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A Prayer And A Dollar – Episode 4

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Miso shifted uncomfortably in her seat, this is not the kind of treatment she had expected to get from Josphat’s wife. The woman was a beauty and everyone envied her but now more than ever she was beginning to accept that outward beauty is not what makes a person lovable.


‘You are a Minister for crying out loud, people have obviously gotten pictures of you with this.’ She paused pointing at Miso, her face disgusted


‘Denise you are making a scene here.’ Josphat tried to say but it was like he had just awakened a sleeping beast


‘Make a scene? You are the one that is embarrassing yourself by being with this poor rugged girl.’ She said holding her forehead


‘Denise, or whatever your name is. Yes I come from a poor background and you just met me on my worst days but that doesn’t give you the right to insult me.’ Miso said now on her feet


Denise clapped her hands in disbelief.


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‘Josphat where did you pick this one from for her to have the guts to talk to me like that?’ she asked looking at her husband


By this time Josphat was just looking at Miso overwhelmed, he had never met anyone that had stood up to his wife. She was that one person that always brought the worst out of people, they feared her and whatever chance she got she made sure to kill their spirit.


‘Now you listen to me you little.’


‘No, I think you should listen to me. Whatever issues you have with your husband, deal with them. You can’t go round showing the whole world how much of a façade your home is.’ Miso said cutting her short


There was silence between the two ladies, Denise couldn’t believe that she had been answered back and Miso on the other hand was ready to pounce on Denise if she was going to say anything to try and demean her even more.



‘Ms. Banda.’ The Doctor said when he came out of his office ‘Yes.’ She said walking up to him


‘Can you please come to my office?’ He said


She followed him quickly and made her way to the office before he closed the door behind him.

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‘Where is my mother?’ was the first question she asked when he settled into his chair


‘I need you to seat down and be calm because what I have to say; I am not sure how you will take it.’ He said scratching his head


She noticed that even though he was talking to her and trying to be professional; he was awfully scared.


‘How long has your mother had cancer?’ he began hiding his shaky hands under the table


‘I don’t know, I just found out last night.’


‘Well, it is bad.’


‘And?’ she asked eyeing him which was making him more nervous ‘Can you stop looking at me like that?’


‘God damn it you are a doctor!’ she said banging her hands on the table ‘I am sorry miss but this is my first week here.’


‘Your first week and you were asked to deal with such a crucial case huh?’


‘My God do you want to kill my mother?’ she asked hands akimbo as she was now on her feet


‘Miss please calm down, I am the assistant Doctor here.’ ‘Excuse me?’ she asked moving closer to where he stood


‘Miss please.’ He begged as her eyes fumed with anger but just then then the door opened


‘Kevin what is the meaning of this?’ the horsy voice behind asked


‘Doctor Khan I am glad you are here.’ Kevin said moving away from Miso She was a tiny being but her anger had made the room too small for him ‘Miss I would suggest you take a seat.’


Miso turned around to face Doctor Khan, he was the most amazing being she had ever laid her eyes on but the anger she was feeling wasn’t going to be melted away easy with good looks.


‘I need you to explain what exactly is wrong with my mother.’ ‘I will do just that only when you seat.’


‘The last time I sat, I was addressed by an immature human that calls himself a doctor. So no, I would rather stand.’


‘Suit yourself.’ He said putting his hands in his pocket


‘Your mother’s breast cancer has gotten worse and the only solution right now is cutting off where the disease is. That way we will stop the cells from spreading.’ Miso felt weak to her knees, not believing why a rich man’s disease would be affecting poor people like her family.


‘How much is the surgery?’


‘You don’t have to worry about that, the Minister has cleared all the costs. Paying back to the community.’ He said a hint of sarcasm in his voice


She held his chair for support and slumped into it.


‘You are in my seat.’ He said


She looked at him for a minute then at her shaking feet.


‘How many people have survived cancer?’


‘Well on a scale of 1 to 10, in my five years of experience I can say.’ He didn’t finish his sentence because the door to the office opened


‘What is she doing in your chair?’ an angry Denise asked Miso looked from Khan to Denise then got up.


‘So where is she?’


‘We have admitted her and she needs someone by her side as we prepare her for the operation.’


‘When is that going to happen?’


‘Well we need to prepare her first, so that should be like a week from now.’ He said


‘Thank you.’


‘Next time don’t seat in his chair.’


‘I swear to God had it not been for my sick mother I would have dropped your guide.’


‘I am pretty sure that poor sick mother of yours won’t even come out of this alive.’ Shocking everyone in the room Miso slapped Denise hard across the face.


Denise was about to respond when Josphat came in and held her whilst Khan held Miso.


‘Josphat let me deal with your little slut, how can she lay her dirty hands on me.’ Miso shook herself from Khan’s grip.


‘You can call me whatever name you like but never talk about my mother.’ She said and stormed out of the room.


With the help of a nurse, Miso was directed to where her mother was. The cancer hospital was different from the rest of University Teaching Hospital. It was more spacious and was extremely clean.



‘Mama.’ Miso said allowing her tears to fall ‘Hey, don’t do this to yourself. I will be fine.’ ‘Mama I am scared.’


‘Don’t be, I have very good doctors taking care of me.’ She said when Khan walked to her bedside


‘I haven’t seen you in a long time Khan.’ She added


‘Well I guess I wanted something away from my father.’ He responded ‘You two know each other?’


‘Oh you must have been young, he is the youngest son of Bwana Howard. The


minister’s immediate young brother.’


‘Oh.’ Miso responded


Khan smiled warmly with his eyes





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