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A Prayer And A Dollar – Episode 3

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The following morning Miso woke up with mixed emotions about the offer that Josphat had presented, she knew that something was up his sleeve and the other thing that bothered her was that Sau was probably suspecting something.


‘Miso I am leaving.’ She heard Sau say just outside her room She grabbed a chitenge and a vest and went out to meet him. ‘What do you mean leaving?’


‘Miso we talked about this.’ He began but she dropped her gaze


‘I already talked to Mama and Papa and I trust that you are mature enough to look after everyone here.’ He said tilting her head a little so that she could face him ‘I am going to miss you Sau.’ She said


‘I would miss me too.’ He said causing the both of them to laugh


He kissed her forehead when he heard the sound of a vehicle outside. ‘That’s me.’ He said


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‘Take care of yourself Miso.’ He added looking at her with concern ‘I will.’


She stood by the door as she watched him run off, he was determined and she knew that he would make something good out of his life.


It was already morning and so she decided to start doing the house chaos so as not to delay her mother. By the time she was done, it was already six in the morning and water had been placed in the bathroom for her to bath.


‘Good morning child.’ Her mother greeted as she was led to the bathroom by her father


‘Good morning mama.’


‘Please quickly prepare her some porridge.’ Her father said



She ran to where she had placed the brazier and started making the light porridge. As she sat there she began to imagine what life would have been like had she been born in a different situation. She always imagined that she would have made a great nurse, treating everyone that came to her for help. This was her secret dream but she knew it was far-fetched because her level of education was only up to the sixth grade.


When she was done, she placed it nicely on the little table in the living room for it to cool as her mother was dressing up. She could see that she was in pain but tried shielding it as much as possible.

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‘You will make a good wife someday.’ Her mother teased as she ate her food Miso smiled weakly, this is a topic that she always avoided. In as much as she loved her mother she hated the fact that she was married off at a young age, between her parents there was no love whatsoever. The only thing she saw was mutual understanding and submission. One time she had asked her mother why she never left but her response was that her husband was the only home she knew and she wouldn’t leave him because then she would have no life aside from the one that she had now. Miso had never bothered to ask her again concerning that, it was more reason she wanted to be well groomed herself before committing her life to another person.

The knock at the door is what brought her back to life.


‘Hold on.’ She said standing up from where she sat


She held her chitenge a little tighter and went to check who was there. ‘Good morning.’ Josphat said with a bright smile


He wasn’t formally dressed today and his scent is what hit her first. ‘I will tell them that you are here.’ She responded


She was just turning around when he caught her hand by surprise, lucky enough the door was closed or her parents would have seen what was happening. ‘What?’ she asked with gritted teeth


‘It’s so good to see you.’ He said letting her go


She looked at him one more time before going into the house.


‘He is here.’ She announced


Her mother was already done eating so her father just helped her out. ‘Lead her to the car whilst I get her papers.’ He said


She held her hand and led her to the vehicle as Josphat held the car door. ‘Here, please take care of your mother.’ Her father said



For a minute she thought she had heard the wrong thing, why on earth didn’t he tell her that she was the one to go to the hospital? She had not even taken a bath and was only dressed in a chitenge and vest with old flip flops.


‘Now get in the vehicle.’


‘Papa I haven’t even brushed my teeth.’


‘Young lady I don’t care if you haven’t bathed in five days, it is your mother’s heath that is my concern.’ He said strongly


She knew that the tone he had used was a final say and she had no come back to that. So getting into the vehicle, Josphat drove off and an hour later they were at the University Teaching Hospital – Cancer hospital.


‘We are here.’ He announced after parking


He could see that Miso was not comfortable with what she was wearing and that made him laugh inwardly, she was beautiful and he was certain she didn’t know this.


He got the nearest wheelchair and helped her on it.


‘Let me do it.’ Miso said


‘I want to help.’ He told her as he wheeled her inside


He went straight to the elevator and punched a button for the third floor then called someone on his phone.


When they got there, a nurse received them and took over Miso’s mother informing the two that she would take it from there as the doctor was ready to see her and they could wait by the reception.


‘You know garments just compliment a person’s beauty right?’ he began when they had just sat by the waiting lounge


‘Can you kindly speak English.’ She said causing him to laugh


‘You are beautiful Misozi and you don’t need to be over dressed just so your beauty can show.’


‘No one calls me Misozi, not even my parents.’ She hissed


‘So out of everything I said that is the only thing you heard?’ he asked She was about to respond when a woman walked up to them. ‘Denise.’ He said getting up


‘Why the hell have you not been picking up your phone?’ she asked angrily ‘For God’s sake are you here to make a scene?’ he asked pleadingly


Miso lifted her head to look at Denise, she was light in complexion one could have mistaken her for a yellow bone. She had on a yellow jumpsuit and black heels, her black handbag was being carried by a body guard and her hair and ring were to die for.


‘And who is this? Your latest project?’ Denise said a hint of sarcasm in her voice






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