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A Man From Another World – Episode 9

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year later anne decided to call her mother,her mother Mrs Helen was still angry with her and refuses to come back home.


Baby Melissa is a year old now,she is becoming a beautiful girl,Rita still support Anne and her baby,the two were still great friends.




Rick has not receive any call from Anne,and he his happy about it, Celine was happy for having a child for her husband ,she had the baby on purpose cause of the relationship between Anne and her husband.


“Mother, good morning”, Anne said to her mother on the phone


“Morning,and how may I help you”, replied her Mrs Helen

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“Mother you are still angry with me,and am sorry , please come back home”, said Anne sadly


“I warned you but you refuse to heed to my advice,do what you want it’s your life,you can have the house to yourself,and am ok at where I am”, Mrs Helen said annoying to Anne


“Mom,it’s a year now,you need to see Melissa,she is beautiful and you’ll love her”, replied Anne anxiously waiting if her mother’s heart will soften


“What do you want ,and what actually made you to call me”,said Mrs Helen


“Mother ,I need to send Melissa to her father”,said Anne sadly


“What?,are you insane”,her mother replied surprised


“Yes mother,am not,it’s the truth,I can’t take care of Melissa as a mother should do to her child,i was so stupid about everything and am regretting my actions,I don’t want Melissa to suffer in poverty”, Anne said seriously and determined


“Well I have nothing to say to you,if you had listen to me you won’t be suffering like the way you are now,it’s your life,do what you want”,Mrs Helen hang up on Anne

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Anne was so sad and she regretted why she get pregnant just to revenge the slap Celine gave her by hurting her with the pregnancy,now she can’t take care of Melissa all alone,it’s going to be tough,she will need to take her to her father, after all he is her father he won’t hurt her.


Rick decided to visit a local cafe, unfortunately for him he met Anne coming into the cafe,as if she knew he was coming there.


“Hey Rick,what a surprise to see you”,said Anne smilling


“You again,what are you doing here”,asked Rick


“We need to talk,Rick”,said Anne


“sorry it’s impossible,we can’t talk”,said Rick while he walked into the cafe


“It’s important Rick,and it’s about Melissa,you did not even bother to check on your daughter Rick”, said Anne sadly and seriously


“I don’t have a daughter with you,I told you to get raid of it,but you refused”,said Rick getting annoyed


“You are still hating on me for that,well am tired of taking care of her all alone,she needs you now”,said Anne to rick while she looked away from Rick


“You know am a married man,you want to annoy my wife right”, replied Rick terrified


“She caused everything that is happening now,am bringing Melissa to your house ,your are taking care of your daughter,she need her father and a good life”,Anne spoke angrily and sad


“You can’t be serious,you are joking,you can’t bring Melissa to my house”,said Rick annoying



“Oh you don’t believe,you wait and see,am bringing Melissa tommorow in the evening,wait to welcome your first daughter in your house


“Ok ,am going to send you money for her up keep”,he said panicking


“No keep the money,she is coming to your house,and no one is stopping that, accept your daughter”, Anne said and moved away


Rick followed her,cause he was afraid to cause trouble with his wife at home,and she hearing that her rival is bringing in Melissa to their house will cause a very big trouble in the house.


“Anne wait please”,Rick said and pulled Anne into a stop


“You can’t do this right”,Rick said with a mixed emotions


“Am damn serious about it,and am not changing my mind,you need to love your daughter and take care of her in every aspect,I love my daughter but I can’t let her suffer cause of my silly actions,she needs her father now,my mother is angry with me and refuses to come home cause of this”,Anne said while she wiped away the tears that fell from her eyes


Anne left Rick who stood watching her go after she told him her mind.


Later that night Rick was panicking and afraid to tell his wife about Anne bringing Melissa to their house,he just left to his room.


Celine was in the sitting room playing with Flora,Flora suspected her father’s behavior


“Mother , what’s wrong with Daddy,he is sad?”,asked the little toddler


“Oh daddy is fine, just tired of today’s work”,Celine replied her daughter


“Really ok,mother am hungry”,said baby Flora


“Ok princess,let me get your food”, Celine said to her daughter then pat her on the head



Celine feed baby flora,and later she slept,Celine went to lay her on her bed in Flora’s room,then went to talk to her husband in their bedroom.


“Honey , what’s the matter with you,you seem to be far ,even when I walked into the room, what’s going on with you,tell me”,Celine anxiously asked her husband,then sat beside him on the bed.


Rick told Celine about what Anne told him,and she is very angry with him ,and she refused to hear about it.


The next day Rick came back from work and Celine is ignoring him.


“Hey darling,Rick said to his wife


“Don’t darling me”,she said and frown her face sitting down on the sofa in the sitting room


Rick walked closer to her,and tried to calm her down,but she is not wanting to be calmed.


“Please leave me alone,cause am not ready to take care of another woman’s child,I have mine that I am taking care of”,Celine said annoying


“Oh don’t say that, Melissa is a beautiful girl, she will stay here and —




Celine gave Rick a very hot slap,and Rick stood up furious and shouting


“How dare you slap me,she is staying and it’s final”,Rick said furiously


“And I will never accept that bastard child in my house”,Celine said as she stood up to face her husband


“She is my daughter,and you’ll treat her as yours”,Rick said and left the furious Celine all alone,who was cursing and fuming with annoyance



Later in the day ,Rick brought in baby Melissa to his house,after which Anne left to another state far away from where she lived and away from the people who knows her,she wants to start a new life and becoming Rich so so will be able take care of baby flora just like any other mother could care for her child.


Rick brought Melissa into the house,and he is nervous but Celine ignored him.


“Hey beautiful this is your new home”,Rick said to baby Melissa


“Where is my mother”, Melissa asked her father Rick


“You have a new mother now”, replied Rick to Melissa


“Mother”, little Melissa called Celine and gave her best smile to her,but Celine eyed and ignored her


“This is your sister flora,Rick said to his second daughter flora


“Hello o sister”, flora said to Melissa


Celine shouted at flora not to call her sister,that she is not her sister,but little flora insisted that her daddy said Melissa was her sister,but Celine rejected her daughter’s words,and warned her that Melissa was not her sister, telling the little girl that, Melissa was just a street girl,which made Rick furious and he shouted at Celine to stop making the girls hate on themselves,she should make them love themselves,but Celine did not want to hear any of that,Rick left and went to his bedroom.


Celine kept on watching Melissa


“Whore’s child”,Celine said and smirked


“Hi mother”, Melissa said and smiled


“Don’t call me mother,am not your mother,your mother is out there banging people’s husband’s up and down the street”,Celine said to Melissa,and eyed her with hate



“what’s did you say”, little Melissa asked Celine


“What did you hear, daughter of a bitch”,Celine spat and pulled flora closer to herself


Melissa felt and knew Celine did not like her,so this made her sad and sober,Rick came out dressed ,about going to a meeting that he was called for,Celine pretended to like Melissa in Rick’s front.


“What’s wrong Melissa”,he asked after seeing how sad Melissa was


“Oh I think she is a bit nervous,been in a new house and meeting new people , that’s why”,Celine said pretentiously,while she eyed Melissa at the side of her eye




“I guess so”,said Rick


Immediately Melissa started crying and Celine got angry with Melissa.


“Oh don’t cry my beautiful princess”,Rick said to Melissa


“Daddy she is your princess,what about me”,flora said sadly


“Oh dear,you both are my princesses”,Rick said and pulled flora to his side while he carried Melissa on his shoulder petting her not to cry


Celine got jeolous about Melissa,and thought Melissa will take the chance and love from her husband than her daughter.


Rick then gave one of Flora’s toy to Melissa and Celine is pissed by his actions,Rick later went to his meeting,after promising his two daughters some pop corn and candies.


“Mother she is with my toy”,flora asked her mother,while looking at Melissa playing with her toys



“Yes dear,she want to take your chance by having all of your father’s properties to herself,she is a bad girl and she is not your sister”, Celine told her daughter so her daughter will hate Melissa too


Flora walked closer to Melissa.


“Hello flora”, Melissa said smilling at flora


“I don’t like you,my mother said you are bad,and I won’t be a sister to a bad girl”,said flora to Melissa


“Oh that’s not true,am a good girl,daddy said so,am your sister”, Melissa told flora sadly


Flora collected her toys from Melissa,but Celine told her to give it back to Melissa,that her father will get a new one for her,that she should not touch what Melissa already touch,so she won’t be bad like Melissa,Celine took flora and went to bathe and feed her,but left Melissa hungry and starved in the sitting room, Melissa cried and wished her mother to come take her from there, but Anne was gone for good.
















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