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A Prayer And A Dollar – Episode 10

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She threw her phone to the wall when she tried his line for the hundredth time and it took her straight to voice mail, this was the sixth phone she was breaking in two months but that was the least of her worries because she knew that her husband had the resources to even buy her the world.


‘Damn you Khan!’ she yelled as she walked to her bedroom upstairs


The maids knew better than to get in her business, she was like a dragon and every time she breathed it was like fire was coming out of her mouth.


She pushed the door open with force and banged it before dropping her weight on the bed.


‘Khan you can’t keep doing this to me.’ She said tapping her foot on the tiles She stripped of her clothes and stood under the shower as the hot water hit her body, she continued to think of the many times she threw herself at him but he never got to notice. All those times Josphat was out there cheating on her and she went to him crying hoping he would fall for her charm and woe him into bed but he just ended up calling his brother to treat her better.


‘Khan I will make you mine one way or the other.’ She said scrubbing herself roughly


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After she was done she went to the bedroom where she applied some lotion on her body and went through her walk in closet for something to wear. She was happy to



be the minister’s wife and have everything at her disposal but she desperately wanted Khan under her spell and each day he was proving to be difficult.


She picked a pair of grey skinny jeans with a white off the shoulder satin top and black wedges. She did her make up to perfection and got her car keys. She was aware that he was on leave and the only place he could be was at his mother’s or at home.


‘Ma’am are you going to be here for dinner?’ her senior maid asked


‘I will confirm later but do prepare something for Josphat.’ She said


Inside her house she could call him anything she wanted, she didn’t have to


pretend that everything was rosy between them.


She drove to Olympia at a high speed, she really wanted to get there in time. She was just about to hoot at the gate when it opened, she noticed that his brat of a cousin Melba was driving out.

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Melba rolled down her window and Denise did the same as well.


‘Denise, we weren’t expecting you.’ Melba said


‘Is Khan inside?’


‘No, he left an hour ago.’ She responded


‘And can I know why his phone is off?’


Melba bit her tongue so tight because the words that were about to come out of her mouth would get her beaten right there and then.


‘I am not sure, I too have been trying to reach him.’ She finally managed to say ‘Melba don’t play dumb with me, you know what I am capable of doing.’ ‘Who doesn’t know you Denise?’ Melba said in a low tone ‘Did you say something?’


‘Yes I did, I need to get going. My hair dresser is waiting.’ She said rolling back her window


‘Yack.’ Denise said looking at Melba’s kinky


She got her other phone and texted her husband that she needed him to send her some money then tried to call Khan only to find his phone off again. She sighed and drove to the farm hoping that he was there. *


‘We are here now.’ Khan announced when he parked


Miso was tired of sitting after being in the vehicle for almost an hour. ‘Where are we?’ she asked when he opened the door


‘Welcome to Chaminuka Game Park.’ He said The place was beautiful, it was out of Lusaka



‘Good morning Sir, Ma’am. Welcome to Chaminuka.’ A guy said who had come to where they stood


‘Thank you so much, where is the reception?’ Khan asked


The guy showed him where it was and he walked hand in hand with Miso, she looked at him then he smiled causing her to have butterflies in her tummy.


He paid for game viewing then ordered some breakfast as well since the one hour drive had drained him, he also asked for some bath suites which they would use later in the day.


‘I like this place.’ Miso complimented sipping on her black tea


‘I wanted to bring you somewhere away from everything, I think you work yourself too much.’ He said with food in his mouth


She couldn’t help but smile, he was so cute and everything he was doing was just melting her insides.


‘Tell me Miso, what is your story?’ he asked catching her off guard


‘Well there is nothing much to tell about me, except what you see.’ She responded with a heavy sigh


‘That is not true, the way you just sighed shows that there is more.’ She bit her lower lip.


‘Well I am Misozi, named after my mother. I have a twin brother, Masauso but we all call him Sau.’ She paused with a smile ‘Sorry but why those names though?’ he asked


‘Well our mother almost died when having us, so she gave us those names.’ She paused and sipped on her tea again


‘I only went up to seventh grade because my parents didn’t have money to sponsor me further, everything I have learnt I have had to teach myself and my brother taught me who was lucky enough to go up to his twelfth grade and Lord did he pass with bright colors.’ She said smiling


‘I don’t get how you didn’t go up to twelfth grade when your elder brother did.’ ‘Well you can say my father is the kind of man that believes a woman’s place is in the kitchen, all my life I have been taught that as a woman I am supposed to hustle. Dad believes women are hunters like the lioness, we need to fend for the family – a prayer for lunch and a dollar for dinner.’ She said a lump on her throat ‘The last phrase, what does it mean?’ he asked with interest.


‘If you can’t afford to have all three meals, have food for one meal; which is a dollar and have hope and faith for the next; which is prayer.’ She said explaining with so much knowledge


‘You are staring at me.’ She accused looking down


‘I can’t help it.’ He responded with a smile





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