jason wait up!” I said and he stopped and turned to me.


“What?” his tone was rude as expected. No surprise there.


“You can at least help me out with my bag, And books” I said with a slight shrug. “Sorry, but I think we both clearly have two hands.” he said and let out a sly smile and Continued walking.


He’s Rich but yet he behaves like a proletarian.


I ignored his rude remarks and continued carrying my bag and books.


Jason got to his room and as I got in with him, I observed his teenage room myself it was all white and black, looking very opulent, affluent and classy.


“My study desk is over there.” Jason pointed and my head snapped and turned to a wooden table and chair beside his window, I walked to the desk and placed my books on top. “Okay now let’s start with–


I stopped talking when I saw Jason already laid on his bed and playing with his phone. I mean what the hell.!


” Jason!” I almost yelled.


This spoilt brat should better not joke with me. My nice attitude was just sugar-coated.


“What is it Elise” he replied with a smug on his face.


Elise.! Okay that’s not even my name.


“What are you doing your bed aren’t we supposed to be studying?” I said trying to sound polite. “Or…” Jason sat up “We could just stay in my room and pretend to study and when it’s time to go you go. There you get plenty of free time and I don’t study… Smart right?”.


He’s so dumb.



I started “Or we could use that pretentious time to study for real and that way we can both benefit something, I mean isn’t that the reason I’m getting paid.” “Come one Elsa can’t you see I don’t want to learn.?” he whined.


“You’re seventeen, what you have to do now is study, and besides I’m getting paid to teach you so neither of us have no choice” I said sternly.


“You should never teach anywhere, you’re rude as” Jason blurted out.


Look who’s calling someone else rude.


Jason sighed angrily as he got down from his bed, as he walked up to me, he glared at me but his glare had no effect on me, he’s just a silly child who’s going through puberty.


“Sit” I ordered and pushed his chair forward.


“I’m not a dog you can’t order me around” he said and sat down.


“Well as your tutor and someone who is older than you, I see no wrong in me ordering you around.” I tell him.


We’re actually kind of the same, getting pissed by everything, rude as hell.


So if he tries to be rude I’ll just give him double, I don’t like taking shits especially from a teenager.


“We’ll see about that” he scoffed.


Making me roll my eyes at him.


I stood beside him and dropped the math textbook in front of him.


“Okay so what topic did you guys stopped at, in school!” I asked to know where to start with the tutoring.


“I don’t know!” he shrugged.


I scoffed. “How can you… I mean, why the hell won’t you know, are you joking with me right now!!!” I yelled making him flinch.


Okay Elsa calm down! I tell myself and I breathed In and out before turning back to him.














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