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A Man From Another World – Episode 7

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Days ,weeks and months went by like the wind, Rick and Anne still continue their secret affairs, making out at any chances they got,Rick on the other hand spoilt her with money and gifts,Anne was into him so much that she thought that she will get pregnant for him ,so she will hook him down into marrying her then leave his wife,but on the second thought,she reason it again that it not fair to do so, enjoying someone else husband then using a pregnancy to take him away from his wife,she forgot the thought and attended to her customers.


Meanwhile,Celine who had been watching and monitoring her husband for weeks now,had observe that he usually come home late at times from work,she that she usually came late from her business,will still come home without meeting her husband at home,it’s later in the night he will come home then give her one excuse or the other.


Sometimes he refuse her sex, telling her he was tired,or he stays all by himself smiling at his phone,it’s became a habit everyday, that got her worried and sad.


she was trying to please him but he was not seeing any of that,so she plan on checking out his phone when he will drop it,but that day did not come,cause he was always with his phone,not dropping it for a second,this got her furious.


One Saturday morning,Rick did not go to work,he went into the bathroom to take his bath,so he could meet up with Anne at their favorite hotel, unfortunately for him,he dropped his phone on the mattress of the bed in the bedroom,his wife was in the kitchen making some pan cakes,but decided to ask him if he would eat some so she could make it’s more,but discovered that he was bathing and his phone was on the bed,and it’s light was blinking ,maybe he was having a message,she wanted going back to the kitchen buy stopped and hurriedly went to pick the phone,and when she opened the message,it’s was written:-



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“Baby am there already waiting for you where are you”, Celine heart sank into her belly,she was confused and her body was shaking,she had to gather up courage and memorize the contact ,then deleted the message so it’s won’t show that someone had seen the message,she then went back to the kitchen,took her phone and typed the number and saved it, before she continues her business in the kitchen,she has a plan for that woman calling her husband baby,what will be the plan????


Rick hurriedly dressed up,took two bite from his pancakes,while his wife watched him with a sad face,but deep down in her heart she wanted to question him, wanted to fight him after seeing the message from a woman,the part he saved the contact name,My lovely dove”,got her annoyed,the image kept appearing every second in her head,she just waves it’s off, Rick said his good bye and left, Celine knew he was going to meet the woman, that why he barely have time for her,she started crying bitterly ,she could not complete her food,she left it and went to cry in her room.


“hey pal,you are late”,Anne said to rick smilling


“Yeah and am sorry about that”,he said and kissed her passionately on her lips, before taking his sit opposite her in the bar of the hotel


“ok dear”,she replied taken a sip from her apple juice she ordered


“Baby I need to attend to some official business and we won’t be able to see often from now,so that’s why I made us see today and have all the while fun together today”,Rick said seriously but smile at bit to Anne


“Really,for how long will you be busy”,Anne asked Rick while watching some lovers in the other side of the bar, kissing,she removed her eyes and faced Rick again


“Oh it’s not so long,will be busy for two weeks”,so after then,we will have the whole time again as always”,he said and chuckle


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“Come here give me a kiss”,Anne said pulling closer to Rick,Rick kissed her.



The two went to their favorite room,make out together as before,Rick gave her some amount of money to take care of herself while he was gone ,then they departed.


By 4:30 pm,Anne received a


text message from an unknown number,it’s reads


I don’t need to introduce myself to you, please for the sake of God leave my husband alone,I won’t warn you next time,but if you try it another time ,I won’t hasitate to do what I have in mind to you,stay out.Loser


When Anne read the text she began to think how Rick’s wife finds out about her,and even her number,she then decided to text back.


“Tell your husband to leave me alone,am not holding him,you as the wife supposed to give him what he wants then he won’t look outside,but you cherished your business than your husband,which made him look out,now you can’t do anything cause you chased him out,be a wife to your husband and not a maid.


Celine saw the replied text from the lady she sent the message,and she felt like breaking the lady to pieces,she quickly called Anne and told her to meet her at a bar she requested,Anne accepted cause she wants to know what Rick’s wife had to say to her,cause she plead to see her.


An hour later the two women met in the said location.


“You must be Rick’s wife”,said Anne to Celine


“Yes i am,you little whore”, Celine said with anger in her heart,not considering passerbys and Lookers


“Oh is this what you call me for to talk about, calling me a whore,oh so rude and unfair of you”,


Anne said, before Anne could utter another word,Celine slapped her on the face



Anne was mad at Celine,that she nearly beat Celine ,but she kept cool cause she knows she was guilty having an affair with the woman’s husband


“You slapped me cause of your husband,why don’t you warn your husband to stay away from,but you know what your husband loves me,I give him what he want, that’s why he keeps coming back,but you the wife can’t give him what he desire, letting him out to another woman,now come right here in front of me, blowing your shit you call a mouth, saying am holding your husband,did you see your husband with me, business liker ,huh!!!”,Anne insulted Celine,


Celine was crying bitterly ,and promised Anne to repay her back for what she has done to her


The two women insulted themselves, before they departed.


Anne who thought that she won’t get pregnant for Rick, promise herself to get pregnant so she would hurt Celine the more,since she came to insult and slap her in public,what a disgrace she had.


A week later,Anne got to know she was pregnant,cause she was feeling unwell,the next week Rick was back from his official business, he planned on stopping his affairs with Anne,cause he was afraid that if she get pregnant he will be hooked up with her,and it’s going to be a serious matter,but never knew Anne was already pregnant and she was even happy about it.


Celine queried her husband so much about his affair with him and Anne, Rick was surprised how she found out,he begged his wife to forgive him for all what he has done,that he did it cause she was not given him his desires as a man in the house,that made him went out,he promised Celine not to go out with Anne anymore.


Celine thought that she caused everything by herself,so she forgave her husband,Rick was planning on making Celine pregnant,so he made love to his wife and deliberately poured his seeds inside her.


A months later ,Rick had been transferred to another police station quarter,Anne had been trying to reach him,but he was not responding to her calls



and messages,Celine started having some strange feeling,and she was feeling sick,she told her husband,the two went for test and it’s was confirmed that Celine was pregnant,the two were so happy.



















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